The real debate is happening right here, right now.

Pay attention, folks.
We switched to watch the debate in Spanish. WIllard seems much more human dubbed.
The Stranger staff are censoring all mentions in the live blog comments of Democracy Now!'s Expand The Debate with Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein happening RIGHT NOW.

This is an abysmal failure of journalism, Stranger. You guys are really letting your readers down here.

Open minded individuals can learn about corporate control of the debates and government at large here:

As Obama, Romney Hold First Debate, Behind the Secret GOP-Dem Effort to Shut Out Third Parties (video via Democracy Now!)

US Elections: Pick Your Poison (video via The Real News)

How do you Take Your Poison? by Chris Hedges (via truthdig)

President Jill Stein? by Carl Gibson (via HuffPost)
I'm watching from almost half an hour in the past. I might not join the live slog after all. :(
@4 - If they're doing that, it's because you're spamming the conversation. We've already heard you. Anyone who is interested in your little fantasy has already gone there.
@4: But somehow your comment slipped past our censors! Damn kids!
@8: Thanks for the reply Mr. Savage.

I was referring to my comments within the live blog widget, where the actual activity is happening.

All of my comments in which I referred to Democracy Now!'s Expand the Debate were censored within the live blog widget.


It's true that I sent the comment a number of times when I saw that it was not being posted. I even sent a comment saying I would stop repeating myself if I saw the comment posted once. But as far as I can tell, all of my comments referring to the extended debate were censored.

But more to the point, why hasn't The Stranger been reporting on the campaigns of Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein?

Why didn't The Stranger report on Democracy Now!'s Expand the Debate event tonight?
@5, it's not a real LiveSlog without you, MacCroc! Your wit and wisdom is sorely missed :)

Because it more important to know about the person who might actually be elected.
good god... what the fuck was that?
I like Obama and I'm voting for him but he was really iff his game tonight - Romney looked good and Obama tired and just making his case very or rebutting R's attacks.
what a fucking disaster.
Obama on Obamacare/Romneycare (referring to himself and Romney):

"We use the same advisors, and they say it's the same plan."

Holy cow. That was...something. Not sure what, but it wasn't good, whatever it was.
@9 Because you smell, that's why.
@6 -- Me too.
Now that the Obama/Romney private debate has wrapped, tune in to the ongoing extended debate to hear Anderson's and Stein's take on the same questions.
It seemed like Slog mods disabled auto-approve for recognizable Slog commenters.

Not that I had a whole lot worthwhile to say between sighs and teeth-gritting. But I think there was too much bringing in of outside tweets, which seem disconnected. Big delays too, in relation to the onstage action. Better Twitter curation, please.

And O apparently shouldn't have prepped at a golf resort.
@2) Sorry our event was so successful and crowded and stuff. Havana has clear sound and a big TV (which most bars don't). Even though there may not be enough chairs for everyone, lots of bars have that problem.

@6) A lot of people want to comment--and a lot of comments are redundant--and we pick the best ones. There's always this unmoderated comment box.

@9) We have a small staff and can't cover everything. Sorry we couldn't report on Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein, and Democracy Now!'s Expand the Debate event.

@everyone else) Thanks for joining us on Slog!
@20, yeah, an off night for liveslog - I believe it kept Obama from mustering much energy.
I actually agree with Mudede. It wasn't that bad. Romney was more aggressive, but he was way too smug, way too bratty, a total jerk. Demeanor matters. We're all upset because we hate Romney and we want Obama to express what we feel, but Obama has a different strategy: Be the adult in the room and let the fact-checkers deal with Romney's b.s. The real danger for him is that the media will go with the more sensational story: Romney destroyed Obama. But the media don't necessarily see things the way the media consumers do. The story will be terrible the first couple days, but when the polls come in showing a different story, then the terrible story will go away. It's the same thing that happened right as the Democratic Convention ended.

Relax, people. It's really not so bad.

(And yes, Jim Lehrer. For the love of god, one person doesn't get the last word every single time. I wonder if we are projecting our anger and frustration with Lehrer at Obama.)

@9) We have a small staff and can't cover everything. Sorry we couldn't report on Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein, and Democracy Now!'s Expand the Debate event.

You couldn't report on the event?

Paul Constant found the time to report on Mitt Romney's dinner tonight. Today there were SLOG posts about crappy jeans, porn, and a host of other random topics.

But you were couldn't report on Expand the Debate? Because you have a "small staff" (no pun intended)?

C'mon Dominic, I think The Stranger can do better than this.
I'm not sure who Obama was expecting to meet out on the debate floor, but it wasn't the Romney that managed to go toe-to-toe with Ted Kennedy. Obama has never been a great debater, but he could hardly get his game face on tonight. Unlike the bright, energetic (annoyingly, sometimes discomfitingly so), Romney, Obama seemed tired. All he had to do to win this debate is put the words "47%" and "tax returns" in the same sentence. Romney's debate win was as obvious as John Kerry's in 2004. We can only hope it's just as irrelevant.
There were a lot more tweets in this live Slog than I've seen before. On one hand I really appreciated seeing them all in one place and on the other I think they may have distracted from the conversation that we were having. I dunno.

yes. absolutely.
I agree with @20 & @27.

I have a twitter & a web app. I can view tweets from The Stranger staff # while simultaneously watching the Slog community commentating on an event online viewed in "real time."

Technology: HUZZAH

(how's about that web job guys? ;) )
I second that, @25.

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