Rob McKenna didn't write this.

One of the things I'm proudest of in this campaign is the broad bipartisan support I've received, including key endorsements from Democrat leaders like retiring State Auditor Brian Sonntag, former state Sen. Mark Doumit of Cathlamet, former Metropolitan King County Councilmember Maggi Fimia, and Snohomish County Treasurer Kirke Sievers. Dedicated public servants like these put their commitment to the public’s best interests above all else, including party labels, and as Governor, I intend to listen to voices from across the political spectrum, because no one group or party has a monopoly on good ideas.

That is why Democrats from across the state are supporting my campaign to take Washington in a New Direction—getting people back to work, adequately funding public schools, making state government more efficient and less costly—and together I am sure that we can find a way to lead our state forward.

Together, we can reform our public schools, revitalize our colleges and universities, and foster an economic environment where small businesses can thrive and hire new workers. Together, we can focus on what's best for kids in the classroom. Together, we can reduce the size of state government while increasing performance.

My opponent wants to distract from his own failed policies by nationalizing this campaign, but if you are tired of these well worn scare tactics, I invite you to join Democrats for Rob, and help me take Washington State in a New Direction.