It was one debate loss, we kicked McKenna's ASS this last week.

Agree. It's a lame extended joke. I think this is the only time I'm coming here today, and this is the only post I'm looking at.
This is a joke, confirmed by the Seattle Times.
@1,3 Yeah. I think I'm going to give slog a rest for a while. I'll check back after the election :(
Correction, @4 is a joke, as is the Suburban Times.
@5 for the We Want Other Stuff Please Win of the Day.
My most trusted sources of information, The Times and GDfR, have declared this a hoax.
@8 so relieved.
What?! A hoax? *gasp* Unless it's not. Unless it's true! Ever think about that? THEY are trying to keep the TRUTH from us. OMG they're probably watching me type right now....
A couple of things...

1) This is a case of The Stranger wanting its cake and to eat it too. You want to be an edgy entertainment product or taken seriously as a journalistic enterprise. Can you do both? Not without some compromise of expectations.

2) That said, McKenna brought this on himself by refusing to include The Stranger in the conversation. By not representing himself, he let The Stranger put words in his mouth. And honestly, the brilliance of this hoax is that what those words are...are plausible. This isn't some grotesquerie, where what the faux-McKenna is spouting shocking and/or offensive things (though the support of Nickelback verges on the obscene.)

3) Look carefully at this reply from the WA-GOP. They're treating The Stranger as the enemy. The things that The Stranger supports are the things that they are against. Try to build a progressive conservative coalition on that foundation. Can't do it.
@ 11, besides disagreeing with your fundamental point, The Stranger's blog is not quite the same as The Stranger's paper. SLOG has published all kinds of crazy stuff that doesn't do a damn thing for their journalistic credibility, and they won a Pulitzer Prize anyway. Why? Because they don't issue this stuff seriously.

This may well serve a purpose, anyway. They may intend to bring a lot of attention to the question of why Rob McKenna has a vendetta against The Stranger. Get that out into the general media. Maybe not, but this stunt is guaranteed to get coverage.
@ 11 - FTW.
@14 -- You disagree that Nickleback is awful, Matt?

(Well, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on that.)
@ 16, LOL. Just your first point.
Sorry to hear this is a joke. I was beginning to believe McKenna really has a heart, and a sense of humor. Now I know better.

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