Oh you! lol lol lol
It was funny, like, the first hundred times
That certainly sums up today.
What he said
Hey look, bitchers, it's done!

I'm sure I'll see all of you back here tomorrow reading/commenting on every post like you did today (despite being told it would last the full day and that you could always stop reading it if you find it so annoying)
@5 - No, they have me hypnotized. I had no choice but to read, and now my eyes are bleeding.
@2 ftw, although this is the first post today that was actually funny.
I think someone baked them into a cupcake.

Go check it out at Elliot Bay Books.
I've actually enjoyed Rob McKenna Day. It's shown me a more personal side of him I wasn't familiar with. Behind the clipped facade and sour attitude, he's just a regular guy. I just might vote for him.
re @2: McKenna: I don't get it.

@9: LOLZ!!
@9 BINGO!!! McKenna 2012!!! He's got my vote!!!
@9) It's so cute that you think that Rob McKenna is just going to be blogging for one day.
It seems that Slog/The Stranger is a bad influence on people. Rob started the day clean cut and swear free. As the day wore on, we started seeing more ** filled words, then here at the end, he is swearing freely. Congrats Stranger Staff. You have corrupted Rob completely.
This could be a huge impact on the race. If McKenna can't drive to his next debate, how will that look? Can you imagine if he had to take public transit? Disgusting!
If they were up your ass, you'd know.
I'll surely vote for him, and I'm in Florida, for Chirst sake!
These fake McKenna posts are incredibly fucked up. Obviously a lot of people thought this was real, reposted material onto other sites, etc.

I feel completely differently about The Stranger after today. I will still be around reading but this is no longer a publication I can recommend to anyone for any reason. The word Stranger is banished from my lips.
The whole day was painful beyond belief.
By not making it clear that this whole day was a parody it really sullied the Stranger in my eyes too. The whole thing seemed really childish and needlessly vindictive. There are plenty of things to go after Mckenna over, but I don't think this was the way to do it.
@2 thank you. please make it fucking stop.
Wow, a whole day that could've been spent commenting on actual shit was wasted by the "reporters" of the stranger acting like douches...Guys if you don't want to be called hacks and and want to be taken serious it's best not to act like dicks. Really what a wasted day. Today should've just been called "The Stranger throws a hissy fit". Really, if you want to be a news source, what point is is to troll your readers....Ugh, you guys make it so hard to support you sometimes.
I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Rob today (ginger fist-pump!). Rob, please call up your friend (my friend) Mitt and invite him to do the same too. I'd really like to connect with him on a personal level and know what kind of jam he likes his servants to prepare (certainly not Marion Barry jam, I presume). More days like this and I see Washington State turning from solid blue to a lovely shade of boysenberry.
This Rob McKenna "posting" bull-crap is just stupid and comes across as childish. I used to love checking SLOG for some off topic news but really guys? I am a Democrat through and through but can't we be above this crap? Thanks for making me no longer care to check out this blog in the future.
Oh my god, people, it was ONE DAY. And it was highly entertaining. Quit clutching your pearls and collapsing dramatically into your fainting couches.

It's not like they did this with the print issue of The Stranger and had no news for an entire week. It's one day of Slog. You'll get over it.
@JenV - One day of this crap is too much. There is too much to loose in this election to act like elementary school bullies.... It's childish, stupid, and for a blog/paper that dabbles in politics all the time they should know better. Even more saddening is seeing Mr. Savage hop on this hostile, immature train. I expected more professionalism even out of an indie paper. Disgusted....
If some tells you that $10 is too much for choice 6 oz. cut of tenderloin steak, then they are liars! Yummy. Cooked with Worcestershire, hot pepper and onions, corn on the cob and broccoli from the farm stand.
Now this schtick is really stupid.
Right now I hate Slog more than Rob McKenna does.
I'm also done with the slog. Well, until tomorrow morning anyway. And I suppose I might check in once or twice tonight before bed to see if anything else gets posted. And probably also a couple times to see if anyone comments on my comment here. But other than that I'm fucking done.
ONE DAY, I leave you fuckers for ONE DAY and it all goes to shit.
Now here is a comic, Jim Norton, whose routine spells S L O G (he even castigates Rick Santorum):…

Too many pearl-clutchers up in this bitch.

For those of you who are whining about The Stranger ruining everything related to being treated with respect, etc, the Stranger tried to engage professionally with the McKenna campaign and were consistently shot down. Why shouldn't they then treat the McKenna campaign with the same contempt?
look, this is nothing new from the stranger. their collective mental age is about 17, and to them this was all hi-larious.
@ 25, absolutely zero people will decide how to vote because of this.
This was wonderful in every way.
That was the stupidest thing. And highly unethical as well.
@36 - Don't like the Onion then, do you?
@37, The Onion is at least funny. This was just plain annoying and it preempted regularly scheduled programming.

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