Swedish international human rights organization Civil Rights Defenders has debuted a new take on CAPTCHA, wherein users must answer human rights questions in a morally rational manner to prove that are not only human, but not an asshole human (or at least an asshole human who knows how to cheat at a very simple game). CRD says:

With over 200 million CAPTCHAs being solved everyday, we hope that by catching a tiny amount of those interactions we can help promote and empower our partners - brave human rights defenders, who often put themselves at great risk through their engagement for other people's rights.

It's not only an attempt to bypass flaws in the phonetic and other loopholes of content-free CAPTCHA systems, which are being scripted by spam jerks, but it forces other kinds of jerks to enter whatever answer this outfit deems acceptable. Personally, I prefer The Stranger's method of ignoring trolls into irrelevance or berating them into pacification, but, you know, to each his own.

h/t: Wired