Remember how Republicans were predicting that voters weren't going to rally around President Obama in 2012 the way they did in 2008? Republicans said they were, for once, on the right side of the enthusiasm gap, and that there was no way Democrats would get behind the Obama campaign this time around. How'd that prediction pan out? Reuters says:

President Barack Obama's campaign and its Democratic allies raised a record $181 million in September for the president's re-election effort, adding to a fundraising haul that could prove crucial in the final stretch of the White House race.

Obama's campaign said via Twitter on Saturday that 1,825,813 people donated to the campaign last month. Of that, 567,000 were new donors.

A vast majority of the donations - 98 percent - were $250 or less. The average contribution was $53.

Huh. A Republican prediction involving money didn't pan out the way Republicans expected. I'm speechless.