Slog tipper Emily directs us to this rather horrifying Slate article, which points out that many men completely ignore their sexual health, including getting regularly tested for sexually transmitted diseases:

Tests for STDs “are not generally a part of a man’s physical checkup unless the doctor picks up signs or symptoms,” says Jean Bonhomme, president of National Black Men’s Health Network. He noted that getting men, particularly the young, to go to the doctor at all, for anything, is a feat roughly equivalent to wrestling an alligator. “I’m not sure men are being regularly tested for a doggone thing.”

The numbers bear Bonhomme out. A recent study from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that only 57 percent of men had seen a doctor in the previous year, while 74 percent of women had. A Commonwealth Fund study from 2000, “Out of Touch: American Men and the Health Care System,” found similar disparities. “Physicians are especially unlikely to discuss sexual health with their male patients,” the report notes. Only 14 percent of men reported that their doctors had counseled them on sexual health. A 2009 study showed no improvement in sexual health counseling for sexually active young men ages 15 and 19 between 1995 and 2009: Less than 25 percent were receiving any attention.

...According to the CDC, “Young people represent 25 percent of the sexually experienced population in the United States, but account for nearly half of new STDs,” many of which may not have immediately apparent symptoms, including HPV, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV...

Can you guess which national healthcare provider the article highlights that does already caters to men's sexual health? Planned Parenthood.

Just think: If more men used the services Planned Parenthood already provides, they'd be healthier, sure, but it would also be harder for Republicans to try and pigeonhole the organization as gleeful baby-killing factories of feminist thought. They'd just be, you know, comprehensive healthcare providers.