Slog tipper Bobby writes: "These were posted along Delridge Way SW as Metro begins work on converting this arterial roadway to include bike and bus only lanes. The disgruntled resident had taped these 'Fuck You Metro' posts on a every No Parking sign from SW Oregon to Andover Street. There was also a sign posted on the Andover North bus stop listing the Metro Project Manager's name and e-mail address telling "parking commuters" that Metro wants to hear from them about their loss of street parking. As a bike and bus commuter, I of course like the new lane layout and see it as an improvement, but also having had my car ticketed while it was parked in front of my own house I certainly sympathize with those folks parking on North Delridge in order to hop the bus downtown."

Bus riders are being punished! Militant anti-transit activists have gone too far! Right, Joni?