But where will I park my Hummer?
The sense of entitlement we have to parking spaces is insane.
i hate to be the one to break it to you...she's not on the editorial board anymore. sorry for your loss, dominic. maybe if you write to her personally she'll tell you.
It'll be interesting to see how this road diet works with the trucks hauling re-bar out of Nucor...
#2, what's "insane" is the sense of entitlement that the bicycle babies have to ride on streets they don't pay for.
#5 Wow, you're just gonna pull out that old and COMPLETELY UNTRUE argument now? I thought we'd gotten past that. Cyclists absolutely pay for the roads, same as motorists do.

Try Google searching sometime: Multiple studies estimate motorists pay an average of 2.3 cents p/mile in user charges (gas taxes, registration fees, and tolls), and impose 6.5 cents p/mile in road service costs. Cyclist impose road service costs averaging a miniscule 2/10ths of 1 cent per mile. The disparity between user fees and actual costs is even greater on local roads most commonly used by cyclists. So, we have a shortfall of over 4 cents per mile in user fee revenues to cover the expenses of building and maintaining our roads. The money to make up the difference comes from the general tax rolls: property, income, and sales taxes. Cyclists and motorists alike--pay these taxes, so we're all contributing to the construction and upkeep of our roads, regardless of how much or how little we use them, or how much our particular vehicle imposes in costs on the system.
@5 How many times do we need to debunk this statement on Slog?

Where do I sign up for the "cyclist tax exemption?" I've been bike commuting for six years, but I've paid taxes the whole time, including the gas taxes and car tabs, the whole time. Clearly I've missed out on some big tax breaks.

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