Fantastic - your earlier coverage helped me start donating to her, a decision I feel so good about as she's edged slightly ahead in the polls.
Thank you. I sent her money months ago because I want her brain and her voice in Washington, even if she isn't my senator.
I really, really hope she wins.
Brown comes off as extremely likeable and down-to-Earth in his TV ads. Warren doesn't. It's sad that it might make a difference in this race.
Thanks for posting this. E-Wa is the real deal.
Holy shit. I agree with Sgt. Doom.

I must go and re-evaluate my life choice.
Elizabeth Warren is a badass.
Friday I'm in love...with Elizabeth Warren
I'm from Massachusetts. The race is extremely close. That was the 3rd (of 4) debates, and (unfortunately) was only on cable TV (the others were on free TV). She was strong throughout, and Brown was saying many of the same things over and over. One especially nice thing was that she finally responded to Brown's insistence that the US Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businesses have endorsed him and criticized her. She (finally) pointed out that these are two very Republican organizations. She also hung him on taking the Norquist pledge.

Unfortunately, this debate was probably the least-seen of the 3 so far, even if it was Warren's best.
You can do more than hope she wins. You can make calls to people you know and targeted voters in important races like MA Senate and WA Governor. Seriously, voter contact works.

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