Pretty bad that Obama supporters would put politics above Christian charity and make the homeless starve because Democrats are so bigoted.
Link to giving to them, please.
@1 It must be really awesome to live in your world, where you let your imagination run wild and dream up things that are neither in this post nor in the linked article. You and Will, you both do this all the time.

I guess reality just isn't interesting enough?
@1-- If you bothered to read the article, it states that it's angry Ryan supporters that are pulling their donations because this place 'made' Ryan look bad.

To make a donation to the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society, money can be sent to P.O. Box 224, Youngstown, Ohio 44501.
If this is true, then this is most unfortunate. But I can't help to wonder if this is a ploy to drum up donations.

@5 - Yes, those evil charities, drumming up donations to. . . feed the poor.
I don't object to donations to the poor. I just don't like bullshit.
Ayn Rand would say all those people deserve to suffer on the altar of almighty capitalism.
Do we know that 'Ryan is against charity'?

Most Republicans love charity, as opposed to government assistance, as when they give a few crumbs to charity they receive the proper groveling gratitude from their inferiors. No such gratitude is received when they pay their taxes.
@7 Your self-esteem must be pretty low then.
@7 Well if you don't like bullshit then you should stop creating it.
@1 I love it.* Every conservative out of this story is showing themselves to be monumental douchebags of the highest order. Even the commenters, who can't take the time to investigate before denouncing Obama (who has absolutely nothing to do w/ it.)

Is there a conservative out there that isn't a bigot or monumental douchebag, someone w/o an appalling lack of compassion or lack of common sense? Someone who actually cares about their fellow Americans. Anyone?

*(Actually, I don't, but have to find humor in some aspect of this story.)

You know why Republicans like charities? Tax deductions. If Romney were to actually remove the Itemized Deduction for charitable giving, as he suggests he would, you'd see donations to charities plummet.

And before the Righties start in with "well Democrats will lose the tax break as well", bear in mind a lot of people on the left who donate to charities aren't able to itemize, so they've never gotten the benefit for the deduction in the first place.

Now, which group do you think will be more likely to turn off the spigot: those who donate in order to get a direct cash benefit, or those who donate, but have never gotten a cash benefit?
#1 - no wonder people "harass" you. Maybe if you stopped making idiotic comments every day the harassment would subside. Just a thought.
@10: My self-esteem is fine.
@11: I haven't created any bullshit.

Actually, this whole thing has sounded off to me. Paul Ryan and his clan, what--pushed their way--into this charity's kitchen, forced this photo-op moment on them, and now, as a result, they're hurting for donations? It just doesn't have the ring of truth. Charity or no, I just don't like being deceived.

If he is as devout a follower of Ayn Rand as he's claimed in the past (before he became known on the national level), then, yes, he should be against charity.

Why would a Catholic charity attack a Catholic candidate? It's not like St. Vincent de Paul is some obscure charity no one's heard about. This story hurts them more than helps them.
@15 - are you not familiar with the back-story? How is it you've not looked into it over the past few days?
If I recall, the campaign arranged with a volunteer at the kitchen to let them in when nobody else would be around.The ED of the organization was never notified and permission was never requested. Sounds like this volunteer was a Ryan supporter.
@15 Don't give yourself a headache, there. That's some heavy mental lifting you're doing!
@1 is a doucebag
He's a Roman Catholic; he's not an objectivist.
I absolutely have to head out the door right now--I'll come back to this later.
"Actually, this whole thing has sounded off to me."

Watch the video of it.

"Paul Ryan and his clan, what--pushed their way--into this charity's kitchen, forced this photo-op moment on them, ..."

That does seem to be what the video shows.
Ryan and his family show up.
Go to what appears to be a vacant kitchen area (no one else working there).
They "wash" a few (3? 4?) dishes that seem to already be clean that are sitting on the sink.
Then they walk somewhere else and pass what appears to be a homeless guy (client of the soup kitchen?) and Ryan has a 3 second conversation with him, over his shoulder, while walking away from him.

"... and now, as a result, they're hurting for donations?"

That is what is being reported now.
The people who donated to the soup kitchen, who are also Ryan supporters, are pulling their support for the soup kitchen.

"It just doesn't have the ring of truth."

Do you have a problem believing the video or that people would pull their support after Ryan looks stupid there?
Because if it is the second part, we've gone over that many times here.
It's the core difference between supporting social security programs via taxes and supporting charity.
With taxes, you get no say in who gets how much how often.
With charity, you get to decide who gets how much and how often.
Revenge: run away! run away!

Like Romney, after the last debate.
@22 Oh boy. can't wait.
"Fuck the poor. I'm mad!"
Also, it's clear that Ryan has no idea what a Hobart is.
The donners who pulled out are the fucking asswipes. The Ryan people pushed there way into the shelter for the photo op and guess what? Ryan has Secret Service's a little intimidating to say no.

Give to this charity BEFORE you give to Obama or any of the corporate whores on the ballot this year. The shelter is actually doing good for those who need it.
@12 I have a theory that conservatives are all bad people. I used to be a bad person. I thought poor people were poor because of their own mistakes and deserved the place they had in life. I voted for Bush... and then I lost my faith. After that, I began to think that the only way for humans to be good is to stop believing in God and being conservative. And that is how you become a good person. :)
@23 "With taxes, you get no say in who gets how much how often."

Except for, you know, WITH YOUR VOTE. My ballot arrived today and look at all these levies I get to think about, and people with voting records for tax increases for things I care about and stuff! Neato!
@22 Yeah, you're a punk. The only thing that "sounds off here" is your fake butt trying to pretend that you're not a Team Romney cheerleader. Just come out and say it, say you're a Teddy Bear for Romney, or something, like Paid Dude, and I'll respect you more.

@1... Slog is not a race. You don't get anything for being the first commenter. It's okay to read the story first.
Alright bitches! I'm back.

Wow. First of all--I am NOT A ROMNEY SUPPORTER and I especially hate that arrogant, mother-fuckin' muppet-lookin' clowndouche Ryan. I'm a college-educated (UW and proud), charity-supporting, liberal atheist who is surrounded by Republicans on the Eastside. If I could, I would pick up my house and move it near Greenlake, where I like to run and to hang out with some of the nicest people I know.

I think so many of you got bent out of shape for nothing. I have a suspicious mind, I admit, but I think being skeptical is healthy. And many of you read waaay too much into it.

Without making this post extremely long, let me just say this; I'm not an expert on what happened with the Ryan soup kitchen fiasco, but I get especially suspicious when comes to political stunts. And you all should be too.

I spoke with someone tonight about this blog post and before I had even told her what I wrote, she said the same thing. So, at least I'm not alone in my suspicions.

I'm all for giving time and money to charity, but I don't like doing it under false pretenses. That's all I was saying.



Please pull your head out of your ass. You'll find it easier to breath if you do.
@2 If you want to donate directly, I think you'll have to use a check.

This is an alternative.

That is, if you feel a bunch of people who hang around on a news site posting snarky comments can be trusted.
I would like to see the charity send the Romney campaign a bill for "Unauthorized Use of Premises - Campaign Advertising" for the amount that donors have pulled out. Direct consequences of their campaign stunt.
Red states tend to have more zero-income-tax folks and blue states tend to have less! DeeleeleeleeleeleeleeWOOOOOOOOOOOOP!
Ryan isn't an objectivist. He's a conservative Christian authoritarian. Saying you've read and agree with Ayn Rand and then publically saying you now disagree with Ayn Rand means you're not an objectivist.

Suggesting that Ryan is an objectivist indicates a fuck ton of willful ignorance.
And, yes, I loathe everything Ryan stands for as much as I love intelligent, informed blog posts.

So what you're saying is that he's an objectivist and is just lying about it now?

I guess if you want to believe that lying little weasel, that's your call, but when others refuse to believe him that is not "willfull ignorance".
Rmoney should personally make up the difference for them.
"He's a conservative Christian authoritarian."

With the same critique of "Objectivist" I could say that he isn't "Christian".
But that doesn't matter.
He picked up SOME of the Objectivist dogma (notably "greed is good") and replaced part of the Christian dogma with that.

Would Rand call him an Objectivist? No.
Would Jesus call him a Christian? No.
@42: That's a very good summary of Paul Ryan's philosophy, I think.
Every 4 years we have 565 people who have spent us into oblivion over the past 15 to20 years and you all are in a snit over a soup kitchen story! Why aren't we electing accountants??? Get real, people!

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