Too cool! Go Chris!
Love him! Articulate, funny, and right. What could improve upon that? (ok, there is his hotness...)
Great ad, and hopefully effective, but goddamn it: "Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness" is not in the Constitution. It's in the Declaration Of Independence.

(And, no, that text also isn't in the Minnesota State Constitution).
That was horrible ! While I love what Chris Kluwe has done, this particular ad does not have the seriousness that is required for this civil rights battle. UGH !
God I love that man!
Excellent article, but even better that you linked to the single page version of it! Thanks!
On top of all this greatness you also gotta love that he is living proof that some players who go to college on a sport scholarship actually do take advantage of the educational benefit.
And for those Seattle peeps who only read The Stranger, this week's cover story is Chris Kluwe:…

This ad is indeed going to air on MN Radio starting tomorrow. It will air on several stations including on the Sports station where the Vikings games are aired. The ad is for a target audience -(younger, middle of the road male). I think the use of humor and wit is clever and just what is needed!
I swear to god that some days Kluwe is the ONLY bright spot in this frigid, Bachmann-infused, anti-gay hell hole. I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like gay marriage will be constitutionally banned here in two weeks...

He didn't say that he was for equality.

He says he's "against inequality".


The vast & overwhelming majority of people who go to school on sports scholarships make good on the privilege (even the overwhelming majority of basketball & football players, those typically making headlines as the "problem" elements from schools.) Those that make the headlines for their dumbassed shenanigans are less than 1% of the scholarship athletes out there.

You're certainly right though in that he stands above & beyond the norm.
His wife is a lucky woman. I wonder if he has a like-minded, just-as-hot, single brother? le sigh...
@14: I think they frame it that way to make the average listener go "hey, I HATE inequality! Yeah, fuck inequality!" Saying you're in favor of equality gets ignored.
@16 I'm pretty sure he has a brother and a sister, not sure if either of them are single though.
@7, There's no reason why people can't insert a little humor into this. Humor is powerful.
The most articulate AND witty voice of Chris Kluwe will be in Seattle this Sunday Nov 4, 2012 when the Vikings play the Seahawks.

Where is The Sparklepony reception and fanclub going to be held.

Dan Savage - step up to the plate to bring in the wrong sports metaphor?

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