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And then there's dog rape. I'll wait for Mudede's fascinating film about that.…
Rape Equivalency as well,

"It's like that time my daughter got pregnant out of wedlock, it was just like she had been raped."


Akin's "The GOP turning it's back on me is just like a gang rape!"

The Onion weighs in.
Also the "You were asking for it" rape. Because you were. Look at how you're dressed.
Additional bonus: 2010 Nevada Senate nominee Sharon Angle's comment that if you've been raped, and become pregnant, you should make lemonade out of those lemons.

I don't know what to call that: Optimistic Rape?
@4: Entrepreneurial Rape.
LOL Rape... LOL Republican GOP...equally hilarious! Or did I mean horrible?
Eclectablog, actually. Not Electablog.

- Chris (Savage) | Eclectablog
(It's "Eclectablog", actually, not "Electablog")
Republicans hate women.
Was Ron Paul's comment (the "honest rape" one) about a person's right to use Plan B? He said that under his rule, the government would only allow "abortions" immediately after being raped, but if he's talking about a time frame of just a few days, then it's not an abortion...

As a doctor, he should understand the distinction right?
To be fair, my gramma used to say "When rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it." Far as I know she was not a Republican legislator though.
When rape is inevitable, decapitate the rapist and leave his head….
The man himself beat me to it. Chris Savage's blog is Eclectablog. He's always worth reading, and a good guy to have a beer with as well.

I don't think he's a relative of yours, Dan, but who knows?
@4: Thirst-quenching rape.
Idiot Murdock was not trying to say that rape is willed by God. He was trying to say that life is a gift from God and that its having been caused by rape is therefore not a valid defense of abortion. Criticize him, but criticize him for what he actually said around the knee-length chunk of foot in his stupid mouth.

The interesting thing about the "it wasn't the embryo/fetus/child's fault that the mother got raped" argument is that it's one of the few anti-abortion arguments that doesn't imply that a woman should be punished for her unchaste behavior. Most of the other arguments boil down to, "You should have thought about that before spreading your legs like a slut."

If we're going to require people to view Obama's "you didn't build that" statement in context, then we must give these idiots the same treatment. That being said, the level of ignorance in these statements appalls me.

Forcible rape is not a twisted Republican invention. It's a twisted legalese invention. The term is used to distinguish statutory rape from other rape.
@15 No, we will take him how we want to take him. That is exactly what Republicans do ALL the time. What about Obama's 'not optimal' comment they went batshit over?
@15, The effect of what he is saying, if it were to become law, would result in a society where men can go around putting babies wherever they want to, and women can't do anything about it. Want to have a baby with that woman? Go for it.
@17 I'm not familiar with that comment, but if it's wrong to take person A's stuff out of context, then it's wrong to take person B's stuff out of context. We have to be the rational ones or we have no grounds to call other people irrational.

@18 That is... probably a little more extreme than what is actually going on. I doubt this guy wants men to commit rape all the tiem.
@15: Saying "Sorry you were raped, but that rapist's baby inside you is a gift from god, so we're going to make you carry it to term." is no better than saying "God wanted to you to be raped so we could make you carry your rapist's baby to term." All interpretations of his statement are pretty much equally vile.
"Rape is rape. It is a crime, and so these various distinctions about rape don't make too much sense to me, don't make any sense to me." -BO
When life gives you lemons... rape lemonade!
wow Danny

this is so witty.

it makes me feel totally smug and superior.

and totally makes up for the fact that Gay Marriage in Washington is nosediving into the crapper even as we laugh-it-up and slap each other on the back........
The last one "enjoyable rape" is the most shocking to me. WOWZER! And women actually vote for these jokers.
where is the "Bubba Rape by a President of the USA"?
Interestingly, in all of these statements about rape rape from the Grand Old Party, we have yet to see, "Good Old-Fashioned Rape" talked about. Seems like an obvious one...
If God wants to gift a lady with a pregnancy, he'll even resort to sending a rapist to get the job done. Rapists for Jesus!
Volume 2 has just been posted:…
Volume 2 has just been posted:…
@15 I think you're taking this too seriously.

The point is that GOP men seem incapable of not talking about rape in a condescending and often medically inaccurate way.

That he made a gaffe while 'mansplaining'* to women impregnated by rape how they should accept God's gift was only pearl icing on the rape cake.

* I know, I hate that term too but if ever there was an application for it, GOP men on rape is it.

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