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Yeah, I know Rob, too. That's the problem.
Um, Kelly O... She told you NOT to publish her photo anywhere, and you did it anyway???? Get a job!

@2 Get a life.
People in a public event not expecting their photo to be published == people who think walk sign means stop.
Great photos
Conveniently held near the TV stations. Most rallies are at Westlake to get more people at them. Almost as though these people aren't from Seattle or holding a real rally.
@3, I think #2 was trying to be funny/sarcastic.
HAHAHA! Oh, Dom.
Awesome. I miss Seattle.
I laughed.
Well, Dom, you are a very attractive woman, and that dress really works with your glasses and facial hair.

Goldy...maybe you should stay away from cross-dressing. Or at least wear a bra.
she is totally checking out dom's boobies.
@11 I will freely admit that my drag days are behind me. But in my defense, that dress made me look fat.
it was better than CATS. i want to see it again and again...
@7 - Thank you Cato, obviously the RMcK line was lost on someone... Or my attempts at humor suck.

(nice arms btw, Dom)
Aw, those are great! I wish every rally had more women with beards and/or overbites.
You are both, Dom and Goldy, honorary and FANTASTIC, women. I'm proud to share a gender with you. And bless you for your attendance.
[Also, woman in red? If you show up to a demo, you presumably have the courage of your convictions. So ya get no sympathy.]
Love the Jayne Mansfield/Sophia Loren moment.

This deserves the headline "Some Like It Rob."

Seriously, was the grandma with the butch haircut Charlene Bamford, who wrote that letter which included bit about the "against alternate lifestyles taught to our children by strangers"? You may have missed an opportunity to learn why it came off the website, if the letter's points were all reiterated at the rally/press conference.
Haha. All in great fun. If you hadn't been stepping on my heel, I wouldn't have needed to look down. Where's the cute one of the three of us?
This is now an officially approved reason for leaving the 2 block radius.
the woman in the red jacket in the photo captioned "After the rally, the redhead engaged this woman in a conversation about the need to keeping "strange" lifestyles out of the classroom" is rob mckenna's mother-in-law, susan sieveke, if i recall correctly - she used to work in ballot processing or something for king county elections back when i worked in the same building.
She's not pushing him (her?), it's called frotteurism.
Rob McKenna: "What other wild animals are we attempting to preserve in the urban environment-cougars, bears?"

Thanks for these shots of the pecking order.
Dom -- you look great as a redhead!
You guys actually look pretty good.
Dom, that dress looks terrible. Remove it immediately.
Why am I picturing Rob when he sees these photos (you KNOW he reads Slog) slamming his hand down on his desk and angrily barking, "GOLDSTEIN!!!"
OMG that redhead is HOT!!

It's about time women rallied around their Republican overlords.
What gorgeous red it natural?
Unless these guys are trannies, and if they are just straight Democrat guys dressing up as women, isn't that really disrespectful to women? Like a white dude dressing up in blackface?

I think they just earned Rob the election.

I'm pretty sure you got a photo of one of McKenna's daughters in the first one with Goldy- she's to the right in a yellow jacket with long-ish red hair, looking kind of pissed.
oops- colorblind! She's in a brown jacket looking over her shoulder- can't tell if she's amused or what-
@33. I think you're right.

This should happen at every Rob rally.
Awesome, all three of you. Goldy is adorable; Dom is a smokin hot redhead; and KellyO's photos, as always, are fantastic. Thank you.
First I thought, "Hey look, they allowed Goldy at a McKenna event!"

Then I realized, "Of course they would, it's an event orchestrated by and for people he doesn't give two shits about!"

And then I felt sad.
@32 Yup. That's Madeleine.
Who said gingers weren't hot, Dominic and Goldy? Did you ask the Chickies what "real women" think about rape?…

Rob McKenna: My opponent Jay Inslee is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL, for heaven's sake. We know these groups know nothing about "real women". Rape is so fifties, so shut up already. "Real women" keep their legs closed. Go get a job.

Reagan Dunn: My opponent Bob Ferguson, the partisan hack, advocates for women's rights. I. the neanderthal asshole, am backed by other neanderthals who think women and minorities should just shut up and do what they're told. "Real women" secretly want to go back to the fifties.

Kim Wyman: My opponent, Kathleen Drew, is actually endorsed by pro-choice women like Maria Cantwell and Christine Gregoire! Can you believe it? "Real women" like me know that it's best to just shut up, smile, and let white-haired old men tell other white-haired old men to vote for me. "Real women" like me know it's best to let the men decide whether we're talking about forcible rape, legitimate rape, Gift from God rape, honest rape, enjoyable rape, or they-rape-so-easy rape.

next time don't buy off the rack.
This is pretty hilarious!
OMG Dominic - I am totally jealous of your arms. Do you workout?
"We know Rob" could just as easily be a slogan of the Inslee campaign.
@2: When she is in public, she has no real right to privacy. Deal with it.

And Rob McKenna is creepy as fuck.
@31 LOL that was one of your weakest troll attempts I've seen yet. For all of us here at Slog, please, in the future - do better.

To the ladiez: with 3 stories of Value Village right next door, THOSE were the best dresses you could come up with?!
I really hope The Stranger will be sending this excellent crack team of *ladies* out to report on further future right-wing-women-oriented political gatherings. . . .
Can you send Cienna out in drag to try to have guy-talk with male McKenna supporters next, plz?
I was at this event, and I think the two ladies were just absolutely cute.

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