The Washington chapter of the American Federation of Teachers has filed a complaint with Public Disclosure Commission alleging that the pro-charter schools PAC Stand for Children has deceptively used the AFT logo in campaign mailers supporting Sylvester Cann.

“While we have dual endorsed in this legislative race and thereby gave both campaigns the right to use our name, we never gave Stand for Children or any other independent group permission to use our logo in their PAC mailings,” said Sandra Schroeder, President. “We are not affiliated with Stand for Children because we disagree with their positions on our issues, and have never contributed money to their state PAC. Their placement of our logo was particularly deceptive so that anyone seeing it could believe that we participated in the mailing. ”

Stand for Children, which uses money from ultraconservative donors across the country to enact legislation to fund vouchers, de-fund public schools, and expand charter schools, is running an independent campaign in support of Sylvester Cann under the guise of “education reform.” In state after state, Stand for Children’s agenda has been school privatization, government austerity measures, and deunionization.

Cann is challenging incumbent Democratic State Representative Gerry Pollet in the Legislative District 46 state House race, Position 1, and it is not the first time that mailers on Cann's behalf have been called into question. And despite Cann's insistence that he opposes the charter schools initiative, charter schools-loving Stand for Children sure seems hot for him.

FYI, the SECB enthusiastically endorses Pollet.