AmericaBlog is paying attention to CNN so you don't have to. This exchange just happened live on TV:

DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: In 2011, during the Republican primary, Mitt Romney said flat out that he thinks that FEMA should abolished, and should be privatized. Really? At this moment in time, I think that’s the kind of thing, that’s the kind of comment, that could come back to haunt somebody like Mitt Romney.

GOP STRATEGIST RON BONJEAN: I have to say that I don’t think anyone, most people don’t have a positive impression of FEMA, and I think Mitt Romney is right on the button. I don’t think anybody cares about that right now.

Right on the button! Here's awful video of the exchange, recorded by someone who apparently just points their camera at their TV all day long:

So they're pro-rape and anti-disaster relief, which I'm pretty sure makes them comic book villains.