Rupert Murdoch's failing iPad newspaper, The Daily, just made its first-ever presidential endorsement. Since the name Rupert Murdoch is right up at the top of this post, nobody should be surprised to learn that The Daily has endorsed Mitt Romney.

It's a light-as-air endorsement, based primarily on the "Mitt will reach across party lines" argument. Which is bullshit. Mitt Romney was not a bipartisan leader. He vetoed 800 bills as governor of Massachusetts, and 707 of those vetoes were overridden by the Democrats in Massachusetts' state legislature. That doesn't sound like a real reach-across-the-aisle kind of record. Especially when you figure that Massachusetts Republicans didn't much like him, either:

I haven't put up many Slog posts about endorsements, because for the most part they don't matter. But I feel the need to make note of this one because I feel kind of bad for The Daily. This is probably the only time the paper is going to get to make a presidential endorsement, and they botched it. Come to think of it, I guess this endorsement could stand as a eulogy for The Daily: Too simplistic, not factually rigorous, and irrelevant.