A couple people mentioned this in the comments on my story on political trackers: Apparently, Ted Bundy worked as a Republican tracker in Washington State back in the early 1970s.

Who knew?

Not me, though I certainly wish I'd known about Bundy's tracker past before I sat down to write about contemporary political trackers. One person who did know: David Ammons, the former Associated Press reporter who's now the communications director for Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed.

Last week, Ammons e-mailed me this tale from the 1972 trail:

My favorite tracker story is when I was covering my first governor’s race, back in 1972 (when you weren’t even born, right?). When I was up at Western covering an Al Rosellini campus rally for the AP, I noticed this handsome young guy with a tape recorder and notebook monitoring/covering the event. After it was over, I introduced myself, assuming he was another reporter, and he said quietly that he was there for the Dan Evans campaign.

"Huh?" I said.

He explained what trackers do—I think he called it the “Truth Squad." He was there to see if Rosy said something embarrassing or contradicted himself from something he had said at a different event.

The guy’s name: Ted Bundy.