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Nicely done. Walsh is writing SO HARD it's hilarious. Well done sir.
Oh, jeez. After tonight, the Ghost of Ayn Rand controls one house of Congress, most federal courts, a number of federal regulatory agencies, numerous statehouses, and just under 50% of American hearts and minds.

My eyes were rolling so hard I couldn't read most of this, but JEEZ LOUEEZ!
Save the histrionics, Paul. I think people can understand why it's important to vote without you making it out to be the final great battle between Air Strip One and Eastasia,
"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women. "
Oh I get it.
Was really concerned about your health and sanity for a minute there... context is key.
You forgot to switch Romney and Obama's names in the sixth paragraph. Confused the hell out of me until I read the original and realized this was a flipped argument.

Also, glad to see that the outlandish writing is something other than Paul losing his grip on the English language, which was my original impression.
Ah, I see what you did there.
People really buy into this shit? What's going on up there in Seattle?
I did not. Only read half and was going to comment on how terrible piece this is. Glad I read the comments first.
Paul, look up corporatism before you label the Republican party "corporatist." There are many different types of corporatism and none of them seem to apply closely to the economic policies of the Republican Party.
So... you see a horrible partisan screed and your first thought is: "boy, I really want to duplicate that for my side"? Yeesh.
Um, you gloss over the fact that the deregulation most directly responsible for the 2007-8 crash, the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, was written and signed in the Clinton White House. Mother-fucking Third Way DINOs have shadowed the Repugs every rightward chasse'.
Oops, I meant The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000. Just a typo :-P
^ Didn't read the comments first, or click Paul's link before posting.

Not that either was necessary. The whole thing is completely uncharacteristic of Paul's writing style. "Crush Them Back, Harder" sounds like terrible fan lit. (I don't know what Paul's fiction is like, but I bet that it's at least free of such terrible hyperbole.)
The only way we have any shot of crushing them back harder is to win today and win again 4 years from today.
It really does make me imagine that conservatives wake up in the morning, get ready for work, take a long look in the mirror while adjusting their tie and go 'welp, time to go be the best craziest crazy person I can be today! Love you honey, see you at 6!' And with a whistle, they are out the door.
There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend. Those who click on the provided links & read them, and those who take to the comments section after glossing over a few paragraphs.
Am I allowed to actually agree with this post, out of context? Because aside from the strained writing, I agree with pretty much all of it. They are the anti-liberty party.
This post really doesn't work very well. A lot of your word and phrase replacements are awkward and/or inaccurate, and the whole thing comes across as as intellectually lazy. I read most every political post on Slog, but I couldn't finish this one.
@ 22, did you click the link?
Voted and donated all I could. Hopefully, we will crush Rethugs by Midnight.

Will not miss Romneybot or his "you people are not seeing our tax returns" wife. Buh bye now.

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