Huffington Post just called VT for Obama with zero percent reporting! Took a screenshot.
@1, I was just coming here to post that every site I've seen (HuffPo, CNN, NYT...) has called VT with 0% reported and 0 votes tallied.

It's 'cause they know it's a state full of pinkos.
Fuck me. I'm going to have a stroke if I start obsessively following this shit now.

I think I'm just going to turn the internet off for a few hours, and come back at 8:00pm and see what the results are then. After a glass of wine. Maybe two glasses.
The reason exit polls had Kerry in the lead in Ohio in 2004 is because the vote counts weren't routed through the Smartech server in Chatanooga until the middle of the night.

The exit polls were right. It was the official vote count that was wrong.
Huff Po just called W. Virginia for Mittens with 0% reporting. Why bother even voting?
TV is way off from newspapers website. Just announced SC for Romney, AP and NYC show light blue.
Go out, have some drinks. You might not know the outcome nationally, but you can celebrate some local races (Jim McDermott! David Frockt! Randy Dorn!) victories until 8, celebrate some more local victories after 8 (Bob Ferguson!), and go to a supermarket to stock up on more booze (or Excedrin or Lee Press-On Nails) for when final results from nailbiters are announced.
@6, CNN called SC for Romney and the vote tally is still showing Obama up 74-26%. Not that I think Obama has a chance in hell in that state, but it is all sort of ridiculous.

I'm tallying against the Colorado University model.

For example, based on CBS News (they seems to be judicious in waiting until there are real number) reporting:

Virginia 46.05% 41.5% -4.55

These are the percentages projected for Obama by the model, the actual from CBS and the difference.

Not looking good as Obama is getting about 4 points less than estimated by the model for that state.
I'd love to be in line at the Showbox but where I am (in Everett) it's cold, wet, a little rain and some wind. I'm not going out. Unless it's for goodies to eat/drink.
It's currently 33-14 Romney! Supreme Ruler calls "landslide"!
Aw, that picture of the line makes me miss Seattle. I spent many hours in line on that sidewalk.

Anyway, great news on Indiana. When even Hoosiers can't stand nuts in major office, it's a good sign regarding the future of the teabaggers as a political influence.
I have some Oxycontin - is that different from Vicodin? I'll trade a few for a Negroni if I could wedge my ass in the Showbox this late.
Watching Current TV right now, great getting Gore's view on all of this.
Nothing could be better than Fox affecting a mourning tone on the night of the presidential election.
I think returns should not be announced until the last poll in the US has closed.
@15, I agree. And good for Virginia to put a hold on reporting.
Its almost three in the morning here - wtf am I doing up watching this? We all know Obama will win. Good. Done. Can someone call Fox news?

The real drama is from all the smaller little things. But in all fairness I've stuck with this as far as I can go on a work night. Good night, you better wake me with good news tomorrow morning or so help me god , you'll regret it!
You know, for the first time in -- well, ever -- I've got a hankering to watch Fox News. I fantasize that they'll be all apoplectic, like Chris Matthews after the first debate. Maybe I should unblock the channel on my TV...
Oh fuck. Starboard? THAT'S TOO HARD.
reporting fro obama headquarters. 20 pies from tutta bella pizza just arrived. we are still canvassing and phone banking. join us!
You guys were down for a while! Whew.
And done. It's now that special time of year that I can enjoy watching Fox News...
I just hope that someone at The Stranger is still coherent enough to tell us how R-74 is doing.
Fnarf: 52.3 to 46.6 approve. I'm feeling hopeful.
WoooHoooo!!! I wish I was among the party people in the streets of Seattle.
I would say Charter Schools looks like too close to call. Oh well, as long as the Dems are doing good and R74, Pot, and other good stuff are passing then I guess I could live with charter schools until the moment comes when I can say I told you (family who voted for) so.

Oh, and bummer that Tim Eyman is still with us.
And the race has been called for Obama. Suck it, Romney.
Woo-hoo! I'm such a happy girl! Not only am I not staying up late, drinking heavily, and biting nails (cuz it's over, see), but I'm going to bed tonight with a smile on my face and I'm truly feeling hopeful for the future.
Progress, finally.
Sonohomish results are in. Looks like merridge equality has passed:…
So, you could punch Bill Gates, who gave millions for marriage equality, because he supports more education choices for low and middle-income families?
As seen on Twitter:

"I can't believe my vote for Jill Stein didn't win this for Romney!"

The Stranger's refusal to cover alternative party campaigns in this election has been shameful.

Will you continue singing Obama's praises as our drones come home to roost and austerity measures are ramped up?

Will it still be all the Republicans' fault?
Maryland, Maine and Washington all appearing to support marriage equality!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am toast. Romney is drunk. Wait, that's backwards. And yet, I could give you twenty minutes that blows away the morons on TV. Will there be a backlash against the pundits? Will George Will have to give back any of his ill-gotten book royalties? Will Brian Williams have to go to prison for that horrible necktie?

Now John Boehner is rabbiting on about how the mandate is for republicanism. Suck my balls, old.
Is there an estimate on likely number of KC votes in the 4:30 dump tomorrow?
Where are the trolls tonight? Aside from SRotU that is. Awfully quiet... And where's Gay Dude for Romney? (snicker)
@31 -- I was misled by the way they list "100%" for every county. All the votes have NOT been counted:…

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