The National Organization for Marriage got its hateful, bigoted ass handed to it last night—NOM spent millions and in a tweet that has since been disappeared NOM's president Brian Brown predicted that they would win all four marriage measures—but Brown is claiming a silver lining: the defeat of two pro-gay-marriage GOP state senators in New York state. Both lost to Democrats and Democrats may take control of the upper chamber of the New York state legislature as a result.

Um… this is NOM's silver lining? Don't know yet if last night's winning Dems in New York state oppose marriage equality or not. But it's a measure of NOM's desperation that they're out there trying to spin Democrats taking control of New York state senate as some sort of face-saving win. Unless Brian Brown would have us believe that voters in New York retaliated against pro-gay state senators… by electing state senators who are likelier to be even more pro-gay. Because awarding control of the NY state senate to the party of the governor who pushed gay marriage through that same state senate strikes a blow against gay marriage.

Does not compute. Does not compute.

UPDATE: NOM has a longer statement up now. Here's the shorter NOM reaction: when hate wins at the ballot box, it means everything. When love wins at the ballot box, it means nothing.