A couple of weeks ago, FBI agents served another May Day-related* subpoena, this one to Olympia resident Matthew "Maddy" Pfeiffer, ordering them ("them" is Pfeiffer's preferred pronoun) to appear at a federal courthouse this morning. Pfeiffer showed up and, according to Facebook, refused to participate. Pfeiffer wasn't immediately taken into custody for contempt of court—as other grand jury refusers/resisters have been—but has a contempt hearing scheduled for mid-December.

If Pfeiffer is held in contempt, they may join the other grand jury refusers/resisters, Matthew Duran and Katherine Olejnik, in SeaTac federal prison. (Leah-Lynn Plante has been released for reasons that remain obscure.)

* The eternal caveat: We don't actually know why the subpoenas were served or what the grand jury was going to ask, since grand juries are secret. But everything points to this grand jury being interested in May Day and anarchists, from the activists whose houses were raided to deliver the subpoenas—wouldn't an afternoon knock on the door have been enough?—to the search warrants looking for "anarchist" and "anti-government" "literature."