The story comes from The Stranger's own Renee, who writes:

In 2008 I was at the Showbox for the election and I received a random text of excitement. I saved this on my phone for four years, it became the oldest thing on my phone and sort of a great story to tell people and show them. To me it summed up the spirit of the elections that year. Strangers/citizens coming together and voting with conviction and rising up to celebrate that win. (Please forgive the horrible texting shorthand on my part, I had it was difficult to celebrate and text at the same time.)


So, my long-term hope was that four years would pass and Obama would run again and Obama would win and I could hopefully talk to that same person again. I never talked to them in the intervening years. Until last night...



Anyway, that is all. It just made me really, really happy that I could talk to a wrong number about how excited and hopeful we were. That accidental exchange was a highlight of both elections for me. That is all.

Thank you, Renee!