His speech wasn't long enough. He should have gone on and on until that McDonald's was closed. I really wish these people understood how messed up our healthcare system is.
He forgot to report the 40-second fart at the end of his oration.
McDonald's is why Americans need health insurance.
I'm wondering if this is an instance of Poe's Law.

Seriously. No one is "taking" anything from the kid working the counter at McDonald's.
But just in case ... that guy should find a secluded spot in the desert and set up his own McDonald's clone which would be completely unlike McDonald's because that would be intellectual property theft but still fulfill the same role as McDonald's so the other Randians can form a society there where the moochers won't be mooching off of them any more.
...After which our hero keels over dead from a massive heart attack that is the result of the stress of being a virginal, mid-40s 300lb. Halo-addicted software engineer living in the sweaty, Flamin'-Hot-Cheeto-encrusted cocoon of his parents' basement.
@1 Precisely. Any Randian that can't manage a simple 60-page monologue is a poser.
I've always wondered--who is John Galt?
The depth and richness of the self-mythologizing is AMAZING. I love it. Someone's going to write an awesome book about these people some day. Sociology, psychology, politics, all wrapped up in self-aggrandizement and revenge porn.
The Taker left McDonald's and the true Americans recited the pledge of allegiance, then sang the star spangled banner.

And that MCDonald's name....was Ronald Reagan.
Come on...I'd almost pay to watch that sort of shit on the screen as opposed to the Atlas Crapped movie.

I mean it's set in.....a McDonald's!!! LOL!!!!
He's worried about people getting government-subsidized adequate healthcare will be mooching off of the employees of that McDonalds? I suppose this is one of those rare McDonalds where the employees aren't overcharged for comically bad health insurance that's al…, or where the employees make enough money not to qualify for health insurance subsidies under the ACA?

OK, then.
From a story in yesterday's Sacramento Bee:
The statewide sales tax increase – a quarter-cent on the dollar – kicks in Jan. 1. That will hike the sales tax in most of Sacramento County from 7.75 percent to 8 percent. However, city of Sacramento voters approved an additional half-cent tax hike that starts April 1, increasing their rate to 8.5 percent. Galt also will be at 8.5 percent.

Hey, if some crackpot was ranting in my face while I was trying to get lunch, I'd shake my head and GTFO too.
This is unbelievable!

Everyone knows that the trains roll through the drive-thru!
Sounds like a sequel to Compliance.
I was reading this, thinking "all this needed was a slowly building round of applause to truly take it into neverneverland territory," then I realized he had it in there!

"The room was absolutely silent for a moment, then one of the retired guys started clapping... and within a few seconds, he was joined by another... then by someone across the restaurant... and pretty soon it sounded like the entire restaurant was applauding."

I thought the ACA required all of us moochers to pay for private, for-profit medical insurance.
This is the time to take out a phone and start circling like you're at the zoo, taking a lot of photos from about two feet away.

...or something.
Can someone please recreate this scene on film? PLEASE?

I'm a business owner, and I imagine I speak for a lot of other business owners when I say that I'd be delighted to transfer responsibility for health insurance, and all of the fucking paperwork, to the government.
Related: Ayn Rand fan fiction a substantial improvement over Ayn Rand's fiction.
Substitute Interstates, fire departments, the US Military or any other thing that benefits the citizenry as a whole, and you can say the same things - minus the point of a gun, WTF - and nobody is particularly worked up by it.

We all benefit if everyone is healthier.
"And then you woke up in a puddle."
I bet somewhere Paul Ryan is slapping his head at not working harder to court the objectivist McDonald's employee demographic.
@25 No, that's all at the point of gun, too. If you don't pay your taxes, the police may get involved. Quite rightly, too.

It bugs me when people say these guys want to go back to the 1950s. They want to go back to the 1920s.

The US did not have a small government in the 50s. The 30s gave us a semblance of a welfare state, and the 40s and 50s gave us a HUGE military and global role, and taxes sufficient to pay for it.

Added bonus: in the 20s, you could get away with lynching for sure. I think by the 50s, *some* states had started to frown on that.
@23 I'm totally with you. I wish the democrats would campaign more for simplifying the paperwork that business owners have to do. I think the level of regulation is fine. Just cut down on the paperwork.
The ranter, of course, will be paying for HIS OWN DAMN HEALTH INSURANCE thankyouverymuch. Fuck Obamacare so HARD that he'll just strike out on his own! so there.
It wouldn't be true Randian fantasy unless he proceeded to rape the hardworking and attractive young cashier, who initially puts up a fight, but eventually gives in to his raw individualism and falls in love with him.
It's blowhardy enough, but not nearly windbaggy enough for a Randian monologue.
As the Internet has been known to say: Cool story, bro.
Isn't McDonald's exempt from the healthcare law?
Sounds like he's conflated "freedom" with "doing anything that's required of me, ever." At its heart, the mandate is such a wonderfully conservative idea, but some people just want to scream "YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!" at the government.

I'm confused. He hears someone saying positive things about Obamacare, and concludes that this is a Taker? How did he know this man was not a business owner, or something? And what makes him think that he's not already subsidizing those without insurance, to a greater degree than he will be (theoretically) when the Affordable Care Act goes into full effect? This reductive mentality of Randians and Paul-ians (?) always makes for the face-palm.
Did he rape someone afterwards? Can't be Randian without some hot rape scenes.
I think Daniel Quinn would argue that we're all takers.
Given that I'm a gainfully employed taxpaying professional, I think I'm more likely to be subsidizing the health care of the Mcdonald 's employees then they are to be subsidizing mine. And given their low wages, I'm happy to to it. But I'm an Obama supporter who hates freedom.
"You know," the Taker said, as he walked out the door, "You sound just like Ayn Rand did, riiiiiight up to the second she realized she was sick."
They really need to do Galt's Gulch: the Cable Reality TV Series. Get qualified Makers to walk away from their jobs and opt out of all the benefits of society and watch the fun.
OMG!!! If you click on the link he fo realz claims that the silence in the McDonalds turned into a slow clap like a fucking 80's teen movie!!!
Absolutely hilarious. I just wish Paul had mentioned that the scene includes a SLOW CLAP! That was the best part, for me.
Dear Penthouse: I never thought this would happen to me, but...
I'd say this guys fiction is way better than that dreadful POS he believes guides his economic life.

Oh, the story is still stupid, one-dimensional and boring but Ayn would have made the rant go on for 42 pages so this clowns brevity wins high marks
Sophistry FTW.
@42 That would be the best reality TV ever.
This monologue didn't happen in the hood. Otherwise automatic beatdown for interrupting burger/shake time.
#45 nails it; that rant was Penthouse Letters for Randroids. Plus, it couldn't have been true because it was way too emotional and he didn't ask about anyone's premise.

But if anyone ever sees this happen, pull a Reverse Rockefeller and toss him some pocket change to offset his full share of the alleged-moocher subsidy: "Here's your eighteen cents, now piss off."
@42: I would watch the shit out of that.
Isn't health insurance itself rather collectivist? A bunch of people get together pay into a system which pools the risk and pays out according not in proportion to what people have payed in but in proportion to their need.

Furthermore, private insurance, in true Capitalistic spirit, skims a big percentage right off the top, dedicated not to the provision of healthcare but for the administration of the insurance itself and the profits of the owners of the insurance company. What rational economic actor would give a share of their hard earned dollars to mooching insurance company investors and owners? Wait, did I get the definition of moochers wrong? This is all so confusing...

A true Randian would never be so careless as to get sick or injured, moreover if they did require medical attention they'd simply pay for it self-sufficiently.

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