That's the kind of leadership of the caucus I want to hear. Concise, but clear - pick a team.

Another great benefit of being represented by Sen. Murray!
Let's be accurate the GOP has two statewide offices (Lt. Gov).
"Share"? Interesting when DINOs want to share: when they're outnumbered.
I know some great folks in Shelton, but man, they keep electing that asshat Sheldon.
Rodney Tom is a very thought full guy who has a lot to offer. He care a lot about education reform and is truly a social liberal. He should stick with the Democrats but then loosen up a little bit.
Does it really matter anymore? For years the Demonrats have fucked us over with all-cuts RepubliKKKan budgets, screwing over everyone from students to the sick and elderly. Regardless of who's supposedly in charge, the outcome is the same.
Yes, Tom does care a lot about ed reform but only the ed reform as defined by Bill Gates and company. Many of us want to see better outcomes for all children but not at the hands of those who will profit and those who only favor a couple of reforms.

He is not a good Dem and this end-run proves it.
@5 - Well shucks, you're right. Let's give the guy a few more terms to find his center and show us all he has to offer.
It would be INSANE for the Democrats to award betrayal with committee chairs.

Now let's see if they do it.
Murray's been elected majority leader.
Good on you, Ed Murray. About time an adult took over in the Senate. Rodney Tom doesn't care about making our schools better, he just buys into the standard teacher bashing that's been in vogue. And he pouts when he doesn't get his way.
Tom's already been a fuck-up as chair of the Higher Ed committee, and God help us all if he were able to ooze his way up to running Ways and Means.
Is it possible to not assign Rodney Tom to any committees at all?
When I look at a Washington state ballot, I see "prefers X party" next to every name. Does this mean that Sheldon (and other DINOs) have the right to run under whatever "preference" would get them elected, and then proceed to caucus with the opposing party?

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