Well...bullshit on the 10 inches and bullshit on pretty much the rest of it as well. It sounds like something from Penthouse Forum
An addiction to getting your dick sucked? Riiiiiiiight. I'm sure every dude must be suffering from addiction then.
Tell me, am I laying the groundwork for ruining my marriage and family?Yes. But you didn't need an advice column for that, now, did you?
Ahhhh, a classic one-hitter from Dan circa 2007. Sometimes I think the Bush administration gave you the internal fire and fury to knock that shit out of the park every time. Well-put. Too bad there's no way the guy took your advice.
I totally agree. I mean, it's unfortunate that the dude's wife doesn't do head very well, but damn, bring it up to her. There are ways to learn. And yeah, this guy is TOTALLY straight. Too bad he never mentions how he got into the bj situation with this guy.
How could you possibly marry someone who is bad at oral sex.

I wouldn't marry: a junkie, a republican, the list goes on and on so I'll quit there but dear "Bob" how do you marry someone who doesn't know what to do with your cock?
@6: I'm sorry but how do you get from "not great at giving head" to "doesn't know what to do with his cock"? Maybe she has the best pussy in the world, or gives awesome handjobs or whatever. And if he is in fact larger than average in dick-size, it could simply be a physical limitation on her part. Some people have small mouths and narrow throats.
I remember this. I wish Dan had asked him if he ever fantasized, while getting head, that HE was the one on his knees and whether that might have been contributing to his "mind-boggling" orgasms. Fellatio is a highly-mirror-neuron-oriented thing; it's why gay guys and [unconflicted] bi guys most often masturbate themselves while giving head or prefer to be sixty-nining rather than just sitting passively.
(...unless there's also a strong dom/sub element to the interaction.)
ok so what if he's wearing a condom?
@10- but he's not. You can take that one to the bank.
Wearing a condom hahahahahaaaa!
Yeah my first husband tried to tell me he was straight after I found out he liked fucking guys in the assets. I love my gay friends I just don't want to share my husband with them, so I left him. I think he had a sex change.....
Nice and forceful after the missteps of the opening sentence. A straight-chaser, while a human being with as many rights as anyone else, is not a gay brother, and a gay brother would not hold the straightness of anyone's member as a virtue.
Oral is standard but asking a partner to deepthroat is unfair. This said as someone who has a sensitive gag reflex but likes getting a deepthroat BJ. And getting deepthroated isn't that common among gay guys either, especially when you're longer than average.

@13 said her "straight" husband fucked guys in the assets. Was he in financial services? :-)

I think the new 99% catchphrase should be "let's fuck them in the assets." Best typo this week!

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