Please do lots of video, if the participants are amenable, so those of us in the back of beyond can kvell to our hearts' content.
I am there. count on it. We are ready. We are printing up card invites tonight. is there a paypal for helping out financially with the arrangements. Can you bring the Pulitzer so I can carry it as a bouguet?
Why do homosexuals get to erect chapels on public property?

Awesome! Congrats to all!
Dan, are you and Terry going to get married in WA now that you can? On 12/9 or on your wedding anniversary, whatever that is? (I vote for the anniversary, just to keep it meaningful.) Because the whole "HICBIA" thing has been silly from the start.
@3.. it was in the fine print in a footnote of page 467 of the gay agenda. you probably didn't read that far.
If you'll accept online payments, I'll chip in--it's the best I can do from afar.
Dan, Is it distasteful for straight couples to get married at this event? Would it take away resources for the same-sex couples that have been waiting to get legally married?
Dow Constantine was on KUOW today. He mentioned that these initial licenses will be signed by him personally, instead of a stamped signature, with one of the pens Gregoire used to sign the bill into law.
@8, I can't answer for The Gays (esp. since I'm straight) but I think that's so charming! What a great way to show real support and solidarity.
Noooo! The first weddings were supposed to be on the 10th! You've ruined my birthday! McGinn just can't stop ruining things, can he?
Can opposite-sex couples get married too at this event? My partner and I decided that we would get married if the law passed, and it did so we will, but I want to make sure we don't impose on people who have had to wait a long time for this day.

Can opposite-sex couples participate in this event? My partner and I agreed that if R-74 passed we would get married and we were hoping to do it at an event like this, but I don't want to impose on people who have waited too long for this day.
@8 and @14: I hope hetro couples can't get married that day. Thanks for your support, but it's not about you!
Dod, what about straight couples who postponed getting married until same-sex couples had the same right?
Agreed, leek! Dod, Isn't this event ultimately about marriage equality?
@17 - I could be convinced....
My fiance and I are going to come down and hand out flowers to couples getting married.

We're excited!
@15 Let me make sure I read that right - you want to celebrate marriage equality with a petty "no heteros allowed" bullshit attitude? Do everyone who works for equality a favor, and keep that shit to yourself.
Marriage is (now) marriage in Washington. All y'all who wanna get married, get the fuck married. Gay, straight, or bi... you all earned this day. Celebrate together.
"Marriage is (now) marriage in Washington."?!


will their be a chapel for polygamists?
MAJOR POINT: If you're applying in person in downtown Seattle, you have to bring CASH ONLY. They will NOT accept checks, at least per this website:…
If I were in Seattle, or even in your country, I would be volunteering at this event in a heartbeat. I've looked up the airfare, and I just can't justify it.
Dan, please post lots of photos!
@5: If you're legally married in Canada (or New York, Iowa, Massachusetts, DC, etc.) you will be automatically legally married in Washington on December 6 at 12:01am. You can't, and SHOULDN'T, apply for a marriage license here if you're already legally married somewhere else.
Everyone can get married. Everyone should get married.

Have fun!
The event—and the chapels—is open to ALL.
Straight folks: From a legal standpoint, equal's equal and I hope that any couples who showed up would get married regardless of orientation, and I promise I personally won't get mad at you. But I fear those lines are going to be bananas, my partner has to jump through all kinds of hoops to get time off during the week, and we're going to have to get a sitter to make this happen as it is. If I wait for five hours and don't get a chance to get married because it's too clogged I'm going to be Captain Disappointed.
Awesome, that's my birthday! A birthday present second only to having your birthday november 6th this year...
Hi Dan. great news about marriage.

I just sent you an email about your visit to UW-Madison on Monday. I'm really looking forward to it, assuming I can get in since tickets are out. I sent it to the email because the one didn't work. Please read my email before you come here... Thanks :)




Danny, you truly are a HuckleBerry....
@31, My birthday's November 6. Gotta say that I got some nice presents this year. I didn't get everything I wanted but I got a lot.
If The Stranger is accepting donations online I will chip in a little bit to help. Since I live in NYC I can't really do more than that.

Mazel Tov everyone!
I hope the Stranger reports on same sex marriages in places like Lincoln or Adams County which voted against equality.
Washington State--FUCK YEAH!
For whoever above asked about legal same sex marriages performed elsewhere: Here is the info from the King Co Marriage licensing div:

We are a same-sex couple that got married in another jurisdiction that recognizes same-sex marriages. Do we need to re-apply?…

•No. On Dec. 6, 2012 at 12:01 a.m., your marriage will be recognized by the state of Washington. You do not need to apply for another marriage license
It's beginning to look a lot like Marriage!
You might get a bonus visit from Westboro Baptist Church to add entertainment. They were in DC…
along with the much larger group of counter protesters…

'chapels' is plural. 'is' is singular.

'chapels is open to all' is hillbilly.

didn't we see you in Deliverance?
This is amazing and moving. I wish I lived closer and could volunteer.
I would like to volunteer.
@SeattleKim, what if those of us married in another State want actual paper recognition here? We have our DP here, we live here, but we got married in California. We'd really like to have a WA marriage certificate. Is that possible? We certainly don't want to have to get divorced just to get a new certificate. That'd suck.
Tears in my eyes right now. I wish I could be there. Take lots of pics so I can cry and then post them around my new home in super-bigoted Latin America.
I love Mike McGinn... America's first (straight) bear mayor!
Tears in my eyes too. This is so beautiful and take lots of pictures not just to spread the joy but because I truly believe it was those first pictures of obvious love and joy in the eyes of folks being married in those massive first gay weddings at city halls that swayed people away from some of their anti-gay views. I have long noticed that personal experience trumps ideology and I believe the rhetoric and ideology of hate was not able to stand against the experience people felt of genuine love when they viewed those pictures. Keep the love rolling.
Came here for the Vancouver question. What's going on in Clark County (and Spokane for that matter)? I'm in Portland, I've shot friends' weddings, and I want to show up with a rainbow silk bouquet and a wedding arch and give any couple who wants one a memorable, FREE photo. This is what the wedding photos of our precious, tragically short-lived marriages looked like here in 2004:

Also, straight couples: Just let the gay couples go first on December 9. In some instances, they've been waiting more decades to get married than you've been alive; you can wait a few extra hours.
@48: great answer to the question of straight couples on the ninth: There are some times when the majority have to sit in the back and know their (our) place (I am not joking.)

Some day we will all be queer (I pity anyone who thinks their sex is actually "normal", the same as everyone else), and we all realize that we are in fact already from a mixed ethnic background (though I love love love our differences because they are fun and fun is good), until then the spear tip goes on the front of the spear, not in the middle.

Cheers, tears and laughter everyone!

PS: after the fight is over (we win) we all need to take up some extreme sport to fill the void
it seems some marriages are more equal than others
@3: Come to think of it, why is anyone erecting chapels on public property? I looked it up to double-check, and my dictionary has only religious meanings for the word.


everyone knows HomoSecularlHumanism is the official state religion in the New QUnited States of GAmerica....

its taught in the schools and everything...
Out of curiosity, what are the residency requirements for Washington? (And Maryland and Maine, for that matter.) Some states require at least one party be a state resident. Some require that the license be applied for at least 5 days before its filed (reducing quickie marriages, I guess). Massachusetts used to have an archaic law saying that out-of-staters could only be married if their home state would allow it -- an old anti-miscegenation law that then-Governor Mitt Romney dredged up to stop gays from vacationing in Massachusetts simply to get married. (Law has subsequently been repealed.) Anyone, even though I'm single, I tend to be the one my friends ask these sorts of questions to. Anything preventing someone from California or Oregon going up to get married?
This is totally making me cry. I intend to be there with flowers and bubbles for the happy couples. LOVE WINS!
Washington has no residency requirement for marriage. However, be careful, because it does have a residency requirement for divorce. At least one party must live here for that. So if someone comes from another state and marries in Washington and later want to divorce in a state that doesn't allow it, they could be screwed.

There is a 3 day waiting period. That's why December 9th is the first day for weddings even though the law takes effect December 6th.
"@SeattleKim, what if those of us married in another State want actual paper recognition here? We have our DP here, we live here, but we got married in California. We'd really like to have a WA marriage certificate. Is that possible?"

Same question here. We would love a marriage certificate that is dated the same as our DP registration like others getting married here will get.
Emailed the link above to volunteer to help. No reply yet but I'm sure you guys are busy. My background is event management and volunteer coordination. But I'll do anything that needs to be done! Let me know if you'd like help...
I'm a videographer who will be around filming all willing subjects. The blond girl with the camera standing outside, if you are getting married and would like to film your ceremony, grab me. I am so happy for your big day! Congratulations! Also, I hope it goes without saying, it's free, and I'm good!

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