This is really a logical extension of their campaign strategy. We saw during the campaign that their message - what candidates, primarily the presidential candidate, actually said - didn't need to map with their policies. Voters recognized that and it hurt candidates up and down the ticket, especially those attempting to run moderate like McKenna.

But, Republicans, rather than take away a refutation of their policies that are offensive to groups that they wish to attract, instead move a step further away. This one is a step away from even the message. Rather, it's the voter's fault. It's as if their loss on election night has snipped the feeble tether that they had on reality. That loss, which they totally didn't expect, cut that cord and now they drift in open space bouncing from one fantastical and fanatical opinion as to how they failed.
Face it, they hate America.

If they could export all our jobs to their Komrades in Red China, the GOP would do so in a heartbeat.
It takes a measure of integrity and self-reflection to realize that people don't like you, and an even greater measure of bravery to admit it's a problem you have to work on. By and large, the GOP lacks any capacity for any of these virtues.
Dear Chris Vance,

If voters failed to turn in ballots to your satisfaction, it is entirely the fault of the politicians that ran who failed to persuade voters that they weren't racist, homophobic, misogynist, money-grubbing, selfish assholes.


This reminds me of what happened during the 80's to liberals. It became a toxic brand. The difference is that they were able to grow a generation of liberals & progressives, while Team Rape is a dying breed.
Well stated, Mr. Goldy.
I have this suspicion, and admittedly I can border on the paranoid, that the Washington State GOP is a complete ruse, set up merely to avoid the conclusion that the Democrats are a uni-ocracy of big budget fat cats who use this state to scam billions of federal dollars for ever more ridiculous projects.

So the Republicans go to great lengths even when they have a decently moderate candidate to say or do something way out there and thus solidify their "bogeyman" status, sending everyone screaming into the arms of the Democrats who will gladly soak the middle class with regressive sales taxes and protect the longtimers with their big asset and land holdings.
That said, Washington is perhaps the most liberal state in the union (top 3, undoubtedly). So, a Republican party that could win in Mississippi will be far, far from acceptable in WA. Running a 2-party city in a country as large as yours seems impossible. A Democratic candidate in GA would need to be more conservative than a Republican in WA.
Extra credit for verbing "governor"!
@7, if you "border on the paranoid", then feces borders on the inedible.
@5: Yes.

The thing is, had Romney managed to win the election, I think he would have killed the Republican brand altogether.
@11 and us along with him.
Well said, everybody! The GOP shot themselves in the foot by pushing their Dark Age campaign of fear and hatred to the breaking point and went too far. I'm not the least bit sorry the Republican and Tea Parties are all but extinct! What did these draconian bozos expect?

What I find unsettling is the number of easily swayed voters STILL buying their bullshit.
the Gops still run the House, so we shouldnt get all hi and mighty. of course we can get hi, thanks 502!

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