King County prosecutor Dan Satterberg has filed charges against five individuals for participating in the May Day smashup. Charging documents accuse five of riot, fourth-degree assault, and malicious mischief "against the peace and dignity of the state of Washington."

The accused are: Phillip Neel, Kellen Linnell, Meaghnn Gonzales, Matthew Erickson, and Jason Michaels. Two have priors for crimes such as marijuana possession, obstructing a police officer, and harassment. Three have no known priors.

Police identified the suspects by articles of clothing and tattoos that showed up on camera footage, officers' reports from May Day, and search warrants of the suspects' homes. Officers also received some anonymous tips and say they recognized some of the suspects from Occupy protests. Officers also say they gleaned information from cell phones and other electronic devices that were taken and searched.

These charges are not part of the current federal grand jury that is ostensibly looking into May Day, and Emily Langlie from the US Attorney's office says she has "no idea" whether the five might be called before the grand jury.

It has also come out, in documents filed in October, that FBI agents followed some Portland activists up to Seattle where they participated in May Day demonstrations.