I could take Erickson's place as an influential political blogger if I wanted, but after having run the numbers and spoken with my people, I've decided I'd rather not give up my current position as easily overlooked commenter on someone else's blog.

But if I wanted...
Wait wasn't he just bitching about rich white men in the party??
While $174,000 isn't "rich" but that figure representing a sizable pay cut, it definitely puts him in the upper echelon of society and likely out of touch with the majority of the people he'd represent not to mention his state.
No wonder conservatives are having a hard time.
I hate when I have to take a sizable pay cut in pay. I'm totally cool with the being away from the family part though.
"huddled in a pit vipers"?
#4 - that should be "pit o'vipers".
There are plenty of people on the left -- most notably everybody who writes for the Stranger -- who are just as ideologically uncompromising. Whether you're histrionically attacking Tim Burgess or Frank Chopp or, depending on which way the wind is blowing, Barack Obama, the writers of this rag rarely appreciate the ability to make some painful political trades in order to get things done.

So a little more respect for Erick Erickson. He's your mirror image and you have far more things in common than differences.
I find amusing that he completely accepts that it's alright to bring up personal attacks, and is fine w/ the status quo of politics.
@6 yeah, that's not going to happen.
More likely, being a typical closeted Republican, he would be away from his *boyfriend*.
One would HATE to take a pay cut for ones country...
@9 ftw.

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