Judge Mary Yu will marry you.
  • Via Seattle Channel
  • JUDGE MARY YU Will marry you.

It's almost too perfect. King County just announced that the county's first same-sex wedding will be officiated by a justice with the perfect name for the job: Judge Mary Yu. Ringing in Washington State's new marriage-equality law, she'll marry Sarah and Emily Cofer tonight at 12:01 a.m.

Formerly a manager for the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago and appointed to the superior court bench here in 2000, Judge Yu will marry several more couples in the early morning hours, King County reports, including Brendon Taga and Jesse Page. They were the second couple in line Thursday to get their marriage certificate authorized.

Yu, as we reported Wednesday, is among seven judges who volunteered to come into the courthouse Sunday, their day off, after learning that City Hall's Sunday wedding docket was overflowing with couples who wanted to get married. "The court just realized that the community needs our services, and we are happy to provide them," Judge Susan Craighead told me.

Judge Mary Yu is taking the court's first shift, beginning at midnight.