So, one of the side arguments (apart from, you know, basic rights and justice) for Same Sex Marriage is the economic impact it can have. And since the political is the personal, here's my personal economic impact statement from Dan and Terry's recent Big Gay Wedding:

My sweetheart and I came to Seattle via Portland. Below, I list just the money she and I spent in Seattle, on a weekend we otherwise would not have been in Seattle at all.

Transportation: $30.00 for 2 cab rides, $29.40 for parking, $8.00 on Sound Transit, for a total of $67.40.
Lodging at a very nice B and B on Capitol Hill: $348.21.
Food: $197.34 at Bastille in Fremont, $133.88 at Smith, for a total of $331.22.
Food at the airport: $64, including nice stuff from Dish Delish to bring on the plane.
Booze: $37.95 at Hopvine, $9.00 at the Comet (happy hour rocks), $30.00 at the party at Q for a total of $76.95.
Christmas shopping: $209.45 at the Ebbets Field Flannels outlet store in Pioneer Square.
Miscellaneous: $29.20 at Walgreen's on 15th, $7.00 for newspapers, $12.00 for coffee.

Grand total direct economic impact on Seattle: $1,147.43.

Imagine if the brother had had more time to plan a really big gay wedding! And, hey, everyone be sure to get cupcakes from Cupcake Royale, who donated all of those cupcakes for the City Hall ceremonies and the party at Q!