I shouldn't have watched that. He's an awful who makes the world stupider.
He's an awful man* who makes etc.
See? He just made ME stupider
Nah, you had it right @2. He's just an awful.
It would have been nice if he had given just one specific example of how liberals were trying to destroy his marriage and/or his beliefs. It wouldn't even have required empirical evidence--anecdotal evidence would have sufficed.

But that would have required specificity instead of disconnected, free-floating paranoia, and Beck might have been (shudder) called out for faulty data.

Yet he has the nerve to claim that liberals can't stand up to debate.

Preaching to choir here. I know. Except, I guess, that it's really venting to the choir.
God what a jackass. I don't even know why I watched this.

Who is attacking his marriage? And what exactly does he need others to defend? His right to practice his religion in his home or church? Oh wait, he can do that freely. So maybe his right to force that religion on other legislatively? Or eliminate access to birth control and emergency contraception for himself/his wife/everyone else? His right to ban abortion for his wife and all women? Or his right to force women to have undergo a transvaginal ultrasound in order to get one? I wish he could articulate the actual reasons his marriage or his rights need defending. But he can't because he's full of shit and the only defense needed here is for everyone else who is at risk of or being oppressed by the beliefs of him and others like him.
Who are these gay employees of whom he speaks?
Ew! Ew! Ew! EW! He's gross. I feel like someone pooped in my ears.
that shirt with a tie? no, i won't watch.
I don't get it.
See, Beck is really the victim here, because Liberals and Gays won't stand up and defend his right to decide whether or not their civil rights are recognized.
@10 'Also: "having gay friends" is not social currency that you can exchange for believing gay people do not deserve full equality. [...] They are not tokens'

Actually blip, they are totally tokens; you don't exchange them so much as line them up on the moral high ground so that everyone in the arcade can tell you're going to be playing "I am not a bigot, see" until you set a high score.

I was about to ask if anybody had any idea what he was actually trying to say, but I think you nailed it.
@6 *I'd* like to destroy his beliefs. I'd love to convince him that Mormonism is the most ridiculous religion on Earth, in about a gazillion way tie for first with, um...pretty much all of the others.

Except the one with "karma." That at least *sounds* like it would be fair and kinda make sense. Nice idea, anyway. Which one is that, Buddhism? I'll give Buddhism an honorable mention.
You know, it's not strictly speaking necessary to spend every waking moment seeking out the most terrible things you can find. I find that the total absence of Glenn Beck from my media diet suits me quite well.
@11 sing: "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK. I sleep all night and I work as a televangelist-wearing-this-stupid-tie."
So he says he'll defend your rights as long as you defend his beliefs.

Rights and beliefs aren't the same.
I'm with Fnarf: I thought we had all agreed to never think about Glenn Beck again. I had a pretty good run up till I saw this post.
I'm confused by this clip. He seems to say that he's fine with gay people and gay marriage. He even says "that's between you and your spouse" when referring to a gay couple.

But then he complains that liberals won't stand up for his beliefs. Why wouldn't they if he believes gay marriage is fine?
what exactly are gays trying to tell him? and how are gays trying to destroy his marriage. What a load of nonsense.
He does not have gay friends. Names....we want the names of gay friends you had at your house!
Yeah. Let's forget Glenn Beck. He's not even interesting as a freak anymore. Let him continue his spiral into irrelevancy.
Generally speaking when people don't care about something,... they don't talk about it on their radio show / TV show / webcast thingy (whatever that was...)(why are we still listening to this bag?).

And when people repeatedly mention how much they don't care about something it means they do care and they have an agenda and a (varyingly) sophisticated set of rhetorical devices they're about to unleash.

I don't care about peanut butter* but generally speaking chunkiness is gross**, and when someone who, like me, loves peanut butter won't defend my abhorrence of chunkiness, I'm deeply offended, except I don't care,...

* I have gay friends - I think I'm playing soccer with them tomorrow night.

** It's an abomination before the Lord, (not that I care).
All I got from that was "I have gay friends, so I can't possibly be a homophobe". Methinks the douchekayak doth protest too much.
"I'll defend you! But will you defend me? Will you defend MY belief?"

What belief? What the fuck is he talking about?
@16 Hinduism
Karma is also bullshit.
What is a Glenn Beck?

Oh, wasn't he that guy that got on TV who was struck down awhile ago...his empire in ruins and magic ring of power missing? Did someone find that ring? Is it a decoder ring? Will it make sense of what he's saying?

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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