And wait for it.... The National Shooting Sports Foundation is headquartered in Newton, CT.
Somebody do the math, please... What's the ratio of gun-industry jobs to annual domestic deaths from firearms?
1. charles as usual has both his marxism wrong and his sociology, politics and economy wrong. hint: the point of marx was the base determines the superstructure, that here they're not related disproves marxism.
2. no base needed here when 45% of americans own guns.
3. this is the result of right wingers who for decades have cultivated a cult of gun worship, a superstructure, to peel off working class votes from liberals, to set liberals against working class whites, in this sense, our love affair with gun violence is TOTALLY determined by the base. duh!
4. we can't pass gun control because the right wing message tested lies are propagated by all the gun owners, and yes i mean 5280, nateman, all of them, starting with guns don't kill going through you haven't been specific enough whine whine whine to knives kill too didja hear bout that knife incident in china and ending with hey fuck you it's too late we already have 200 million guns all over america.

sadly, this shooter had a mom who was a legit gun owner. took her kids to target practice. the normalization of gun ownership worship and love is to blame; every single one of you gun owners is putting guns within reach of your 20 year old kids and nephews anyone of which could go crazy and kill 20 school kids. the "why" this happened is easily solved" it's because the gun owners defend gun culture in america, propagate guns, and vote out and drown out any discussion to change this. the math lies in the fact this is aligned with the right wing forces in america so right wingers can win by using this issue to defeat and silence liberals. this crime in newtown was caused by legally owned guns being handy. gun owners are to blame.
@2: Guardian UK: 8,775 murders by guns in the US (their source: FBI)…

So it's about 11 1/4 people directly employed in the gun industry for each gun death.
The structure is always the co-presence of all of its elements and their relations of dominance and subordination- it is an 'ever-pre-given structure'; 'the last instance never comes'.

Why focus on guns...when the chief factor is...Age!

Homicide Offenders By Age

By far and away the largest group of murderers are between the ages of 18 and 24. And contrary to the racist trolls, they are increasingly white, educated, urban and hip.

#6 continued.

Sorry, slog doesn't do that type of link well.

Homicide Offenders By Age

Yes, the profoundly coveted 18 to 24 demographic is the most deadly. Having these creeps out on the street is worse than all the guns and autos added together...

In fact, neighborhoods in the future should list the number of young, feral and socially dispossessed males ahead of drug and sex offenders.

if the manufacturing industry is so small, how about taking a page from the anti-abortion protesters. name & shame the ceo's & cfo's of the companies who make guns. picket their homes & offices so they get to walk through gauntlets of photos dead children each and every bloody day. if my child died in a school shooting in the last 5 years, i could totally spend 6months of the year camped out waving a photo of dead kids in their faces. obviously the politicians are too scared so maybe it's time for some serious grassroots efforts
Because the NRA is one of the few lobbyist groups groups that is primary made up of citizens rather than industry. Charles, being a marxist does not like citizens having power and wants that power held in a central state oligarchy made of of pseudo-intellectual mental masturbatory like himself.

Charles is also against guns unless they are used by his fathers buddy Mugabe to commit genocide against innocent civilians.…
Really, we just need to ban white dudes.
9, before you even go there, know I'm a Manica and what that means. of course, most of you bozos can't make that

Could you elaborate - or just link - to what you mean by "I'm a Manica"? and how it relates to Bozo #9?

You can namedrop obscure tribes all you want, it does not change the fact that your father Ebenezer Mudede was a financial adviser to mass murdering racist Robert Mugabe.
I will add that Ebenezer was a was a poor financial adviser which is obvious to any one familiar with the financial affairs of Zimbabwe. Pretty typical for a communist.

Are you also related to this guy?…

Looks like authoritarianism and human rights violations run in the family.
I really wish an authoritarian Slog oligarchy would ban douchebags like #9/#13. Can you imagine any other type of employer allowing their employees to be talked to like that on the job?
@13) that mudede can not enter this country:…

bozo, you really should put thoughts in your head before you put words in your mouth.

none of you bozos have a fucking clue! it makes me fucking laugh. by 1988, my family moved to botswana. we smelt the coffee before the white farmers, bozo!
@13) that mudede can not enter this country:…

bozo, you really should put thoughts in your head before you put words in your mouth.

none of you bozos have a fucking clue! by 1988, my family moved to botswana. we smelt the coffee before the white farmers, bozo!
Charles: Americans are fat, stupid, rich, and fearful. It's a bad combination and there will be no way to take their guns away unless it actually is from their cold dead hands.

It worked for the Japanese and Germans. They're civilized now while America is not. I'd hate to have America go through the same horrors, but I fear one day it may become necessary.
There will be no banning of guns in this country without a constitutional amendment. Fat chance of that happening — you guys can't even get enough votes to pass a simple law.

In the meantime, all you dreamers are free to dream as much as you want. Just as the rest of us are free to dismiss you as kooks.
to be fair to the gun industry there is probably a lot more generated via system d in illicit sales, including exports (the countries to our south have become gun racks, too), security credentialing and contract killings
Thanks for finally shutting his stupid ass up there, Charles. On Friday, Fnarf suggested he sit down in the bathtub with one of his many shotguns and blow his own brains out. Here's hoping he heeded those kind words.

Yea dipshit charles totally showed him when he admitted that his family is well connected with a bunch of mass murdering racist.

Your guilty white commie ass cant seem to get enough commie African cock.

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