If women could be mayor of Seattle, we would have had one before.



I think Martin is terrific, but she's going to get creamed by the Ed Murray machine.
Oh great, Skate Park In My Front Yard Kate wants to run for Mayor. Hopefully she's more well-informed on how the City works now.
You can't attempt to tell part of the city to borrow $10,000 to build a sidewalk in front of their home, while at the same fucking time offer to promote:In downtown, she envisions sidewalk enhancements that promote more retail uses and a “friendlier atmosphere.”

Are you going to tax people without sidewalks to pay for downtown "enhancements" to existing sidewalks?
If so then you should take a close look at the electoral map of the death of Streets for All.

Everybody outside of downtown is tired of downtown sucking the levy money while having shit like that sold as Bullshit for All.

Sidewalks going in to the rest of the city is cost prohibitive, but a waterfront promenade isn't?
I have loved Kate Martin's ability to cut through the media bullshit McGinn spread about himself. While the Stranger was busy lapping it up, she'd drop little bombs where she could:
McGinn has been a disaster in Greenwood and his years of activism usually meant being carried around in Nickels’ front pocket. He has no vision. Whenever something that had to do with vision or long range planning or planning at all came up in Greenwood or beyond he’d turn up the volume on whatever project he had the city funding within 100′ of his house. He can criticize Mallahan all he wants about voting, but McGinn (for the 10 years I’ve worked around him) couldn’t even get to a meeting on time or often even get there at all. He gets appointed by Nickels for this and that committee and doesn’t show or comes 5 minutes before the meetings over, barges in rudely and then proceeds to monopolize the floor while he blathers about his latest travels in Nickel’s front pocket. He had no leadership nor management qualities and pretty much likes to jump from issue to issue with an inability to focus or create strategies. He is a complete disaster.…
Well, the blond North Seattle mom was the "Renee" that made the recording for the robo-lies about guns I'm sure. Safe Walks and all are cool but lies? No thanks. And that robo-lie was very typical McPrick. Whatever it takes to win. Lies and all. I've even seen him do it to win in a community council council election. Hell, I've seen him do it just to control the chair position for the Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group. Please don't for a moment think that all ped activists, all bike activists or all environmentalists support McPrick. Many of us has suffered his BS for years and years. He's not new to us and we're sick to death of his crap. And on top of it all we get Mike and Miker. Beer buddies like most of the supporters. Wonderful, huh? Mike is a prick. And an ineffective one at that. He's real good at gimicks though and viral campaigns are his thing. He has no second act. Never has.…
Good point, @4, how come "downtown" gets more cops while the rest of the neighborhood retail centers get less?
Uh, yeah, no. Absolutely not.

Does she like bridges...tunnels...200-story high apodment spires...anything large..with steel reinforced concrete?


Then fuggedabouddit!
When the city builds these neighborhoods new sidewalks, are they going to send me a check for ten grand to cover the cost of building mine -- which was not built by the city but the homebuilder, and the value of which is still reflected in my sale price and tax assessment?

Seems only fair.
Kind of depends what you make your sidewalk out of, though.

Rubber makes for great green roof fill, but if that's what you made your sidewalk out of, or if it's ended it's useful life, who's to say?

Good point, @8, we need someone - like, say, SLOG - to ask the hard questions.

Massive taxpayer-financed private vanity tunnels that are free to use for plug-in electric limos owned by non-profit billionaires might be a bit too much for the rest of us to pay for.
Shame about that little problem about building her million dollar home out illegally onto public property and then refusing to remove the illegal structure when ordered by the City.

Kate Martin makes McGinn look reasonable.
Will Kate be another green living in a million follar, 4000 sq foot McMansion with multiple cars for her, her husband and her pot smoking sons lecturing us about living sustainably?
Well, sounds like all those houseboats on Lake Union, @11 @12.

I'm just glad we have two choices from Greenwood.

Should be fun at debates!
9. . . FTW!
Kate would sell you her modest home for a million dollars in a heartbeat.

Yes, she built a skate area that she paid a fee for until the great Tom Carr cracked down and threatened her with retroactive $100 per day fines.

Look around and you'll see people illegally using their planting strips for all kinds of uses.

Perhaps, a better target for your venom might be SDOT the fools ruining mobility for all in Seattle.

from the old PI - "Of course, not everybody is going to spend $15,000 and get permits to turn their front yards into skateboard parks, she said. So Martin also has become an advocate for more skate parks in Seattle."

Permits - get it.

I hope Kate's run draws attemtion to the fact that Burgess did NOT take a position on I 1240- the initiative that allows a simple majority of teachers or parents to sign a petition which will essentially "gift" a public property to a private entity, eliminate local control of tax payer dollars and siphon dollars from an underfunded system to serve a few.
She has a BA in landscape architecture and runs her own design firm. She lives in Greenwood. She's a woman. To me, that says: mayor material.
Here is a picture of Kate's front yard skatedot:…

Here is a current list of skateparks in Seattle:…

Thanks for your support!

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