Rep. Markey is one of the country's best reps. Massachusetts is very proud of him. Should be a shoo-in. Expect a check, Ed.
Massachusetts has several good people who are likely to take a run against Brown. Markey will make a good choice, as will Mike Capuano and Vicki Kennedy. Brown may be tough to beat, but we should be able to beat him (especially as people like Elizabeth Warren remain popular)
I heard a suggestion that Barney Frank might be willing to serve as the appointed caretaker in the Senate before the special election to replace Kerry. Don't know whether there's any truth or reality to that possibility, but it would be AWESOME!!! if it came to pass.

PS. Ed Markey is a great legislator, and would be a real asset in the Senate.
Wait... Not to pick nits or anything... (No one does that here, do they?)

How exactly is Markey risking his career? He'll stand for a special election to replace Kerry, and if he loses, doesn't he still keep his seat in the House? I don't think he has to vacate the House seat unless he wins the Senate one.

Not that he'll lose. Why would anyone vote for Scott now, having already voted him out against Warren? I'd say Markey is the far stronger candidate, not to mention the one without "LOSER" so recently tattooed on his forehead.
Markey is progressive so he won't have to pretend to be one to win this election.
I'm an MA resident and Markey's got my primary vote. He's got the name recognition and the campaign experience to overcome the short-notice problems inherent in a special election and we can count on him to do this campaign right and not be another Martha Coakley. I'm feeling better about this special election than I was yesterday.
Malarkey should do well in Mass....

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