And while none of us are MLS-level athletes, we held our own with Marc.

I'm thinking he was probably playing at 3/4 speed. In college, I had the chance to casually play with/against a guy who would later be a bench player for the Nigerian WC team. It was pretty silly, like dog-paddling next to Ryan Lochte.
It was a lot of fun. Sure, he wasn't playing at full speed, but getting to pass to an MLS player, and later defend against an MLS player, was pretty badass.

Granted, I didn't know about the prior gay slur. I figured it was just some Sounders hanging out with the gays again, just more than at a bar. And Eli is right - there was no dwelling on some prior bad acts.

Just a bunch of folk doing Sunday Kickabout...with an MLS player.
I'm not apologizing on Burch's behalf but he probably isn't a homophobe. "Fag" is a less-than-savory element of sports culture, but those that say it rarely think of the implications.

Kinda like how many, many people say things like "that's fucking retarded, man," meaning no offense to the developmentally disabled. It's also not something that they would say if they were in the presence of a downs-only soccer club.

Props to him for apologizing though and props to you guys for accepting it and not demanding more.
I've never heard the word "scrimmage" associated with soccer before.
I'm thinking he was probably playing at 3/4 speed.

This. When I was young and lean, I used to play in multiple office and church basketball leagues as well as whenever I was single living down at various playgrounds constantly playing pick up games. There was a weekend where some starting Division 2 college kids from a school were visiting with one of their team mates some family. They would come down and play us.

One of my friends (who was one of the best players on our office team and could out gun and out duel most anyone in the league) starts talking shit and they bite, and he tells them to stop holding out. "You pussies," etc. They laughed and proceeded to absolutely clown us. I was never anything special on offense beyond being able to get open a lot for three pointers, and I was I thought very good at defense and rebounding.

My guy basically might as well have had me like an infant in a Baby Bjorn, for how much I was locked down. It was hilarious, and these were only D2 guys.
@5 Further speaks to Marc Burch's 'good guy' qualities. In casual sports, when there's a "men against boys" kind of situation, it takes a real ass of a man to run up the score or otherwise humiliate the boys. (pro competition differs) It's one thing to show off some skilz to wow the kids, but it's another thing to bean 'em with a 95mph fastball. Sounds like Marc isn't one of those kinds of jerks.
I wish someone would publish a list of things I am allowed and not allowed to yell in public. I mean that seriously. If it weren't so nerdy, I'd just yell "Frak" or some other nonsense, since it's too hard to use adjectives without annoying.
This sounded fun. Good to hear.
#4: It's an American thing. The rest of us call them "friendlies", though in this case what is actually meant is a pickup game or a kickabout. Remember, they also call pointy-egg-carry-ball "football" and football "soccer". It's a confused nation.
It is unfair to faggots to be compared to a sub-human piece of trash like Perez Hilton.
Great article, Eli! You captured it perfectly. Marc is a class act.
It's ironic that the guy that used the gay slur is wearing what is commonly considered women's pants. And I think the correct term for them are "Manpris"
It's worth noting that Burch's sister is a lesbian. So i seriously doubt he's homophobic in any way. Probably just got caught up in the heat of the moment and said something he probably doesn't normaly say and i believe he truely regrets. We've all been there. So i hope people don't think of him negatively because of this one incident.
How awesome. That couple getting married was me and my husband Andrew!!
I didn't even know this article was here. That couple getting married was me and my husband Andrew. We showed up before we headed downtown to get married. Thanks for the mention!!

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