The lead pastor's name is GAYDOS? This church has got to be some sort of elaborate prank.
oh, fuck them SO HARD.
AIDS!! Booga Booga! Fear!
Second @2- fuck them SO HARD. Save the questions and tell them to just fuck off. Assholes.
I think we should declare "Gay Day at Mars Hill" one Sunday and all of us go down there and bring our AIDS.
What a coincidence! I also moved to Capitol Hill for the AIDS.
aids? in my capitol hill?
Maybe "people with AIDS" is a synonym for "gay people," just like "urban people" means "black."
I watched the Seahawks game yesterday on Capitol Hill. I better go get tested!
INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!!! I certainly hope that MARS HILL(TM) representatives get back to you Dominic.

I, and I'm quite sure many other people, will be watching this new development very closely.
how can potential members pray the gay away if they aren't allowed into the fold?
Dan - Take a day off from Oddfellows writing one day, gather a troop of us gays and we shall head to Mars Hill and do some things.
He may have taken your call only because you were calling from a phone number he didn't recognize, and he had the good manners to not hang up on you as soon as you identified where you work. I assume you must be kidding about him calling you back, since you do still work at the same place Brendan does.
I'd personally love to GAY THE PRAY AWAY
all organized religion shared some aspect of a business; and Mars Hill shares more than its share. (just follow the money, and/or what sort of car the lead pastor drives)
@6 - Oh, that sounds lovely. I'll get my good AIDS out of storage and have them pressed. When do you want to do this? If it's in the spring, I'll have to have my white AIDS altered. I've put on some weight.
@8 -'s more likely than you'd think...
Can we make Gaydos the new slang for homosexuals? I mean, in a awesome way. Not the usual masculine derogatory way.
@17 Ha!

But seriously,fuck those guys in the ear. Fucking mars hill motherfuckers.
@19: Gaydos - n. - a same-sex latino/a couple.
Does anyone know how Gaydos pronounces his name? Like "Gay[Hairdos]"? Or like "Gay[lady deers]"?
@22 Dan, there's a 3rd option, similar to "Gay[lady deers]" but you don't draw it out as much. It's terse, and more befitting "Gay[single use of a drug]." As in, they're about to get a dose of gay... and probably AIDS and cancer and hell-fire and [insert God's punishment for your unrepentant sins here].
I will use all my skills and all my powers to help make Gaydos a thing.
Fucking fucks.
Oh fun! It's like the new going to Africa to be a missionary for the young, hip, and urban set!
i hate them in the face.
I think the point is the church is serving those who are suffering. Being closer to those who they are serving is nice. I'd be interested to see what the second half of that sentence said.
So agree with the Gay Day at Mars Hill Church. Keep us posted on that one, know, it just has to happen.
@28: Yes, that may be the point, but it is remarkably tone-deaf and telling of their ignorance when they assume an entire neighborhood is riddled with gay people who have AIDS in one short comment. If they wanted to serve people living with AIDS, they would have thought to connect with a nonprofit that does that work already (e.g., Lifelong) and sought out the best way to do that without sounding like homophobic idiots. The sheer number of assumptions and caricatures that are packed into Gaydos' comment ought to make you pause.
Mars hill is a narrow minded patriarchal church. I dont trust anyone i meet who goes there. I have a weird coworker who does
If straight Christian allies are invited, I'm more than happy to join you any time. I'll wear my prettiest AIDS dress, and high heels for the occasion. And I almost never wear heels, so this is an occasion.
Jesus zombie robots invade Capital Hill to cure AIDS! Hooray! Now if only there was a cure for Jesus zombie robots!
If they want to minister to the suffering they're only a couple of blocks from King County Jail, not to mention the homeless population in Pioneer square. If ministering to the suffering is indeed what they have in mind.
Broadway, or The Nexus of AIDS, as it is more familiarly known, is more like a mile hike up the hill.
I have two theories about their "AIDS" motivation. Both are possibly true. Since churches like this tend to be a bit stuck in the 1980s, I'm not at all surprised they would assume people are languishing of AIDS rather than living with HIV.

1) Perhaps their intent is to bring their brand of religion into an area they see as full of homo sin which then of course causes AIDS and stuff, and their message will magically turn people tempted into such a dangerous and wicked lifestyle away.

2) Or maybe they intend to poach the sinners dying of AIDS into converting before they die.

Or something like that.. vile as they are, churches like this are at least fairly predictable.
@28, if I were suffering, I'm not sure I'd want to be served by somebody who doesn't believe I have a right to exist
@34--those are excellent points.

I have an old friend who is a "pastor" at a church built (as far as I can tell from my very, very safe distance) on the Mars Hill model. He has gotten progressively weirder and impossible to carry on a conversation with over the years, to the point that I just sort of passively keep up with him and his family on the Facebook and leave it at that.

Lately, they've decided to adopt a kid, and they have decided to particularly adopt one from South Korea. I have no idea why, but I get the impression that they seem to think they will be rescuing someone from abject poverty, even though Seoul has a better standard of living than an awful lot of places in the US and A.

(It seems to me that if they want to do a kid a favor, they should adopt one from South Dakota...but I digress.)

Anyway, that's kind of what this whole "we want to be close to Capitol Hill so we can 'minister' to the wretched people with AIDS" thing makes me think of.
Ugh. Capitol!
@22, 23 - I've been pronouncing it like Gay-DOS, the gay disc operating system.
Can we shit on their doorstep? Or do we have to be all tolerant and shit?
The Capitol Hill location is just a cover so the closeted members have plausible deniability for spending so much time in close proximity to hot gay guys. Impending scandal for certain.
Does anyone have any AIDS I can borrow? Mine got stolen out of my car this weekend.

Also, I cannot stop giggling over "Gaydos" in any of its possible pronunciations. But especially "Gay[Hairdos]".
I drive by the Mars Hill compound in West Seattle every day. I give them the finger every time. Ignorance + fear-based agenda + mass psychosis = MEGACHURCH!
Somehow they manage to keep surprising me.
The church does serve the homeless and has created safe houses for women that have been trapped in the sex slave industry. The help the addicted, hurting and abused. It seems to me that the church does so much good, but people are stuck on a few statements that have been taken out of context. This church also gathers together and cleans the streets, scrubs graffiti off of walls and feeds the poor. When is the last time that you are I did that?
Well, here's one thing to remember about Gay Day at Mars Hill (which sounds like a wonderful idea): Christian fundamentalists have a strong persecution complex. They luxuriate in it. It's them against the heathen world, dontchaknow. So there is nothing that they would like more than a mob of angry liberals from Capitol Hill storming their new urban location and breaking their windows. Therefore, if we do this, let's be nice about it. Let's bring more liberal sunshine than fundie fire and brimstone.
@46, ooh they should never be called out on their blatant homophobia because they clean graffiti? And what have we been doing about it? How about fighting you fucking pieces of shit for ignoring the AIDS crisis back when it first started back in the early 80's? Where were we? Taking care of our sick community members without a heaping dose of judgmental assholery. We don't need the help of a bunch of deluded freaks who believe in an imaginary cloud being giving them the right to discriminate against others. Keep your circle jerks to your church and let the rest of us be.
Instead of Gay Day at Mars Hill, just show up en masse, sit down in the pews, and treat it like stand up comedy. I've gone to Mars Hill a couple times (high as fuck), and you're guaranteed some really crazy, nutjob stuff. There will be things to laugh at. Do it loudly, say things like "can you believe this guy?" so that everyone can hear. If he says something REALLY crazy, catcall the screen. The best part is that Mark Driscoll won't actually be there to respond.

Do this for a couple weeks. Less feelings of persecution, more of humiliation.
Goddamn it. I used to look at that building and swear to myself that if I ever won the lottery, I would buy it, lovingly restore it, and then make it the most fabulous roller derby rink in the universe. Truly there is no god, because for the universe to allow this douchecock to take that building for THIS is appalling.
What ever happened to the idea of feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, clothing the naked, and nursing the wounded? Or are those ideas just no good for recruiting all the new members they need so Driscoll can buy himself another Mercedes?
@51 - Well shit. I was hoping it wasn't that building at 5th and Marion. Shit. That beautiful building used to house some of the nicest Christians ever. Now I have to hate it. Damn.
Oh God, I love it when Strangers nail the church!
Please don't hate God, for what the people of this Church is doing. The God I know and love, has always opened his heart to all, not just the so called straight people of the earth. Jerrel this is your Dad, and I am very proud you and I will always stand up for you. Love Dad
Well, If I didn't have the desire to troll Mars Hill before (I did - think of how fun it could be!) I certainly do now...
#46 Sweetie - in Alabama the Klan cleans up trash on the roadways from time to time. So what's your point?
@51- there ought to be a law or something- no Stone Age Bible Thumping Church allowed to purchase and deface historic downtown buildings. These idiots getting their claws on that property is a crime against nature.
I think that people on here are just up there own backsides, firstly you are all taking what some online 'Slog' is saying, without ever thinking that things said could be turn around so it gets this kind of reaction. Secondly, why put believing people down and the church itself down? They want to help people who have HIV/AIDS, and be there for people whose families may have turned thier backs on them because of a illness. They don't preach harm or anything like that. Just a fantastic set of morals and ways to live by, ways and morals that have been thrown to the side, so that tv and internet now run peoples beliefs and lives. Self-centreness, anger and bitterness is all that is coming across from the comments on here. Nothing positive or actually thought provoking. Weather your gay or straight, rich or poor or just in need, a good church like marshill will always and should always be there to help when your in need. I dont go to this church or live in Seattle or even the USA but from what i have seen from the church the teaching is correct.
Grow up, and try and use more words than just the f word lots.
"... a fantastic set of morals and ways to live by, ways and morals that have been thrown to the side, so that tv and internet now run peoples beliefs and lives."

Did you not see the bit where the sermons at MH are delivered by monitor, and not in person? How is a telecast worship service any different from TV & Internet running people's beliefs and lives.

We know you are one person posting under different monikers: you can't even hide your poor mastery of English. Is this an "outreach effort?" How many people do you think you're going to persuade here? Try a different church that isn't so much about entertainment complex and megalomania, or think about what you really get out of MH.
Hint hint: check, Try to think about the value of "shunning" in a "loving church committed to following Jesus."
Shut up and pass me the bag of Gaydos!
There is a longer article here…

I'm no apologist for Mars Hill, and would not join it, but it does sound like they do practice some good works, and I don't think every member shares the same views as Mark Driscoll...but it's obviously offering something people want, or it wouldn't be growing.
@63: If you know of any MH member who doesn't hold the same views as Mark Driscoll, please forward their names to the Pastor so they can be re-educated.
the topic of the article is a tipped over FAILBOAT, but @40 wins the thread anyway
Update: @48 wins bigger. SMASH MARS HILL
@63 Good works performed to justify bigotry are not good works. In fact, their hypocrisy generally makes things much worse. Remember the wonderful visit Ryan paid that soup kitchen to wash pots & pans? Everyone knew it was a stunt, and the backlash hurt the kitchen. What's worse is that Ryan & co. didn't do anything meaningful or lasting.

I've seen that scenario played out over & over: the whitewashers, even the true believers (aka dupes) don't make things any better, because they're not coming from a position of actually caring. They don't see those who they help as real people, but as nobodies who should feel overwhelmingly grateful that 'the chosen,' 'the saved,' 'the good people' have deigned to help them.
Church sucks. Mars Hill especially sucks.

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