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I'm shocked, SHOCKED, to find out there's a gay man performing in a musical!
Whenever I see a picture of Jay Inslee, my first thought is, "Victor Garber's got to play the lead role in a Jay Inslee movie."

And my second thought is, "Wow, that would be one boring movie."

Big Victor Garber fan going back to his Alias days. Had no idea. Then again, my gaydar is not as highly developed as my Jewdar.
I'm a gay man who hates musicals but I am psyched that the dude from Alias is out. And dating a really hot version of the Most Interesting Man In The World.
Following my comment @2...

Damn me! Here I was talking up my Jewdar, and all these years Victor Garber has passed through my Jewdar too. From Wikipedia: Born in London, Ontario, Garber is of Russian Jewish descent; his parents were Joe Garber (died 1995), and wife, Hope Wolf (an actress, singer, and the host of At Home with Hope Garber).
I'm confused, I thought he already was out.
Did anyone else notice how often the cameras cut to Victor Garber at the Golden Globes?
Well, he didn't do such a great job of designing the Titantic.
Next up, a certain Senator from South Carolina comes out.

Come on, we all know it ... or do you want to lose to Ashley Judd?
Such a happy story.
@7 If I hadn't heard that Victor Garber was gay previously, I certainly would have thought so after Drunk Victor Garber got on state near the end of the Golden Globes. Because Drunk Victor Garber is a lot like Drunk Me...a 'bit' more flaming than the sober version.
My favorite project he's been involved with was Assassins.
Nice to see a happy couple, regardless of orientation. And what an attractive pair of guys (see? you don't have to be 25 to be hot)!
Victor Garber as Liberace, CBS 1988:…

He talks about it a little here:…
Now we know the answer to all of those "Jesus Is __________" signs that I see on the back of Metro buses.
"Jesus is gay as Victor Garber." Now that is a sign I want to see on a bus.
@15, I always read that sign to mean "Jesus is nothing". Those mean atheists and their bus ads...
and, as dan well knows, he was the original anthony in 'sweeney todd'. nobody will ever top his version of 'joanna'.
Victor is such a sleezy law professor though. I mean Reece Witherspoon put up with SOOOO much from him.

And yeah...his ship designs really leave a lot to be 8 said
@2: I don't think it's Jewdar. It's "InJewition."
You know what would be hysterical? If the Slog approached musicals like they do football, in that only those who know nothing about it mention it. You'd have things like,
Apparently there are people who sing on stage, and some of them are gay. And Christian. Or something like that. Everyone of the characters is poor. For some reason, rich people don't sing.

Some people feel it's important to waste their time watching this stuff, instead of watching sports on tv. Which is what I'll be doing, because I'm smarter than everyone else.
Who knew he was 1) Gay, 2) Dating the Most Interesting Man in the World and 3) played Jesus in Godspell. I always knew Godspell was Satanic and this just proves it. Thanks, Dan.
@22 You stole my joke, jerk. (@3) :)
I'm going to regret posting this, but that clip is making me think about a lot of things. Unlike the Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, the Jesus in Godspell could ONLY be played by a gay man. He was perfectly cast.

Since prehistoric times, gay men have often been the spiritual leaders of communities. Of course, in the last couple millenia they've had to do so from the closet. But now that all that's breaking up, we've lost something. Right now gay men are just looking for equal treatment and tolerance, not spiritual leadership positions, some Episcopalian ministers excepted. But maybe in my lifetime it will be back the way it should be, with gay men showing us the way.
As a couple they remind me of the gay couple from MTV's adaptation of the Inbetweeners (Niel's Dad). The resemblance is only in the American version.
@7 - People watch the golden globes? :)

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