The specificity of people's fetishes is a constant source of amazement to me.
LIFTER: Go take an acrobatics/ weight sharing/ theater movement class together. I've lifted guys that big before (though never in a sexual context) and I'm even smaller than you! There are ways it can be done-- it's all about centers of gravity and stuff-- but both parties have to know what they're doing, and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SPOTTER the first few/several times!
People who practice contact improv learn to lift people much larger than themselves with relative ease using body mechanics and momentum more than muscle. Check out your local class or jam.
Why not go to a discrete bit of beach somewhere and lift and carry him in the water?
@1: Clowns. I mean, it would never occur to me.
That's odd. I would think that who's doing the lifting/domination/foot massage/other kink would be very important. But yes, it is at least technically possible to outsource it.

Wow, I wouldn't have thought of it, but @2 and @3 have some very helpful solutions.

@4 has an excellent and simple physics suggestion. Time to plan a vacation.

I think yesterday's letter is much more likely to be fake than today's. (As spelled out in comments regarding some very specific details that go with fantasy.) But I agree with Dan: we don't expect him to keep an army of private eyes on hand to check details, including whether a letter writer *really* fantasizes about doing it in a clown car or whatever. With 7 billion people, someone out there is dealing with a problem like any given SLLOTD.
As a woman who's big and strong enough to give piggybacks to most guys, I'm wondering if there's a career opportunity for me here.
Robert Crumb is a very notable lift/carry fetishist. Great scene in the doc Crumb (1994). Pops up in couple of his comics, too.
And yeah, I agree that 2 and 3 have good suggestions. Hiring a pro isn't always a solution - I think it's more than likely that LIFTER's bf specifically wants to be lifted by LIFTER.
I do this to guys who want to be genuinely humiliated/emasculated - it's the reverse of the traditional "carrying her over the threshold" before the wedding night. Unfortunately all my dudes are small, wish I could help.
Dance, Judo, Physical Therapy, Running Away And Joining The Circus, there are all sorts of ways you can find someone with the knowledge and training to train a healthy 160 pound female to safely lift and carry a 200 pound male. This same training can substantially reduce the LW's risk. Enough to take it down in to the level of acceptable? Depends on how bad her back is and the amount of risk she's willing to shoulder. I say talk to a doc.
I second the idea of Judo. I'm 135 lbs and I can pretty easily pick up 200 lbs, just not in the "carry over the threshold" position. Picking up someone on your back is easy if you know how, from there you can move to a fireman's carry over your shoulders and only then move to the much less ergonomic method shown in the video.
Having set up (completely non-sexual) bungie jumps for the kids in the my backyard:

Put an eyebolt into a ceiling rafter. Hang a large pulley on it. Put another eyebolt in a wall stud as far as possible away. Buy 10-15 feet of 1/2" bungie cord (NOT the straps, but the thicker stuff off a spool at an industrial supply hardware store). Put him in a harness, attach the bungie through the pulley, and tension it to - whatever is easy to pull (30-40 pounds?) and secure to the wall stud. He now weighs 40 pounds less on your back. And is lighter still if you go lower to the floor. Repeat with another line if you want him lighter still.

But as others have said, learning HOW to lift carefully is required regardless of any hardware.

Is this perhaps motivation for him to drop a few pounds? He's not massively overweight, but couldn't everyone stand to lose 15-20 pounds? And she sounds game - what motivation would he offer for some joint gym time so she can do some lifts and squats in preparation? 2 hours a week of enthusiastic cunnilingus?
Ladies and gentlemen, the very fetish of R. Crumb as chronicled in the documentary film.
What @2 said, except replace weight sharing, theater movement, acrobatics, brazilian fight dancing, and all that other Portlandia stuff with actual weight training at an actual gym.

If you've got back problems, you should be doing this anyway. Start slow with exercises that don't overly stress the weak areas of your back (physical therapist can provide direction). Strong back muscles are your best defense against serious problems like herniated/slipped disks.
boyfriend could also very easily be carried in a pool.
@Sea Otter: Being carried doesn't do anything for me, but I do have an as of yet unfulfilled fantasy of being "man-handled" and wrestled into submission by a woman. (All my gfs have been delicate, feminine, pretty little flowers.)

I think there's more than one market out there for you.

If you're careful, you can do a piggyback lift with relatively little strain to the back. If you watch the video, the second lift she does is a piggyback, and most of the guy's weight is on her hips, not her back.

It's kind of like backpack theory (not the little book bags, but a real camping backpack). With a proper wight belt, most of the weight of a backpack is carried on the hips, not the shoulders.

So if the LW has good strong legs and a good sense of balance and center of gravity, and they are careful how they set it up, this should be doable. She may want to try practicing with lighter people (a younger brother or another lighter girl or whatever) to see if she can manage it, and work her way up to someone the size of her BF.
P.S. Learn the "fireman's carry" - easiest lift there is - minimal back stress and most weight is born by your legs and core. Bonus - you can rescue people from burning buildings.
I'd be really careful trying it -- while it does sound possible (I defer to previous commenters who have offered suggestions on how to do it) -- you can also really hurt your back. I had to stop giving my significantly younger (and lighter!) sister piggyback rides because one day, when I was straightening with her on my back, it cracked and I was out of commission for two or three days.
Both of you can try:…

He might get a little lighter and you will get a lot stronger
That weight difference is totally doable. I say start doing some squats and watch some firefighter technique videos on YouTube. Two months and you could totally get him off (the ground).
Take up figure skating. Anissina and Peizerat often had two F/M lifts in their programs, and they weren't the only ones. Brasseur and Eisler were only able to put a throw Axel (sometimes a double if Lloyd's skirt didn't get in the way) into their gender-reversed "Patricia the Stripper", but they had a big difference in size.
@18 and 20, good to know. Wrestling men into erotic submission actually sounds like a great time to me. (I actually suspect one of my exes had this fetish - he always wanted to wrestle and always seemed to get a boner during the process.) And the fireman's carry seems like a skill that could come in handy in a lot of scenarios, beyond erotic play.
@24: yes, figure skating. Or ballet (no ice required).

But I'm guessing he'd rather see her in a weight-lifter's belt than in a tutu.
@18 - Have you asked them? The little ones always seem to have the most pent up violence in them. They'd probably appreciate the chance to let it out.
@17 - Excellent suggestion.
And, right about the time the sexbots first arrive to help the Centaur fetishists; wearable, industrial lifting suits (think of the evil sergeant's suit in Avatar) will be $100,000. 5 years later, you'll be able to get one in Home Depot.

We're all suggesting carries and aids that assume he is still and letting her keep his center of gravity over her feet. But won't he actually be wanking it?
That robot thing in Aliens.
Pool, duh.
I second @3. Contact Improv FTW
Dan, Dan, Dan. Always overlooking the straight-forward, practical solutions: Space Travel. Duh.
@4 - brilliant! She could even get a snorkel and submerge herself so that a good portion of his weight is supported by the water. Or maybe don a serious life-preserver and then go into deeper water.

Side note: Two people each in life preservers having sex in deep(ish) water is a great time. The bobbing up and down effect is quite nice.
Hey Dan,
When you embed videos in these it crashes the Savage Love iPhone app. Something for the tech savvy at risk youth to investigate perhaps.
There's no reason a 160 lb woman without any SPECIFIC health issues ["back issues" doesn't cut it - come back with a real diagnosis if it's really an issue] can't carry a 200 pound person on their back. Per… an "advanced" woman at your weight should be able to SQUAT 200 lbs (more difficult than the carry). \

This doesn't mean go out today and carry this guy on your back. Experience, technique and confidence are required also. So if it is something you want to do, get to a gym (crossfit seems particularly suited towards this type of activity) and train up. You don't need to blessed in your DNA region to get strong enough to carry 200 lbs, anyone who puts in the time can get there.
@27: Have you asked them?

What, you mean, like, with words and stuff? Are you kidding? What do you take me for, some kind of sniveling, needy asker of things? A real man doesn't ask, he sits around muttering to himself and pouting until his wife sighs and says, "OK, I give up, what is it?"
I can't believe Dan didn't think of suggesting a swimming pool! If they were both in water up to their chests with their feet touching the bottom, I think a piggy back ride would be fairly simple to pull off. Unless the context would ruin the act in someway, I think that's a perfect idea. A friend of mine who weighs about 100 pounds can hold/carry her enormous german shepard in the pool, no problem.
@38 - your friend has a dog lifting fetish?
I weigh 100 lbs and I can easily piggyback a 140 lb person. I've done some partner aerials and whatnot. Whether the LW can do it depends on what kind of back problems she has.

Contact improv is CREEPY.
I meant to add: in my experience, mostly an excuse for people I wouldn't normally touch to roll all over me. Ew.
@36, Have you considered the possibility that she does have a specific diagnosis, and just didn't feel like sharing it in the column?
consider joining judo together. You'll get stronger, and you'll learn some safe ways to throw him around and sweep him off his feet.
Fireman's Carry.

I'm glad others have already suggested it. A great, easy way to pick up a lot of weight.
@42 I considered it. It's possible, but unlikely. You can't account for everything in a comment on a blog post. Did you consider that the boyfriend with the carry fetish wasn't real and was in fact a hoax?
I have the same fetish and would love for my wife to carry me to bed. But she won't.
I have the same fetish and would love to be carried to bed by a women.
For what it's worth, I've been into this fetish for a long time myself. What I've found is a lot of guys actually find something about it a secret turn-on. The biggest reason you don't hear more about it is probably due to long-standing societal norms dictating men be the "strong protector" types, and women the "weaker, dainty sex". But truth be told? I think there's a pretty significant minority of guys out there who get a kick out of watching or experiencing a woman doing a feat of strength that society always said only the males were capable of doing.

(If you think about it, TV shows like American Gladiators or even women in pro wrestling proved the audience for it, years ago.)

There's a lot of room for variations on the basic idea too, so not everyone into this stuff is going to be interested in the same things. For example, I know guys for whom the woman carrying the guy around is more along the lines of a domination/submission thing. (EG. Make the woman act like your personal human pony and carry you wherever you order her to take you.) Other guys are just into muscular women, so lifting and carrying heavier guys is kind of an extension of that. (More fun to be the human weight than just watching the woman lift bar-bells, right?) Others might simply be into bigger, taller women - where lift and carry helps emphasize the differences in their sizes. A few seem to even have more of a "superhero" fantasy going on, where they like real lift and carry sessions as well as women dressed up as Wonder Woman doing fake feats of strength in videos.

Anyway, just like not all men are equally strong, the same is true of women. Especially if a woman has a knee or back injury of some kind, I wouldn't probably recommend she try to get too involved with this fetish. But I can tell you first-hand, there are a LOT of incredibly strong women walking around out there. Some have gone their whole life trying to hide their physical strength because they thought of it as a negative/undesirable trait.

One of my former girlfriends was in that category .... naturally very strong but was almost ashamed of it because she thought "guys didn't like that". When she finally opened up to the reality that I liked it a lot, she showed me all sorts of crazy lift and carry stunts she could do. She actually got bored carrying me around, unless it was in public where she could get a bunch of strangers' attention. (One time she insisted on giving me a piggyback ride through the grocery store while she pushed the cart down the aisles. That was even a little too embarrassing for my tastes - but pretty fun at the same time!) So eventually, our interests turned to her picking up and carrying our bigger, heavier friends and usually surprising the hell out of them!
Simple solution. Lay on your back and lift him in the air with your legs. No back strain involved.

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