The 37th passed a similar resolution on Monday night.
The 30th passed this last Wednesday.
Way to go MichaelM
What a bunch of whiners. Here's to hoping Tom will run as an independent in the next election, and spend the intervening time building a group of independents in other Democratic and Republican districts who will join him. Let the parties and their lickspittle publicists in places the the Stranger whine their heads off, while the people win.
do this to the entire "Roadkill caucus" and their weaselly counterparts in the House,

Isn't that what they're doing w/ the threat about 'anyone who stands with him'? This just seems strategic, you single out one person, throw all your power against him and claim 'anyone who helps will get the same.' If you have more power, you can single out a group, like the Hollywood Ten. If you have less power, you go against an individual.

This just looks like Political Maneuvering 101, and they're doing it by the book.
Please provide specific examples of "roadkill caucus" members in either the house or senate who are "who are trying to gut education and health care funding when they take silly anti-tax stances"

And doesn't supporting medicaid expansion count as something? pretty sure the RK is all behind that one.

And what you seem to miss is that if it were not for moderates in certain purple districts, you would not have the votes needed in Olympia. Do you think a Dominic Holden-type democrat could get elected in the 44th, 19th, 10th (past tense), 5th, and 31st? The answer is no.

Your litmus test politics for liberals is exactly the thinking that will turn the Democrats into the GOP.

By the way, you might want to check the 2012 election results. A majority of the state is socially liberal/fiscally moderate.
The 46th also passed this resolution last week, and it will come before the King County Democrats tonight. Michael Maddux didn't write it--I did. at the suggestion of Sen. Murray. Dwight Pelz also wrote a letter to the 48th calling for censure.
--Sarajane Siegfriedt, former King County Democrats Legislative Action Chair
Michael Maddux is hardly the best person to be lecturing Democrats on party loyalty. Maddux on facebook several times posted his support for Republican Bill Finkbeiner over Democrat Brad Owen in the Lt Governor's race in the last election. The Lt-Governor presides over the State Senate and Finkbeiner's election would have given Tom and his Republican cohorts even more control over the Senate. And Maddux wants to be Chair of the King County Democrat's Endorsement Committee and appears to have been appointed Chair by the current KCDCC Chair.

Here is the relevant part of Maddux's facebook post:
"Take, for instance, the Lieutenant Governor's race. Here, we have the incumbent, Brad Owen, a Democrat, up against Bill Finkbeiner, a Republican. As a Democrat, I feel it is incumbent upon me to recommend folks vote for Brad Owen. As a Democrat who believes that the 2/3 rule is unconstitutional, is pro-choice, believes that elected officials should be held to a high ethical standard, however, I'm going with my brain, and voting for Bill Finkbeiner.

Sure, he's not perfect. While in the State Legislature, he was as partisan as they come. While he clings to his crucial support of the Everything But Marriage bill, that doesn't completely overcome his dalliances with the extreme voices in his Party on issues such as taxes, education, and health care.

However, presiding over the chamber will afford him less opportunity to be swayed by the GOP, and more independence from the ideological purists of the Republican Party. He has already made clear that, if the Supreme Court declares the 2/3 rule unconstitutional, he will abide by that ruling, regardless of what happens with Tim Eyman's latest initiative. The incumbent has been an impediment on this front.

And if he sucks...hell, maybe we can convince the man who presides over the House - Rep. Jim Moeller - to run for Lt. Gov in 2016!"

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