Clip #3 is the same as clip #1, FYI.
There's two videos posted of Randy getting his ass handed to him. Not that I'm complaining. I love watching that brainless twit get schooled.
Two different videos of Rand? Not here. Same video twice. The Johnson one is missing...just found it elsewhere. Just wanted Paul to know there was a posting error here.
Yeah...let's tie up our government even more than it has been done trying to hang that fried egg on that nail, Fox News and its fans.

I realize that Fox News is No.1 in the ratings. Maybe it's the elderly at home all the time? But I hate that generalization because I'm white and 60 and wouldn't go anywhere near Fox News nor would any of my friends around my age. Not ever. Not for anything. It even infuriates me that when you check into ANY hotel or motel in the country - even the ones that have only three channels to choose from - Fox News is always one of the choices.

We need to bring back the Equal Time rule so that there aren't any purposefully biased news channels carried on our airwaves (we, the people, own them supposedly) without equal time given to alternative points-of-view.

And we need to burn fucking Rupert Murdoch at the fucking stake.
So would Paul Ryan say that it's worse than the Newtown shooting that followed? Or the shooting at that Army base? Or the shooting in Arizona that included that little girl getting killed?
Here's the other clip (I assume):…
Fox "News" is available to non-cable tv subscribers. CNN, MSNBC, and other news programs are only available on cable.

That's probably why Fox is called the most viewed.
She looks bemused.
"The original 9/11" is so fucking ridiculous. Shameless.
If McCain was in Stevens office in Libya and Stevens was complaining about the inability to get proper security, why didn't McCain flex his muscles, say "don't worry buddy, I'ma gonna handle this right now" and get on the horn with Clinton.
If he knew and didn't take effective action, then he is at least as culpable as she is.
I expect they’re gonna compulsively start singin’ about Bill Clinton’s penis. That’s the magic wand that transported us into this nightmarish dystopia with its legendary cum shot across AmeriKKKa that drove most of the white people insane. Such as.
@4 I agree with everything you said, although I have one tiny nit to pick.

Being a cable channel, and not a broadcast station or network, Fox News doesn't actually use the public airwaves. As such, if some municipality wanted to ban them from a local cable provider, they could probably make that a condition when they award/renew their contract. It would certainly make for an interesting court fight!
@12 - thanks for agreeing. I don't think I'd want to ban Fox News, but I would strongly support a motion that it must give equal time to opposing points-of-view. That would go for all news channels.
....that editorialize the news.
Does no one else see the obvious hairpiece that senator paul is wearing? It's gross.
"I'm sorry, Sen. Rand. Could you repeat your question? I couldn't hear you over the sound of the entire world booing you. It started right after you uttered the phrase 'the original 9/11,' so if you could restate your remarks after that point, please."
The GOP questioners are simply trying to make little poklitical bombs that they hope to explode when Clinton is running for president.
I don't get Fox News on my antenna-wielding TV.

However, every restaurant, gym, lobby and bar in my neighborhood (Crystal City, VA) has Fox News on the TV because the landlord that owns all these buildings is a hugely rich Republican monopolist and he requires it. It's weird and scary to see those same faces spouting nonsense everywhere I go during a typical day.

Madam Secretary done good.
"The original 9/11"? Somebody please tell this child to STFU and sit down.
A bad thing happened, so let's put some procedures in place, so that never happens again. Then another thing happened, so let's put some more rules in place. Eventually, there will be so many rules and procedures that no one will actually be able to accomplish anything, and then, when nothing is accomplished, let's fire everyone.

It's like a kindergarten-aged, OCD Queen of Hearts is running the inquiry here, with this crazy black and white vision of the world where nothing bad ever happens, as long as you follow the rules. And IF something bad happens, off with their heads!

Sometimes bad things happen, despite the best efforts of the humans involved, and sitting around flinging poo at each other like deranged monkeys is just fucking pointless.

Also, Senator Rand making constant references to what he'd do if he were in charge and his audacious comparison to 9-11 is an embarrassment. He;'s taken this awful event and made it all about me, me, me, and how everything would be better if only he ran the world. It's pathetic that that shameless bullshit flies with the public, and that it actually might help him gain higher office.

For a party that makes such a big noise about respecting our dead, the almost palpable glee when someone is killed and they have a shot to blame it on the other party is stupendous.
About the whole "public airwaves" thing....

Cable isn't broadcast over the public airwaves, but it's distributed over public infrastructure and right-of-ways.

Here in Seattle, and in other cities with municipal utilities, it oftentimes comes to you via an arrangement with that public utility - at Chez Vel-DuRay, our cable drop comes from the same City Light pole that my power comes from. That pole is located in City of Seattle Right-of-Way, as most poles are. (rest assured, they pay to be on those poles, as does the phone company, and any other company that wants a part of it)

Then there's the whole question about who owns the orbits the satellites operate in. Is that "public airspace"?
@5, more to the point, was Benghazi worse than the 33 Americans killed in our embassies during the Bush administration, or the 92 killed in the Reagan administration? So far, Obama's embassy safety record is markedly better than the Republican average.

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