If you don't care, why post this?
@1: Ah, glad you could pick up comment funding from the NRA after Romney's checks started bouncing.
Yea the going rate on magazine fed semi-automatic rifles is $1000-2000, I have made around $3000 in the last two weeks.

Now thanks to you hoplophobes there are 5 gun owners where previously there was 1. I have to thank you for your knee jerk cries for a gun ban, it has been very profitable for me.

I will gladly pay double the buyback prices in cash and pay $30 per magazine.
Also those unfamiliar with firearms bringing in loaded weapons is a MAJOR FUCKING ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN.
What about the free trigger locks? I'll happily use them if they're handing them out for free.
@1, @4
What is the point of your post? You are not required to participate in the buyback program. Is your purpose to mock the responsible actions of other gun owners? Are you compensating for insecurities over your dick size by screaming anonymously into cyberspace about how hardcore you are because you can throw thousands of dollars around on assault rifles? If it makes you feel better, I think you're very well endowed and I'm sure you reach climax after an acceptable time elapses. Now please shut up about your irresponsible ownership of automatic killing machines and go relieve yourselves.
Thank God with all those broken/useless guns coming in on Saturday, the days of psychos committing mass murder are over! Well done, Stranger sheeple!
Can't decide whether or not to show up with a couple grand and go shopping. My only concern is buying a "hot" gun.
@7 Just because you have to wear a diaper and watch "It Gets Better" videos to make it through the day, doesn't mean others can't responsibly own/operate high-powered rifles.
I can't figure out why this offends NRA types so much.

Is every gun a snowflake?

Do you stand outside of Goodwill and berate people for donating perfectly good jeans when they could totally be sold for more on ebay?

Not everyone is into your hobby. Some people would just like to get the dangerous weapon out of their house. If they can get a gift card to boot. Yay.
I'm an 'NRA type' and this doesn't offend me at all.

Gun buybacks are feel-good bullshit at best and an excellent way to dispose of a murder weapon (and get paid!) at worst, but they don't bother me in the slightest.

If it doesn't affect my right to self-defense then I don't care. Knock yourself out.
Since a buyback doesn't affect your rights, I have to imagine you're worried that less guns means less fear, and less fear means less support for armed teachers and living in a miltary state. Is that it or is it that your trying to make for your ED and shrivelled weiner?
There are several free stolen firearms databases online that you can access from a handheld device.
The real victims are people who donate money to this fucking retarded shit when it could have actually been used for something. Anything.

"Yes, ma'am, Mrs. Cop's Wife with the SPD Foundation. Why, if it wasn't for you hosting this event, I was going to give this box of old ammo to a kid and let him hit them rocks."

I like buy-back programs - the gift card part of this one is fucking stupid and why it will probably bomb. Nobody that should be getting rid of their guns is the type that trusts "gift cards."
#11, it's not offensive, but it is hilarious.
@10 An 'It Gets Better' isn't required to get me through the day but it definitely helps. And honestly, I'd rather wear a diaper than be a gun-crazed fool such as yourself.

Anyways, I think you're still missing the point. So let's use some logic. In this instance, nobody is questioning YOUR right to stockpile weapons. A gun owner, such as yourself, can choose whether or not to participate in the gun buyback program. Clearly, you have chosen not to participate. Also, just like when the gays started getting married and nobody else was affected by it, you will not be affected by other gun owners opting to participate in the gun buyback program.

Which brings me back to my original question? Why do you insist in getting yourself so worked up about it.

Logically, I have to conclude it must be a penile insecurity thing.
I'll be there...with cash, and I'm sure I won't be the only one. Fact of the matter is, most all functional firearms are worth a significant amount more than $100, and all semi-auto rifles are worth more than $200. If people wish to turn in junk. Than I suppose it is their right to do so, but any decent firearm should fetch the owner more than the city is offering. Ideally it would be nice to see any decent gun snatched up by a fellow citizen, and only garbage turned in, effectively killing this ridiculous, feel good waste of taxpayer money travesty.
Man, the gun nutters come out of the woodwork, don't they? There's no call for the typical paranoia B.S., yet...

I plan to bring in a rifle that once belonged to my grandfather. I don't need it. I don't want to worry about what might happen with it if I sell it. Years ago, I had another rifle stolen in a burglary. TRIGGER LOCKS AND/OR GUN SAFES SHOULD BE REQUIRED BY LAW, at all times that the weapon is not on your person.

Okay, now the nutters have a reason to be paranoid!

@8: has ANYONE asserted that this will stop all mass murders? all of us know that this is not going to stop the james holmeses and ian stawickis of this nation.

but if it stops one accidental shooting of a kid, or one teenager can't shoot someone who "disrespects" him, or one husband from killing his wife in an argument, or one person from shooting themselves in a moment of despair, then you should be happy it's happening.

I'll be there with cash in hand as well. If you have a gun that isn't rusted shut and you would rather have cash than a gift card, let's see if we can make a deal.

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