I'd rather have him there. Mitt Romney may have screwed over education and working women while he was governor of Mass., but by the end of his term the legislature and judiciary had figured out how to work around him - hence the landmark marriage ruling. (Of course, this may or may not have had something to do with some high-profile legislators being indicted on ethics charges over the next few years.)
Brown will be a formidable candidate as a Governor IMO: He has a strong regular guy/good neighbor who'll fix your plumbing problem charm about him, without a strong ideological fixation beyond the amorphous support for small responsible government that appeals not only to the conservative sections of the state but the middle as well.
Ugh. This guy.
Hey, referring to him as "centerfold" isn't okay. If the political ambitions of a Democratic woman who once posed for a magazine was demeaned in this way, we'd cry foul. It isn't okay to do to GOP males either. Scott Brown has plenty of actual flaws to fault him on without going sex negative.
Governor of MA must be an easy way to get to the White House. Think of how many times it's worked recently.
I'm done with him if he's governor, unless I take a trip to the Cape. I hate Boston.
With Democratic supermajorities in both houses, the Commonwealth has been governed by the MA legislature for years. It hardly matters whether the Governor belongs to the Democratic, Republican, or Ipswich Clam Eater Party.
what @7 says. I'm fine w/Brown being Gov of MA. Him being in the Senate, however, would be a major drag.
Good fucking deal.
If the citizens of Mass. want to inflict him on themselves, ok, but if they want to inflict him on the rest of us, well . . . ok, we did give you Slade Gorton, so we apologize. But two wrongs don't make a right.
For a sec there, I thought we were talking about A. Judd.

She's all that and a bag of chips, and, yeah, a beauty too.

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