Remember republicans: apologizing and changing strategies is for pussies, fags, and commies. Always double down, always stick to your guns.

Don't let anyone use that fancy book-learning and nerdy analysis of voting trends nonsense on you. You know in your gut you are the best, and deserve to win. Just keep pushing guys!
sure hope todd never smoked a joint in his whole life. "admitted drug user" like half of the fucking country.
republican strategists. they met at a plantation ? did they ask any other white people if this might prove problematic ? or just the ones in their inner circle ?
Oh lordy, I just keep hearing Jessica Williams' voice from The Daily Show last week "NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!" Here's the sketch:…
Yes, it still looks exactly like Tara, doesn't it Dan?
Yes, that joke is inappropriate because Trayvon Martin was black. Joking about a DEAD KID sucking dick for money would be totally reasonable if the kid were white. No one would bat an eyelash.
That tweet sucked more than Robert Downey Jr's portrayal of Rush Limbaugh during the blow jobs for oxycontin scene.
That last tweet is so whiny conservative: He said a offensive thing, and now his feelings are hurt because somebody took offense.

Conservatives are horrible people.
Wow, this is like the Trent Lott fiasco. Us black folk weren't surprised that he was a complete racist piece of shit, just that he so readily admitted to being a racist piece of shit. That said, tweets like that coupled with the "Let's Try to Relate to Brown People on a Plantation" summit is a nearly unprecedented level of tone-deaf ignorance.
Deep in my soul I want to hope that a fairly prominent local figure just had his account hacked or that at the very least he was simply off his meds. But my head knows that it was probably just an average tweet from another drunk-ass redneck.
Not that it matters, but was Martin an "admitted drug user"? The authorities at his school supposedly found a baggie with trace amounts of marijuana in it, but those records were supposed to be sealed, he was never arrested or tried for a drug possession charge, and I've never seen anything where he "admitted" to smoking pot to any authority figures.

If I'm not mistaken, not only is Kincannon a scumbag racist, he's also a liar and a fraud. *insert obligatory lawyer joke here*
I refuse to be a twitter outrage junkie.
Twitter is the sewer system of human discourse and given that folks are using it for spite, provocation, and the like makes these brouhahas a total waste of time.
Wait, wasn't Trayvon Martin the teenager with the hoodie and the bag of Skittles who got shot?

Sorry, it's just been a while since I've had that much stupid in one dose. I actually had to pause to reboot.

1. Why the heck is he cheering that an innocent kid is dead, 2. why does he think this won't offend the people whose good opinion he's trying to court and 3. why does Trayvon Martin performing sex acts even occur to him at the Superbowl anyway?
@2, 12,

Also wonder if this racist prick Kincannon ever smoked a cigarette or drank alcohol before he was of legal age?

Both nicotine and alcohol are drugs, and if he used them before he was old enough, then he's also an illegal drug user.

Not that it matters to the south. Travon Martin was black, that's the only thing they really see.
Although I doubt they will take advantage of the opportunity: a former plantation can be a good place to learn something about the awfulness of slavery in America and some of its many consequences.
@13 except this 'brouhaha' involves the former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party so the people of south carolina might find your outrage useful.
He does have a point in his last tweet: I don't think people should tell him not to tell racist jokes. He should be encouraged to loudly bray his racism at every opportunity.
This is what they call "pro-life"!?! Killing kids like dogs!?!
These people frighten me. But at the same time, the more they "pledge to avoid the rhetorical missteps", which is another way of saying "we ain't changin' nothin' 'cept the way we say it", the more this party is truly doomed.

Yes. Keep ignoring and insulting women, homos and non-whites, you fucking moronic throwbacks, straight through to 2016 and beyond. Please.

I'm an admitted drug user too. Occasional enjoyment of ethanol, caffeine, and theobromine whenever I can get it.

Fucking hell, this Kincannon spud is a real loser. What a racist asswipe.
And Michael "Heckuva Job, Brownie" Brown aslo had heinous tweet about Super Bowl:…
They had a number of "rhetorical missteps" this cycle. We got to see what they're made of. Rethugs need to learn to lie better is my take-away from this plantation agenda.
I wonder how soon they'll have those minorities believing their lies again.
Democrats have met there, too. There's a lot to be pissed about, but that's not one of 'em.
@24, it's not that it's been used as a meeting place, it's the tone-deafness of using it as the locale of your racial sensitivity training.
I fail to see in the tweet where he said being a drug user was bad. He did mention him being a thug, but the reason for being a thug could pertain to a vast number of things in his life. I guess freedom of speech is only convenient when it lines up with what you think you should be able to say?
Twitter...where the mentally retarded go to talk to each other
I agree with the guy.

This was the [bleeper] Bowl.

After this last election, we are a [bleeper] nation.

God help us.
Dan, can we santorum this guy? I don't want to give him more attention than he deserves, he's obviously a nasty troll not fit to smell my cat's shit, but what if his name was synonymous with fingernail mites or something?
As a Republican in SC, I would like to point out that Kincannon is an insensitive jerk. His twitter is usually morally reprehensible. Kincannon is universally despised, by Democrats and Republicans alike. He says this kind of stuff about everyone, all the time; in order to draw attention to himself. He also has not been associated with SCGOP, in a number of years, so it is really unfair to bring SCGOP into this.
Finally. Someone calls it the way it really is. Nicely done, Todd Kincannon
This is almost as bad as all those folks threatening to kill Romney... almost.
Mitt Romney smoked weed when he was a teen, fact
I like how the blatant racism is also augmented with subtle homophobia.
As someone who considers himself conservative, I feel ashamed that these immature idiots identify themselves as representatives of general public.
This guy wasn't so much born as he was released from someone's rectum.
This guy is an idiot. Firstly Travon was doing nothing wrong when a guy hunted him down and started a fight with him, then shot him for being a better fighter. The "Stand your Ground" law applied to Travon, not the guy who stalked him.

That being said, let us not revise history. The Democrat Party was peopled by slave-owners. They suceeded then fought a war to keep their slaves. After losing, they used the KKK to suppress the Republican vote. The KKK was PROVEN to be the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party segregated and abused blacks with chain gangs, humiliating second class status, and Jim Crow laws. These were struck down by Republicans. The Democrats responded with billy clubs and buldogs, blowhorns, fire hoses, burning crosses, and sharecropping schemes. Sharecropping was the predecesor to the modern welfare schemes. They were a trap to keep the black man voting Democrat. The Democrat offers the Black man the same thing they offered their ancestors, when they OWNED them; Housing, food, labor, and clothing, as long as they "keep their minds right". If a Black person does not spout the Democrat talking points, Democrats think they have the right to strip that person of the color of their own skin. Democrats tried everything to stop the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, and to filibuster and derail the voting rights act and the civil rights act. Senator JFK, and Senator LBJ along with bill clinton's mentor Senator Fulbright, and Senator Al Gore SR filibustered both acts. The Democrats have never changed. We Republicans need to rid our party of these idiots, but the Democrat Party brought a holocaust on this nation.

Let us not pretend, because there are Republican idiots, that the Democrat Party is anything less than the history of evil toward Black Americans. The Democrats represent the four S's: Slavery, Sucession, Segregation, and socialism. All of which are bad for Black people and every other American.
Wow... I just navigated here from reddit.

Someone submitted this SLOG post to reddit and the link is currently on reddit's front page (it's at number 8 for me right now), via the politics "subreddit":…

There are nearly 1500 comments in the discussion thread there at the moment (of which as many as 10% are relevant to the topic!).
Hey guys, lets go to an old plantation for a meeting so the blacks know we're thinking about them!
Twitter to Wonkette to Slog to reddit. Thousands upon thousands of views within hours. This Kincannon scumbag just fucked himself royally.

But thanks for being honest about how you really feel, Todd!
Hey GOP dumbass. You can and do say whatever you want. I just can say anything *I* want about the dumbass things you say. You seem to believe that you should also be free from the consequences of your speech. Don't say dumb things = don't get mocked by teh internets.
This was seriously the guy? I can't imagine someone saying something like this other than as a prank on someone else's account because they know how absurdly terrible it is. If that was really him saying this of his own accord...... I mean......
Ahhh. Todd Kincannon simply wanted to "offend people in order to teach a lesson" with his "satire".

Kincannon whined his way through an interview on HuffPost Live a few hours ago:

Alyona Minkovski: Do you feel like apologizing? Do you have any remorse for this tweet or no?

Kincannon: Absolutely not.
i wonder if he would be willing to manage a social media campaign for my startup company? i should call him and ask.
Better an "admitted drug user" than a "probable sister-fucker."
@38: Yes, in 1860 the Democrats were racist conservatives and the Republicans were abolitionist liberals. We know. Things have changes since then, and it's been completely the opposite for the past 50 years.
But good luck trying to paint us as wacko racists or whatever. Projecting much?
So sad and disgusting. This guy needs to have a filthy sock stuck in his mouth, for a few hours, for what he tweeted. The GOP needs to ditch him--wait--nm. He's good. We need more like him to keep Dems in office.
I smoked pot in HS too as has have how many "other white people" who still are smoking pot in HS but Trayvon had some and that makes him a thug of course to this racist scum bucket piece of human feces.
I love it when you talk like this, Todd. Please keep it up. Ignore all that "damage control" advice and continue to alienate your base. (You already lost the rest of us, check the recent election results if you've forgotten that). Many Republicans are bailing fast because of idiots like you, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin, to name but a few. Keep spewing, sweetheart. This will ensure you never get another Republican elected into the White House. Woohoo! I'm thrilled.

What a despicable piece of trash this person is; I can't believe he made those comments... That sock that someone suggested they put in his mouth for a few hours should be shoved down his filthy throat and left there for good!

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