He can end the surveillance program on Alki whiles he's at it.
Go Bruce!
Seems like an unintended benefit to McGinn having tied himself so closely to Diaz.
I want a h/t for this:

β€œI was trying to make the horse have a baby,” Mendoza explained. β€œI was thinking it would have a horseman baby.” He added, β€œI ain’t going to lie, I blew a nut in the horse. I then got off the bucket and put my clothes back on and left. I promise that I have not been back over to the horse since that time.”…
@1 I'm sure he'll do that, by-the-by.
@5 West Seattle voted against him, and so they do not get patronage rewards like Capitol Hill. So we'll see.
@1, is there a camera in the Statue of Liberty?
I would like to see Bruce Harrell's bill modified to:

  • Restrict city staff use of facial recognition and other biometric identification technology on any device to confirming the identity of the target of a warrant

  • Forbid city staff from equipping any remotely-operated or autonomous device with weapons

  • Forbid city staff from conducting general surveillance of the public with any device

  • Forbid city staff use of any remotely-operated or autonomous recording device without warrant

@5, I see what you did there. You are a smoothie!
@1 & @3: <3
A win for anarchists!
Fuck McGinn. I can hardly wait until that animal gets voted out of office. What a disaster he's been.
"Forbid city staff from conducting general surveillance of the public with any device"

So, no more red light cameras?
@6 no, you mean Alki voted against him.

The non-white areas that aren't rich in West Seattle voted for him, after the Primary.

You really need to learn that West Seattle is not as white as you think it is. Just look at the census data from 2010.
" Just look at the census data from 2010."

Or the gunfire on Alki beach in the summertime.
@13, Someone anonymously wrote, "So, no more red light cameras?"

I'm no legislator. My suggestions undoubtedly need some fine-tuning. I'll note, though, that as far as I know, red light cameras record only upon indication of wrongdoing on the part of those who are recorded. Though I'd generally prefer to have a human make that decision, such a system is quite different than a network of cameras recording constantly as people go about their almost-exclusively-lawful business.

Today's action is a minor victory. We need to avoid backing down now, and push our representatives to pass meaningful legislation preventing our police from performing surveillance of everyone on the off-chance that some of those recordings will later be of interest. And if Bruce Harrell thought it was wise to prohibit by law our police from putting weapons on two autonomous flying surveillance cameras, he should think it equally wise to make a law prohibiting weaponry on any autonomous data collection device.
Bruce Harrell leading the way.

Perhaps that's what Seattle requires, a leader?
I was thinking we could use Kinects. Set up software so that if someone is making a "crime move" like pulling a gun, or assaulting or stabbing, the Kinect NUI analyzer would register it and send an alert to SPD.
It seems like when it comes to public anger involving the SPD (occupy doesn't count) the mayor basically does nothing about it. From the murder of John Williams which spawned 4-6 street protests, to the out of control behavior that spawned a dozen lawsuits, he really does phone it in when it comes to these scandals. Normally he just stands at the podium, says a few words, then hands the press conference over to Diaz, who says nothing to reassure the public. Given how these scandals keep happening and that Diaz hasn't been demoted or fired, makes it painfully obvious that McGinn doesn't care what the SPD does.

So out of all these SPD scandals, all it took was a few town hall meetings filled with hyperbolic faux rage about how citizens right to privacy in a public place MIGHT be violated and he instantly kills the program, when all they had to do was enact some laws that kept that program in check. Aside from his about face in supporting the tunnel a month after being sworn in, ive never seen the mayor act so quickly on something and all you have to do is re-elected to keep the drone problem from being resurrected by the next mayor. That is assuming the SPD doesn't find a way to piss away millions on an actual helicopter, doing the exact same thing.
Glad I don't live in a crime infested sh*thole like the Rainier Valley where you need SPD protection. Good luck down there!
Re: "a slowly burning outcry since 2010"

You mean, since 2012 when the drones were brought to light via FOIA request...

This is decidedly only the beginning, as shown by the apparently more "palatable" DHS funded surveillance.
Meanwhile President Obama is using his drones to target American citizens and accidentally killing innocents overseas with zero oversight whatsoever.

Is he getting a pass because he's a Democrat? Because I'm quite sure if GWB had done the same thing, the Stranger would be calling everyone out into the streets to protest.
Okay so SPD drones bad... so we get more SPD cop presence, and everyone loves the SPD officers in person, right?

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