Can I make a donation to the schools prom? I'd like the same sex couples as well as their fellow students to know that God loves you all just as you are and you are supported. Using Christianity as an excuse to segregate is a sad sorry act of bigotry, regardless of what these people say. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get a big name music act to play at prom? I'm in for a donation!
If you wanted to just step away from all of this for a minute, look at the above feed. You all are being more hateful to the separate-promers than they are being to the gays. If anybody is bigoted, it is this feed, because at least the prom-goers are having their own, not forcing their ideas on the unwilling population
I live in this school district. My own son is special-needs, and we drive him clear to the next county, five days a week to keep him out of the Sullivan schools, and have for years after they made it very clear to us that they considered special needs kids to be a nuisance they were legally obligated to accept. I have no respect for the administration of the local school system.

(FWIW, my son has some of the highest test scores in the county we drive him to. The other school system, which doesn't look at 'special needs' as a law-mandate burden, is reaping the benefits of having him in their district. Good riddance, Sullivan.)
There is now a group to support the inclusive prom:…
It seems amazing that someone trained and employed as a special-needs professional would utter the phrase "god created everyone equal," as a way to somehow justify a bigoted viewpoint. Obviously, based on the very existence of special-needs kids, we're not all created equal. Maybe she's referring to the Idea that, even though we're not created equally, we deserve equal treatment, care, love, acknowledgement, etc...oh she's not.
I wrote the principal an email asking him not to support the "conservative" prom. My mother was white prom queen (and white homecoming queen) back in the 70's. You'd think we would have moved past this sort of thing by now :( I can only hope this will be one of the examples we read about in textbooks in a few decades.
"Yeah, and you know in some schools, students even held separate proms where only straight kids were invited - and the administrators didn't do anything about it."
"Really really."

I completely agree with your position on the issue and I respect your passion. But you should recognize the possibility that by using profanity and making comments that could be construed as insensitive to certain groups (by calling Medley "mentally challenged," for example), you are more likely to alienate than persuade people who oppose our point of view.

Please reconsider your tactics -- it's important to build your base, but isn't it also important to engage rather than polarize those you oppose?
I am VERY PROUD I am living in a country where gay and lesbian people got equal rights, and even able to be maried. And for all those small minded people that try to (mis)use the word of God: "Your God" created mankind. So, "God" also created gay and lesbian!

To be honost, I am utterly shocked to see this kind of smallminded actions and people anno 2013 ....

Best regards,

Alex / The Netherlands
I am VERY PROUD I am living in a country where gay and lesbian people got equal rights, and even able to be maried. And for all those small minded people that try to (mis)use the word of God: "Your God" created mankind. So, "God" also created gay and lesbian!

To be honost, I am utterly shocked to see this kind of smallminded actions and people anno 2013 ....

Best regards,

Alex / The Netherlands
I sent an email to the principal and assistant principal and sadly, it was returned to me undeliverable. I'm guessing they're getting so much email their addresses are shut down. Sad, because I really wanted to express how much I appreciate their stance!!!
I'd like to remind miss Smarm that it's actually retards that have no purpose in society
A few observations that might or might not have already been stated:

1. The fact that they opened up their separate prom to any Junior or Senior student on the county (unless only one school serves the entire county) speaks volumes that they worry that no one will come and want to pad their attendance numbers to be safe.

2. Their stated logic is that homosexuality is a choice and it is that choice they reject, not the person. That being said, this would mean that students identifying as gay would be welcome to attend their normal prom with same sex dates, then attend the alternative prom with someone from the opposite sex as their date. If they were turned away from the alternative prom even though they are 'choosing' to attend in a heterosexual fashion, the creators of this other dance would debase their stated logic and lose all credibility.
Really mate? Using "mentally challenged" and "special" as insults? This teacher is a bigot, but you're not exactly making yourself look good there.
118, let's not hope that the abstience-only teens get knocked up after Bigot Prom....why would we want more bigots in the world?! Let's instead hope they spread bigot syphilis!
#106 Oh please. Prove it. Good luck finding anything written here more hateful than excluding and shunning someone for something that is as intrinsic to their being as your heterosexuality is intrinisic to you (a guess, obviously).

I find Curt Bedwell's (why do I suspect that's an ironic name) comments to be the creepiest of all, since he appears to be an adult, and still conflates same sex kids dancing at a high school prom with "this kind of behavior, which is offensive" ... and his first suggestion is to ask LGBT kids to not "use this venue to demonstrate their sexuality because it is offensive to many and would be demonstrating before minors." And: "This is not a venue to demonstrate a homosexual lifestyle."

So ... teenagers dancing at a high school prom is a demonstration of their sexuality and "lifestyle"? In what way? And is an "offensive" "behavior"? DANCING is an offensive behavior? Or just existing outside the closet?

Most telling of all:

"So our wish is to return to the traditional couple stance in the same way Indiana only accepts traditiona (MAN AND WIFE) marriages."

Not husband and wife. Man and wife. Is that when the little woman joyful submits to her husband? These people truly are from another era.

There are two high schools and school districts in the county. A little homework on the part of the media and others would clarify that. Medley teaches at the other high school, NOT Sullivan High School. She must be affiliated with the church, however information relating her to this story has not been confirmed. I refer you to the comment highlighted in the updated portion of this blog from a student of Sullivan High School. While teenagers will tease and pick on each other, this is not a school full of bigots. As for the special Ed students at Sullivan high school, not Northeast Jr/Sr high school, they are included in many high school was even voted as a homecoming princess two years ago.

Again, one need only substitute the word "black", for "homosexual", to see how backwards these folks are, and how history will judge them.

"Mixed race couples dancin'? Don't subject us to this kind of behavior, or try to use this venue to demonstrate your acceptance of darkies by dancing with them, whitegirls, as it's offensive behavior and there are children present."
I refer you to the student's comment in the updated portion of the blog. Sullivan High School is an inclusive school. The students that are caring and accepting are being torn between their friends in this and it is uncalled for.

Medley is a teacher at Northeast Jr/Sr high school NOT Sullivan High School. Same county, different high school and school district. If you want her fired, you must contact NORTHEAST Sullivan School District, NOT Southwest Sullivan School District. Nice little trick of the local media. She may be affiliated with Sullivan Christian Church, however the reporter or the producer of the news segment failed to clarify this.

I would like to state, proudly, that Sullivan High School students voted a student in special education for the homecoming court two years ago. You may want to ask Ms. Medley if any of her students have ever been awarded that honor at Northeast Jr/Sr High School.
They really only see sex when they think about or look at us. We "participate in homosexuality". All they see is 2 people being intimate. They don't see us as people with feelings other than sexual. They refuse to look beyond that because of a vague passage in a very old holy book. They fear us and spread that fear by preaching lie after lie.
They really believe they are loving us when they "warn" us of the danger of our "lifestyle".
Now they embarress themselves when they spout off the lies or use their beliefs as a reason to discriminate. I am so glad.
I'm also glad the school is not a part of this. Thanks for the updates.
First off, are they gonna let all the kids who are having sex out of wedlock into the prom? Because that's something this church probably preaches against too. What about the unwed teen mothers? If they're gonna draw the line in the sand at what they perceive to be sin, the line seems rather arbitrary.

To the kids going to this "straight prom." I would caution all of you that your views and outlook on life is going to change SUBSTANTIALLY in the next few years. I'd like to think that if I were a high school student, I would have forgone this kind of thing, but the truth is, I might have. I was anti-abortion and thought homosexuality was a sin because frankly, I didn't know any better and hadn't lived enough of my life to actually be faced with these circumstances. Think about your future spouses, jobs, and sanity when someday you're going to have to cop to the photographic evidence of you at "straight prom." You're either going to have to beg off and say "Jesus I was such a bigot" or you're just flat not going to get laid. Bigotry isn't that sexy even within evangelical communities.
@38: 1- "Hypocritters " is not only not an actual word, it sounds like a rejected series for the Disney Afternoon.
2- What the fuck does Chris Brown have to do with Obama? We're not all related, you know.
This Medley woman doesn't even teach at that school. Can someone please make a "She doesn't even go here!" gif from Mean Girls?
@106 Ah yes. The old "You Are More Hateful Than The Hateful" canard.
Who the hell is this bigoted crackhead? She teaches special ed kids? That's horrible. They have it hard enough and now they have to learn hatred from this bitch? REMOVE HER NOW! She has no business teaching youth. Special Ed or not....Kids have it had enough. They don't need to listen to this shit...
God doesn't hate, why do you? If we are supposed to role model for kids, how can you feel good about being a hateful role model and teaching hate? I will pray for you that God touches your heart and makes you see, in whatever way He needs to, that you are spreading hate and not the Word of God.

It's horrible when a group of people ban, harass, stalk and brutalize a person based on one aspect or characteristic of them.

It certainly isn't the type of thing that happens around here.


Now go back to your smug lives and pat yourselves on the back

Here's what I sent to those Facebook posters (McCammons & Bedwells), the teacher, and every staff member at their church:

I am MORTIFIED, and I cannot believe that you subject kids to the hate and fear-mongering and lies being projected by your organization. Let me educate you:
1. Sexual orientation is not against the bible. The scripture-translation that people use to degrade homosexuality is actually disputed by biblical scholars. "The actual Hebrew word used is TO’EBAH. It doesn’t mean the same thing as abomination does in English — it isn’t a law, it’s used to describe something that non-Jews did that Jews thought was displeasing to God. It means ritually improper, not abomination. It isn’t a quote from God, it isn’t his law or his rules, it is what a bunch of people way back decided might probably not be cool in God’s eyes. TO’EBAH doesn’t refer to things like rape, or murder being evil, or the ten commandments — not cold hard law, but closer to “you should probably wash your dishes before they get moldy.”"

2. The part of the creation story most used to justify homophobia seems to be the part about it being “natural” for man and woman to come together and make babies. That apparently passes for justification — God says make babies, and gay couples can’t do it, therefore, they are unnatural right? Well. What about couples who are infertile? Are they unnatural? What about people who simply choose not to have kids? Are they unnatural?

3."Romans 1:26-27 has also been used to justify homophobia. Just for clarification, it was written by Paul, and is not the direct word of Jesus or God. Now, the word “unnatural” is used here again in reference to sexuality. To really understand the context of this word, you have to take into account what Paul was doing at the time — he was writing a letter to Rome after being a missionary to the Mediterranean where he saw a bunch of pagan temples with a bunch of really weird habits."
When Paul was busy preaching the word of God to all these pagans back then, he saw that they had some really weird sexual habits. Like castration and humping children and bestiality in an attempt to please the gods of love and sex-that is what he meant by unnatural."

4. As for the last places homosexuality is mentioned anywhere in the bible (1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10), it comes down to the mistranslation of a word no one really knows the meaning of. It’s an old Greek word “Arsenokoitai.” Personally, I think it sounds like a cocktail. It wasn’t until 1958 when some dude just randomly decided with no basis whatsoever that it meant gay people. Seriously. We are talking Greek scholars who study old Greek for a living throwing their hands up and going “I have no idea what it means, maybe it’s a typo?” and some random dude decides it means gay people. Since the true meaning of the word is unknown, it becomes obvious that someone was inserting their own bias into the bible.

5. If Paul had meant homosexuality as it was known in those times, he would have used the word paiderasste, which means pederasty — those of us with critical thinking skills recognize the difference. Homosexuality, as we know it, did not exist in those times. There were no loving, committed relationships between two men or two women — at least not publicly. Instead, people engaged in pederasty. since the armies were forbidden from marrying, it was common for soldiers to have a servant, a male youth, with whom they often had sexual relationships. Furthermore, The story of the faithful centurion, told in Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10, is about a Roman centurion who comes to Jesus and begs that Jesus heal his pais, a word sometimes translated as "servant." Christ agreed; he praised the faith of the centurion, and the pais was healed.

But pais does not mean "servant." It means "lover." In Thucydides, in Plutarch, in countless Greek sources, and according to leading Greek scholar Kenneth Dover, pais refers to the junior partner in a same-sex relationship. Now, this is not exactly a marriage of equals. An erastes-pais relationship generally consisted of a somewhat older man, usually a soldier between the ages of 18 and 30, and a younger adolescent, usually between the ages of 13 and 18. Sometimes that adolescent was a slave, as seems to be the case here. It would be inappropriate, in my view, to use the word "gay" to describe such a relationship; that word, and its many connotations, comes from our time, not that of Ancient Greece and Rome. This is not a relationship that any LGBT activist would want to promote today.
However, it is a same-sex relationship nonetheless. Jesus's response? He recognizes the relationship and performs an act of grace. , this is a radical act. Jesus is extending his hand not only to the centurion but to his partner, as well. In addition to Jesus' silence on homosexuality in general (he never mentions same-sex intimacy, not once, despite its prevalence in his social context), it speaks volumes that he did not hesitate to heal a Roman's likely same-sex lover.

"It is nothing short of distressing that so many people have been misled into believing that God hates people because of their sexual orientations. Especially sad is the fact that the arsenokoitai mistranslation actually comes from the letters Paul was writing in an attempt to get Christians in Ephesus and Corinth to stop bickering — this letter of unity, has been corrupted and turn into a message of hate by unscrupulous bigots who have made a business off of manipulating people, turning them into a personal army in an attempt to satiate someone’s greed."
We are told to love all and not judge. By saying homosexuality is immoral, you are passing judgment. We are taught to be good people. Our relationship with God, or any other deity, is personal, and so is our morality. Meaning, YOU should NOT impose YOUR morality on others.

"You know teachings by the fruits it bears. Anti-gay teachings bear no fruit but hatred and harm to others - you see this in how GLBT individuals are routinely demonized. And wrapping your hate in a "highest form of love" is kinda like wrapping fecal matter in gold leaf. It is still crap at its core." -Christopher Barton
On her radio show, Dr. Laura said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following response is an open letter to Dr. Schlesinger, written by a US man, and posted on the Internet. It's funny, as well as quite informative:
Dear Dr. Laura:
Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God's Laws and how to follow them.
1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?
2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?
3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness - Lev.15: 19-24. The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.
4. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord - Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?
5. I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself, or should I ask the police to do it?
6. A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination, Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this? Are there 'degrees' of abomination?
7. Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle-room here?
8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die?
9. I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?
10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev.19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? Lev.24:10-16. Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair, like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)
I know you have studied these things extensively and thus enjoy considerable expertise in such matters, so I'm confident you can help.
Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging.
P.S. (It would be a damn shame if we couldn't own a Canadian

Now, as I think about it-ALL of our American service members are violating biblical law by having their hair cut short and we need to petition the gov't RIGHT NOW to have that corrected....
Reverend Renee L. Ten Eyck
good sources of information for those of you who TRULY do not know the bible or biblical history:………
Those hatemongerer students names should be posted and the schools they applied to should be pressured to reject them for admission unless they are re-educated in inclusion and compassion. Christian bible belting is the opposite of what Yoshua ben Josef, aka Rabbi Jesus had promoted. Love they neighbor and do unto others as you would have then do unto you seems to be all words to these bigots and not reality. They are like the "Negro haters" and the slave owners and abusers of slaves from the Confederate losers days. They are Neo Nazi Tea Partiers and should be banned from colleges and proms themselves. They are no socialized and inhumane. Gay and lesbian students from all over the country should gather in protest at their prom doors and protest and "crash" the prom. How dare those freaks who call themselves righteous and right dictate civil rights boundaries for others who are their peers. How dare they have their bigotry result in a discriminatory segregated prom. Cancel all proms!
It would be cool if we could make the school's prom the best prom ever. They're allowing everyone to bring who they want, and the bigots want to go to their separate prom in the gym with their little DJ. Wouldn't it be cool if we could give money for the school to have their prom at somewhere awesome with a celebrity performance? Reward the school and kids who embrace tolerance.
Why, how very tolerant of all of you. Goddess forbid anybody hold an opinion different from your own, or they're "haters" and "bigots". I'm surprised you all haven't organized a Kristellnacht event so you can riot down the streets and break that Indiana school's windows; that kind of tactic was quite successful for Hitler's Third Reich. You smug intolerant hypocrites. You make me laugh.
I am not gay myself but I stand up for gay rights. I think there is nothing wrong with letting EVERYONE go to prom as long as they don't physicaly hurt someone. Gay students rock on! Much love, always Kira.
It's easy to call people who differ from your opinions "haters" but pro-gay activists often sound like haters to alot of people.
My letter to the administration and for all in the Sullivan community:

You do not know me. I am a 28 year old college student in a relatively small town in Idaho. I have watched the (to me) infamous interview one of your teachers took part in; I have read quite a bit about Diana Medley and the remarks and opinions she shares so readily regarding the LGBT community in general, and students at your school and in your town specifically. While I am heartened that your school and the administration at the school are supporting all students regardless as to their sexual orientation, I am quite disappointed that any school administration would allow this kind of outspoken hatred, bigotry, religion-based fear, ignorance, and judgmental rhetoric from one of their faculty. I do not care that Ms. Medley feels her remarks to be free of hatred, or that she insists she cares deeply about her "gay" students despite her insistence that she finds homosexuality to be offensive, and her admitted lack of understanding regarding their sexual orientation. The fact remains that the remarks and opinions she shares so freely are indeed hateful.

As a student, and someone who works at the college they attend, I must tell you that young individuals are greatly influenced by those who teach in their school. We look up to these teachers, we believe in them, we see them as wise mentors who know most, if not all, the answers. The younger we are, the more we place blind faith in their words. When someone such as this speaks such nasty things about students in her school, as a student, we listen, and we learn to do the same. We follow where these teachers lead, and I feel strongly that this particular teacher is leading toward a path of hatred and fear. This path will not turn out well, and I feel that should these remarks lead where I fear they will, your school may be at risk, morally and perhaps legally. I greatly fear that the more outspoken your teacher, Diana Medley, is towards discrimination against homosexuality (or anything other than heterosexual individuals), the more other students in your school will come to hate, bully, and mistreat any non-heterosexual students. This will no doubt increase incidents of violence and emotional/mental bullying, and possibly encourage hate crimes. I feel strongly that her Christian group that so strongly insists they are not a hate group will encourage hate crimes with their persistent attempts to segregate the LGBT community, and that those crimes will then be explained by minors as, oh no, not a hate crime. Merely a strong feeling that the bible says this is wrong, and therefore their actions are merely a firm but loving way to show LGBT individuals that they are sinful and wrong. After all, my teacher says this isn't hate; she says that we're helping these sinners and loving them while we discriminate against them or segregate them because we don't condone their actions. Or worse, perhaps because the teacher they look up to, Diana Medley, feels that these LGBT individuals have no purpose in life, well, perhaps that means it is okay to commit hate crimes or bully them. That kind of makes them less than human, doesn't it? Rather like putting down a rabid dog?

Studies show that LGBT children, teenagers, and young adults that are not accepted, that are treated badly by authority figures, parents, teachers, etc. have a much higher likelihood to commit suicide, turn to a life of drugs, or contract STDs and AIDS. These are facts. I urge you to look up the studies.

Please, I beg you, do not allow this kind of behavior on the part of your faculty members. They should keep their personal opinions personal, not go on television and give interviews with such views, sharing their opinions on such matters for all their students and parents of students to hear--to learn from.

I hear so often about how badly celebrities act, and how this is encouraging the youth of America today to act out in immoral, irresponsible ways because celebrities are looked up to and seen as role models. People speak of how these celebrities knew going into the fame game that they would be role models, and thus they should comport themselves in a more responsible, moral, and respectful way. Well, I say teachers are more of a role model than any celebrity, and they come into contact with impressionable youth every single day. They are much more likely to make a lasting impression and difference in a young individual. Teachers must be expected to act with respect, responsibility, and discretion. This was not discreet, and it most certainly does not show respect toward the LGBT community. Unfortunately, it also reflects badly on your school.

Please don't allow this to continue. Please do not allow the opinions of one woman to hurt your students, the heterosexual students or the non-heterosexual students.

is it pollyanna-ish that my takeaway from this whole story was that MOST of the kids at the school are going to the regular prom, MOST of the kids support their gay friends, the school administration has NOTHING to do with the bigots, and that the majority of the town seems to want to disavow the haters? call me an optimist, but i see real progress here - there's plenty of stories where entire cities seemed to lose their minds to homophobia. i have 5 children (3 are adults themselves now) and i realized a long time ago that the fastest way to eliminate bigotry was to hand those values down to my kids; we may be closer to the tipping point than we realize. (still, fire that idiot "counselor", please.)
"For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet” Romans 1:26-32
And then there is this:
Seven Things I Wish Pro-Gay People Would Admit (by Bob Davies)
1. I wish they would admit that many people are not happy with their homosexuality or lesbianism, and that this conflict is internal, based on legitimate, intelligent religious and moral convictions--not just the result of a so-called "homophobic" society which is forcing guilt upon people who don't conform to a heterosexual ethic. Stop throwing out the cheap, inaccurate labels like "internalized homophobia" to explain our motivations.
2. I wish they would acknowledge that homosexuals and lesbians can experience significant change in their sexual feelings and desires, even though they may never be totally heterosexual in their sexual thoughts and feelings. Be honest enough to admit that such change is significant and genuine, even if it isn't complete.
3. I wish they would acknowledge that many former homosexuals and lesbians have found a greater measure of peace and satisfaction after leaving a gay or lesbian lifestyle than they ever experienced while embracing homosexuality. Not all "ex-gays" are miserable, plotting how to secretly fulfill their homosexual lusts without being caught.
4. I wish they would acknowledge that many former homosexuals and lesbians have genuine joy in their marriages. Most former gays and lesbians don't get married in a futile attempt to "escape" homosexuality; they marry as a natural consequence of resolving that issue in their lives.
5. I wish they would acknowledge that all people have as much right to pursue a heterosexual lifestyle as they do to pursue homosexuality. Former homosexuals and lesbians should not be harassed and castigated by the gay community. But I have never heard any gay or lesbian leaders speak out against the violence (such as bomb threats and physical/verbal abuse) which some people perpetuate against Exodus ministries.
6. I wish they would stop equating our decision to leave homosexuality with "hatred" and "bigotry" against gays and lesbians. We don't hate gays; we simply desire to live free of homosexuality. Don't put nasty labels upon our motives. That's being judgmental and unfair.
7. I wish pro-gay religious leaders would admit that their endorsement and promotion of monogamous homosexual relationships is a facade. Many--probably most--men and women involved in long-term partnerships are not sexually monogamous, but gay churches don't discipline members for committing "adultery" outside their "gay marriage." Neither do they discipline gays or lesbians who have sex before entering into a "holy union" with their partner.
My favorite part of this whole thing is a posting on the now-defunct Facebook page - "We encourage you to show support for the teens in our community that are standing up for what they believe is right."

Granted, they are referring ONLY to the students who are standing in opposition to live/love in your own way. Any student who dared to stand for the rights of LGBT students (in other words, what they think is right) would not be so fortunate and certainly wouldn't be receiving the support of the community.

Since when is it wrong to stand for what you believe in?
I see that it has been addressed in the article, but I just want to point out that this tiny group of people does NOT represents the school or the town. Please understand this is not the school trying to keep certain people out, it is a small group of kids/parents/teacher/bus driver that want to have their own separate "traditional" prom. Please don't blame the school, it is a great school and welcomes all to prom and any event.
The outrage from the world at this small group of people does not compare with the outrage from the area at this group. This group has made us all unfairly look like a bunch of intolerable, hateful people. Please understand it does not represent this area, the school, the people or the religious environment.
I am from Sullivan and please understand this is not the school trying to keep certain people out, it is a small group of kids/parents/one teacher/bus driver that want to have their own separate "traditional" prom. Please don't blame the school, it is a great school and welcomes all to prom and any event.

Please, please don't think this small group of people represents the school, town, people or even the religious environment and parenting styles. The outrage from the world at this tiny group does not compare to the outrage from the town at this group for unfairly making us all look like hateful, small-minded people. This is just not true.

While I am glad to see this group is being called out for their hatefulness, I am sad to see it has unfairly brought judgement on the entire town, school and people.
I wrote to the Sullivan School District before it became knowledge that they High School wasn't involved... This is their response:

"At Southwest School Corporation we value the importance of extra-curricular activities and encourage all students to get involved and actively participate in activities, dances, or school related events at all of our schools.

Our Grand March, Junior-Senior Prom, and Post Prom is scheduled for April 27th, and we encourage all of our students to participate.

I would also like to clearly state that the SWSC has never denied any student the right to attend any event, extra-curricular activity, dance, or prom based on their race, gender, sex, or sexual orientation. As superintendent it is my view that we treat each student with respect and dignity at all times.

The only time we have denied a student from attending a school sponsored activity is because of disciplinary reasons or if they were not one of our students and did not follow the procedures for being admitted as a guest.

We do prohibit anyone who is the age of 21 or older from attending the prom or school dances.

It is important to note that the Southwest School Corporation and Sullivan High School is not affiliated nor in anyway responsible for the Alternative Prom.

Information reported by WTWO Channel 2 out of Terre Haute, IN concerning Diana Medley. They identified her as a special education teacher, it did not state where she was employed, I want to make it clear she is NOT EMPLOYED by the SOUTHWEST SCHOOL CORPORATION which was not included in the story. In no way does the Southwest School Corporation support her beliefs.


Chris Stitzle
It's about time the MAJORITY stood up to those PERVERTS and their BAD choices. Why should the Majority be made to suffer for their choice of lifestyle??? It's bad enough that the studrnts have to use the same showers and have to shower with the PERVERTS that enjoy a free peek. Why are their male and female showers? To keep the young people seperate and respect their privacy. The school should be forced to provide seperate showers for all the PERVERTS in that school.
I graduated from Sullivan High School last year and I had many homosexual friends guys and girls that attended school with me. I see no problem with them going to prom like all the other students. This really frustrates me that these people call themselves christians yet they are discriminating people because of there beliefs. I dont think they would like it if they were told they could not come to prom because they are christians. It just is no different to me then when they made the black and whites have seperate bathrooms and everything. Hey if they want two sepereate proms maybe they should build two seperate bathrooms and two seperate schools. I mean you go to school with them, you use the same toilet as them, but you cant share the same dance floor with them wth people. Ugh it aggravates me. My two best friends are lesbians and they are going to be walking out together at grandmarch and I am so proud!
Since the site is down, one of our writers did an open letter:…
I wanted to try and answer a few questions that have been posted, I am from Sullivan.
The Downtown gym was sold a few years ago, when they built the new school they built a new gym on the same property, Anyone can rent this facility.
The Special Ed. teacher is not employed by Southwest School Corporation, which is the corp. Sullivan High School belongs, however the above mentioned Curt and Tonja Bedwell are employed by Southwest School Corp., they are bus drivers. The school corporation that Mrs. Medley is employed by is Northeast School Corp., and they released a statement to the Sullivan Daily Times that states, she made those statements expressing her First Amendment right, "the views expressed are not the views of Northeast school corporation and/ or the Board of Education."
Again, this is a small group of 35 people whom are terrorizing the kids, They are the minority here. This should be a special time that they all remember with their classmates, as a whole. If this group truly had an issue with LGBT, why are their kids in public school and not some private christian school where they can spend hours a day praying for the gay? You can not pray the gay out of someone! Everyone deserves to love and to be loved. Sullivan County is not as narrow-minded as all of this media attention has implied. There are a select few that are truly showing their asses and the saddest part is their church is claiming to not back them, he just allowed them to use the building for a meeting room. Christianity even in Sullivan isn't as maniac as this group portrays.
Northeast School Corp - email super:
and demand bigot Diana Medley be terminated.

As much as it is wrong to exclude a minority of Children from a group, it is just as wrong to pass judgement on those that are mere bystanders. I hope Mr. Savage reads this. This family has lost of gay loved one to AIDS and were used for a meeting place only. That's the bad thing about hate... there is so much collateral damage.

As much as it is wrong to exclude a minority of Children from a group, it is just as wrong to pass judgement on those that are mere bystanders. I hope Mr. Savage reads this. This family has lost of gay loved one to AIDS and were used for a meeting place only. That's the bad thing about hate... there is so much collateral damage.
Why is it that they are Haters ? Seems like a strong comment. In this country we have Miss America, Miss Black America, Miss Gay America, Miss Hispanic America, right ? Why can't there be a Prom, a Gay Prom, a Black Prom, a Straight Prom if they choose to have them ?

What is wrong with this country is closed minded idiots like you Mr. Savage. You want to have this and that, but shouldn't others be afforded the same luxury ?

I find the teacher's anti-gay comments hateful and divisive. I do believe she has the right to be a bigot, though. First Ammendment rights are not limited to the people we agree with. I don't people should be persecuted, and their livelihoods affected, because someone disagrees with what they think or who they love.
Why don't you mind your own business about "gay" (happy?) opinions? What makes you think you have a right to support gay behavior and no one else has a right to oppose it? IF you believe in Jesus Christ you will note that in His holy book (the Bible in case you didn't know) He plainly states that homosexual behavior is wrong. Of course, you certainly don't have to believe in Him or His teachings but just remember that His teachings are just as important as YOUR beliefs and attitudes. And you can try to keep prayer out of the schools but just know that silent prayer still reaches God (sorry you can't stop that). Please continue to excuse homosexual behavior to justify your cause but just remember-He gets the last word whether you like it or not and He will have the final say on what you choose to respect or ignore. Frankly, I don't give a crap what you think about Christian people but I'm tired of you thinking your attitudes and behaviors are superior to ours. Christians accept ALL PEOPLE-NOT THEIR BEHAVIORS!!!!
Fired for her opinions. Wow.
I like how you give out the e-mail and then tell people to respect her. How about not giving out information like that. There's respect. I'm for gay rights but when people who advocate for them are completely intolerant to people with different opinions it makes the whole group look bad. Not good.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion about gays or any other subject, Mr. Savage. However, name calling is simply rude, ugly and uncalled for. I quote you: "There's no way to stop the haters at Sullivan High School from holding an independent prom for the bigoted kids” .

I have great difficulty understanding all the vehement comments and name-calling that takes place in this debate. We are ALL entitled to our opinions, Mr. Savage. However, calling ANYONE who disagrees with the gay movement "hater" or "bigot" shows your ignorance and lack of maturity.

Debate your issues and defend your rights, by all means....just as the rest of America will do. But really, Dan, grow up and show some maturity. By resulting to name calling, you shame yourself most of all.
Why are you giving Dan Savage a forum? Here's a man who targets and bullies Christians High School students, wishes Republican Representatives dead, and calls 98% of Americans Breeders. If you are to stand up against discrimination, you have to stand against the ones that spread hate. Calling a whole town Bigots seems pretty hateful
@153-@158: I see that folks troll in bulk now. Interesting.
@140 If wishes were horses, you'd probably have been trampled to death by now.

As for me, I wish Jesus would visit your dark little heart and bring a spark of light to its moldering caverns. And, touch your eyes, so that they would open, and you would see anew.
It is not a hate goup. Please do some research. They do not claim to hate homosexuals. They are simply stating that being a homosexual is a sin. Which of course it is a sin but not unlike any other sin such as lying, lusting, anything that fall short of the glory of God.
@161 Perhaps you are confused about the concept of hate. What do you call it when someone says hateful things? What do you call it when people organize to do hateful things? Maybe you have some other word for it...

As for your Christian-sin-calling, I'm not aware that it says anywhere in the Bible that having an affectional orientation for a person of the same sex is a sin. I believe, if you do a little research yourself, you'll find that the sex acts are the things called out as sins. No act, no sin. Now, if you do a little research in the real world (actually, you don't have to do the research, it's already been done, all you have to do is read it), you'll see that every single sex act described as sinful in the Bible is something that is committed far more often among straight people than among gay people. This includes anal sex, oral sex, using sex toys, everything other than penis-in-vagina procreational sex. In other words, BEING a homosexual isn't a sin, and if having homosexual sex IS a sin, then whatever acts they're performing in the way of having sex must also be sins when heterosexual people do it. And, being as there are 20 times more straight people than gay people, and straight people do EVERYTHING...

Why am I trying to explain ethics, reading comprehension, or statistical probability to a superstitious, judgmental, bigoted maroon?
They should start a gay school to really have it there way
From a comment made ealier why would I want to shower with a gay guy
How sick is that would you want a gay or lesbiean staring at your child and think all kids of gay thoughts and visually doing nasty things to them and its worse when the gym teacer is gay looking at the boys withsexual intent we should do the world a favour put them on there own island where they will never procriate and eventually die from aids and self regret
They should start a gay school to really have it there way
From a comment made ealier why would I want to shower with a gay guy
How sick is that would you want a gay or lesbiean staring at your child and think all kids of gay thoughts and visually doing nasty things to them and its worse when the gym teacer is gay looking at the boys withsexual intent we should do the world a favour put them on there own island where they will never procriate and eventually die from aids and self regret
@163,164 God didn't make you that stupid, you know. You choose to be that stupid.

Didn't anyone ever explain to you where babies came from? Do you suppose that gay babies come from somewhere else? Where? Gay storks? Every child is born of a sexual union, between a sperm and an egg. It takes one person of each gender to provide those.

In other words, numnuts, our gay brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors, sons and daughters come primarily from straight people. As long as there are straight people having babies, some 5% or so of them are going to be gay.

God hates gays he has no love for the sexually imoral that's a fact
We can not judge them for that it is for him to decide hell fire and brimstone await
The city's of sodom and gamora were burned to the ground for there blainted disregard of Gods laws
I do not hate them for hatred is a sin
I hope they turn from there ways before they burn
We can not accept the sexually imoral as the normal way
Man plus woman equals kids there is no other way
It is the sign of the end times when new sodom arises and the antichrist arises
Accepting the lgbt is not what we should stive for
Rather prompting a healthy mother father aproch
I just read through my comment post number 58. i DID NOT mean to say "her comments" i meant to put "Their comments" just wanted to clear that up. Guess i need to learn to make sure everything is correct before posting. Simple mistake
They asked her a question, she gave her thoughts. Should she lie about what she thinks of the whole LGBT mess? Most of LGBT students just want attention and they'll get over it soon. As for the rest,
I feel sorry for them...those twisted minds. You honestly think it's normal?
And it appears that the Phelps clan has found this Stranger. I would bet that 161, 163,164 and 166 all came from the same IP address, located in Kansas, probably a WiFi from a McDonalds close to the Phelps compound in Topeka...
@166: If you can hear me from all the way over their on the wrong side of history, an education will clear up your misconceptions about the LGBT community. It will also clear your grammar problem.
I support the prom for all students, and there is also in the same ideation of tolerance of which Ms medley should not even have her job questioned. She is a Human Being and has the right to speak and have an opinion. She did not commit a hate crime or show any inclination toward violent oppression. This is a great opportunity for people to step forward and offer insight that would get her fears off of sexuality and on to the real consciousness of the person. Sexual preference has no bearing on the quality of the person.

I support the prom for all students, and there is also in the same ideation of tolerance of which Ms medley should not even have her job questioned. She is a Human Being and has the right to speak and have an opinion. She did not commit a hate crime or show any inclination toward violent oppression. This is a great opportunity for people to step forward and offer insight that would get her fears off of sexuality and on to the real consciousness of the person. Sexual preference has no bearing on the quality of the person.
Again a typical ordinary male and female that were put on this earth to propagate the human race is somehow being attacked for believing that homosexuals have no significant purpose other than to openly let others know they like to play with each other like perverts. A man touching another man is not natural and can be very violent and dangerous to each other as it should be in the nature of things. We are humans with basic animal instincts. How many times have you seen a male dog hump a male dog? Very few times. And it is this very few homosexuals in contrast to the human population that is very few indeed. Homosexuals need to keep quiet and do their weird thing in private as I do not want to know about it and most people do not as well.
Mr. Dan Savage, your a dam idiot. Elyza Byard, your a dam idiot.
What’s next, masturbating in public???
Will that be OK with you two?
People are free to do just about anything they want in this country. And that includes condemning people while they practice those freedoms. It goes both ways, gang: you can say gay people are sick and serve no purpose, but you don't get to avoid all recoil for that sort of remark.
Dan Savage needs to be bullied! He bullies schoold kids, so I think he needs a little bullying from me.…

The "Billy Madison" treatment got handed to the special ed teacher, this is brilliant
More bigotry from the homo Taliban.I hope this teacher stands strong in the face of their hate. Look at how they tried( yet failed) to crucify Chick fil A, and the
poor guy from the 49ers that spoke his mind about the destructive homosexual lifestyle.
Those screaming the loudest for tolerance are usually the most intolerant.
That includes you, scumbag Savage.
So....let's just say being homosexial IS a choice, which I personnaly do not believe..but lets just say it is.

So....let's just say being homosexial IS a choice, which I personnaly do not believe..but lets just say it is.


Leviticus 19:19 "'Keep my decrees. "'Do not mate different kinds of animals. "'Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. "'Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.

Deuteronomy 22:12 Make tassels on the four corners of the cloak you wear.

Deuteronomy 22:5 “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” (Im SURE you woman wear pants!)

James 4:12 ESV There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?

Peter 3:3 “Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel…”

Genesis 3:16 To the woman he said, "I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you."

Corinthians 11:5 And every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head--it is just as though her head were shaved.

Ephesians 5:22 Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.


Read " The Arising Voice' Friday Feb 8th in the Sullivan Daily Times for my opinion on the matter.
Anybody that does this has no credibility to stand on when it comes to bullying. The people yelling the loudest for tolerance are often the most intolerant in the batch.…
More hate from the undisputed KING of hate and bigotry himself, Dan Savage.……
I am from Sullivan, IN and would like to say something. A recent news article in our local paper as stated that the church serves as a meeting place for many groups like gardening club, AA, etc. The person in charge of scheduling different groups to the church had no clue as to the exact reason this group was meeting. The Sullivan First Christian Church is very sorry for hosting this meeting and has been quoted as saying they support the LGBT community and its rights. It has no affiliation with the group. So please be forgiving of the church. It has made a mistake that it regrets.
All you hateful ignorant assholes.
Go fuck yourself with a cactus.
A God loves, not hate.
He loves everyone, not just a group of people.
People who say "it's a sin to be gay" just hide behind a so called "religion's law" to deny that fact you think gay folks are gross and icky, and rather then saying what you truly believe, you hide it behind "God's words"
How discussing.
@169: that is not the phelps family style. they stick to twitter, mostly or press releases. they want to reach the largest possible audience, like the fame whores they are.
simply inflammatory rhetoric... her opinions do not make her a racist or a bigot... if your definition is accurate the same could be said for you. BTW, homo is not a federally protected class. If you don't like that then change it, but don't be a hater because it's not.
Wow, I checked out some of the Facebook pages of these folks as you suggested and, they don't show any activity hardly at all for 2013! It's like they never had a life to begin with (They're not blocked; there are stories showing for last year) or they've crawled under a rock all together somewhere. I guess they're finding out that, although you do have free speech in this country, you also have to take the consequences that come with it.
Fuck this teacher.
Diana Medley was setup by WTWO news?
How i love living in this state:/
People are so closed minded
My child was treated the same way at shelburn school. A certain 6th grade teacher ,male. Questioned my special needs child daily on why he was so skinny and if he ate any. Teacher knew he was on ADHD nedication which one of the main side effets are weight loss and appetite decrease. My son would come home everyday and tell me. Plus getting bullied by kids who taunted him the same way. Then ended up being assaulted one day on videotape. But for once struck back with whatever he had in his hand at the moment( he was jumped from behind unaware). I asked to see video and was denied for 9 months. After filing complaint they retaliated by saying that my child acted aggressive cause he might of not been taking his medications So in the 9 months they elaborated on what they supposivly seen on videotape also, sayen my child was the instigator and monster, but after a 80$ suponea and a attorney, I finally got to see the 30 second video clip. And let me just tell you I never knew a Super Intd. a Special ed. Teacher, and a Principal could be such liars and violaters of the law in all my life. After filing complaint they retaliated by allegating that my child acted that way cause he might of not been taking his medications. Well I ended up losing my 12 yaer old son over a lie. My son lived with me for 12 years. They were so mad at me for speaking out and refusing to break the school law that they went as far as getting my ex husband whom I had a contact order against and call him and double team. And you worry about gay problems in a prom ? Maybe bullying is non bias, and includes every race, color, religion,and culture. Follow me at @chastity82674 for tweets

we hear the word "bigot" following "anti-gay" almost as much as we hear "woman" following the word "strong". it's like the thought-police want us to put each set of words together automatically and without thought.

now, let's put aside the fact that the lackluster physical make-ups of members of the little gender (the shorter/smaller/weaker gender) will always make a complete and total oxymoron out of the term "Strongwoman," just so we can focus on the term "anti-gay bigot". has anyone given any thought to the fact that the ones who usually utter this term are actually pro-gay bigots whose minds are totally closed-off to anything that puts homosexuality in a bad light? they are as hell-bent PRO-GAY as i am hell-bent ANTI-GAY.

pro-gay bigots run amuck in the media, just as much as the "strong women" who can't budge a 100-pound barbell. pro-gay bigots have even gone to the ridiculous extreme of editing the bible to take out every negative reference to homosexuality. now, aside from making gays seem weak enough to fall in the face of criticism, making edits of the most famous book of all time sounds quite orwellian. "you VILL not have any problems vith homosexuality, and you vill LIKE IT".

why don't pro-gay bigots make edits to the seven deadly sins - let's get PRIDE and LUST out of there and save a little more face. oh, i guess they've probably already done that.

actually, call me a bad christian, but i am one to find fault with anyone who has to get their anti-gay attitudes from any god's bible or from any other outside source, because anyone who doesn't see anything self-compromising and self-disrespecting in a "man" staring open-mouthed and wide-eyed-curious at another man has no sense of gender-identity. to borrow a phrase from a brilliantly-radiant (pun intended) stephen king novel, let me say that the respect i have for myself as a man is "all shot to shit" if i'm gawking at another masculine body. i am man enough to realize that i'm a masculivoid when i'm gawking in utmost reverence at another man's body, and it is a self-esteem issue to leave oneself feeling a void for masculinity when masculinity is what one's self IS...and has been since birth.

we don't need no bible to tell us what's wrong with homosexuality.

pro-gay bigots are so hell-bent in their close-mindedness, that they want people to buy into the whole "born this way" propaganda so that nobody has the nerve to question the legitimacy of homosexuality. i am one to believe that nobody can be "born with" an emotional desire for (or a psychological dependence on) anything, because the brain that spawns anyone's emotional desires and psychological dependences has nothing to base them on when it has just left the womb. speaking of having nothing to base anyone's sense of reality on, one would think that anyone who maintains that "a woman can do anything a man can do" must've also just been born. eureka, what do people mean when they say "do you think i was born yesterday" - they mean "do you think i have no knowledge of the world around me". come to think of it, anyone who says "do you think i was born yesterday" is homophobic because they're actually belittling people who haven't internalized their own gender's identity.

pro-gay bigots are so hell-bent in their close-mindedness that they always have something to prove to anyone who rejects their close-mindedness. what do you think "gay pride" is, and why should it so easily spawn the question "what are you trying to prove" - gay people, let's call them activists, have so much spite for and rage against reality that they should all be named mary (as in "mary, mary, quite contrary").

let me elaborate on gays' spite for reality, just for a minute or two. "aids is not a gay disease," that one just popped into my head as a mark of gays' spite for reality. i made a lot of t-shirts back in 1999, when i first started my website, and one of the designs was "aids is not a gay disease...just please don't justify its epidemic status". hmn, how else are gays spiteful towards reality? well, there's the aforementioned rewrite of the bible. and there's the gay "man" (i have to put "man" in quotes when referring to a masculivoid) who had an embryo implanted inside of him. all of this is spite for reality. when it all comes down, i guess that nose-jobs are really spite for reality, though a pregnant "man" would be more of a spite, seeing that it's totally unnatural and unintended and impossible without hormones, surgical implants and i don't know (or care) what else that must be done to a man's body to accommodate an embryo. likewise, a sex-change operation is spite for reality - i realize that the devil's advocate would compare the sex-change operation to a nose-job operation, but when one thinks of everything entailed in a sex-change, not excluding daily hormones (hormones...don't "strong women" get testosterone-injections?), it's a much bigger deal. a much bigger slap in reality's face. it is not meant to be because it isn't naturally-occurring.

let me play "devil's advocate" and say that i should not have had a corneal-transplant surgery because it was not naturally-occurring and it was a spite against reality. i could say that people should not have hair-transplants, yeah, but my corneal transplant was necessary when both a hair-transplant and a gender-transplant isn't. i guess changing anything about oneself is all a matter of the importance one places on what's going to be changed. if he doesn't think highly enough of himself as a man, he's going to either get a sex-change or a boyfriend to make himself complete. if he doesn't think highly enough of himself as a fat man, he's going to go on a diet to make himself content. if he doesn't think highly enough of himself as a football player, he's going to find another hobby. if he doesn't think highly enough of america, the nigger's going to try to dhange it.

that gets us back to the contemptuous bigot who is totally closed-off to opposition. now, gays aren't the only ones who have contempt for reality. as i mentioned in passing not long ago, any little female who deliberately gives herself mens' hormones is contemptuous of her physical abilities paling in comparison to mens'. which brings me to another type of bigot - gosh, my brain is as "all over the place" as the bangles were in 1984.

the quintessential "male chauvinist pig," made famous by dabney coleman in a movie also starring the biggest tits i've ever seen, has been replaced in today's society by the "female chauvinist pig". like gay people are pro-gay bigots, feminists are not pro-woman as much as they are pro-woman bigots. this is why i have so much rage against them - it's why i disrespect them by referring to them as vaginas. my disrespect towards vaginas has nothing to do with my being a masculivoid, it has everything to do with pro-woman bigots. i should do a parody of the spin doctors' "little miss can't be wrong" and call it "little miss can't do wrong". that describes the mentality of a pro-woman bigot. i say "fuck you" to all of them, and my elaboration is my website - and the essays on that website. quite like the one you're reading now.

thank you,
dylan terreri, i
sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
"Let's pause here for a moment to feel the love. Because nothing says "love" quite as clearly as "you're not wanted and God hates you." ". And yet, no Christian in this blog is saying that. Way to try to put words in other peoples mouths. *slow clap* Oh, and GOD BLESS that special education teacher! It's nice to see special ed teachers also be Christian. Christians aren't hurting anyone. Faiths don't hurt people, people hurt people. Christianity encourages people to love and treat others as themselves. They just don't have to accept sin as okay. Any everyone sins, so nobody is taking the holier- than- thou approach here. People who use people of faith as scapegoats do so because they personally don't know and thus afraid of what they don't know, it really has nothing to do with them pitying others as well. And what's there to pity? Are these gay kids getting the shit kicked out of them? Harassed? Isn't that more an issue of people being shitty and not their beliefs when it happens? It's sad when intolerant people get so overworked, frothing at the mouth, ridiculous whenever someone uses the word "church". Were the people in the traditional prom committee all Christian? The article failed to mention that too. Did you know that one doesn't have to be religious to disprove of homosexuality? True story. Now, I champion people expressing their religious convictions, but there really is a thin line drawn there with how much is appropriate. From the painful lack of information and for arguments sake, let's say this school is made up of a majority that tolerates gays, but just refuses to accept homosexuality as moral. They know this, they can talk amongst their peers about it. But where these kids running for politics? Did they ever have the intent to make their opinions known in any headlines? I doubt it, much less for a prom in a highschool I'm some Podunk Indiana town. Don't see their statement making a difference. That said, let the gays be in the same prom. It's not like you have to associate with them or acknowledge their presence if you wanted to.

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