Excellent choice
I get your point Goldy, but there was no other choice available.
@ 2 Thats not true while Rod was the best choice, Cindy Ryu would have been good as well.
Indeed, @2. Care to explain how he was the only choice?
Good God, Goldy, you can be a dense shithead sometimes. It's an APPOINTMENT. How can you door-bell your way to an APPOINTMENT? There will be plenty of opportunities for all three of them to door-bell their way to the election in November. Let's see if anyone else has the shoe leather in them to do so. Unless you're saying that this 8-month appointment precludes the sheeple of the First District from voting for a door-bellin' fool.
"Dembowski's path to office [through the Foster Pepper law firm] is strikingly different from that of the man he's replacing [through the Preston Gates & Ellis law firm]." Heh.
Goldy, if you are "just sayin'," you should also note that Ferguson ran well to the right of his first opponent on a platform of shrinking the council size, which benefited Republicans, and opposition to Sound Transit's light rail. Dembowski may have been appointed, as any successor to Ferguson would be, but that doesn't make him non-progressive, as, for instance, Ferguson was. Just sayin'.
Dang, I guess I should get myself appointed to the county redistricting commission, next time around. It can result in real career benefits.
@2 Dembowski was the least qualified candidate for appointment. Explain exactly how he was "the only choice"?

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