Good advice. Great actually! Although I admit to being disappointed that you didn't post some advice for the sea slug with the disposable penis.

Happy Valentine's Day, Dan and Terry!


After watching House of Cards, you can then role play, House Whip and young reporter.
Thank you for the advice, Dan. Not to fuck first (all your fans know that one by now), but to check out House of Cards. Kevin Spacey in a political drama/thriller? I'm there.
House of Cards is definitely sexy. "I love that woman the way a shark loves blood." Yea verily.
I took the advice this summer before going to our tribe's pow wow. It helped keep me from hitting on the hot fire carrier, which would have been embarrassing for both of us.
I did Yahtzee that coming.
Yahtzee! Robin Wright is AMAZING to watch in House of Cards. Whenever she's onscreen I am just drinking in her every move.
I have a tentative idea that Americans should remake British programmes only when they lack an absolutely top-drawer lead. Nothing against Aidan Gillen(Queer as Folk), but Joan Plumleigh Bruce would certainly have him in drawer 2 or 3. But after Robbie Coltrane (Cracker) and Helen Mirren (Prime Suspect), trying a variation on Ian Richardson might not lead to triumph.

Obviously this is far from comprehensive. But, if I were going to try a US version of something British, I think I might go for that juggernaut Midsomer Murders.
Fuck Thursday, go out to dinner Friday & avoid the Val Day crowds.
Oh, geez. Now I'm glad I'm working instead of going to Dan's live broadcast at the Neptune. That way I don't have to sit there and think that Dan and Terry fucked first before the show. (I mean, they're a good-looking couple, but I don't want to be thinking about that any more than I would have wanted to have been the LW at the wedding thinking that the bride and groom just fucked before the ceremony.)
Or, as the spousal unit and I did, go out the night BEFORE Valentine's Day. Opens up the whole long weekend for carnal activity.
It is great advice, and because I'm surprising Mrs. Hernandez with a large meal delivered by our favorite Indian restaurant and a selection of gourmet ice creams, I fully intend to follow it, because we'll probably be passed out in a food coma by 9:00.
Yahtzee! Dan's so funny.
Never mind fucking before Valentine's day, how about "fucking Valentine's day". What a crock of shit. You want to woo me? (probably not, besides, I'm taken, old and fattish). How about you just cook dinner - pick a date. Or organise a trip, or bring me coffee and croissants in bed in the morning, or hot cocoa with a dash of chocolate liqueur late at night, or a million other small things. Give me flowers and shit on 14th Feb and I'll DTMFA already.
Nothing makes that Special Day even MORE special than some fornication.......
Fucked twice this morning. What a great way to start Valentine's day! Hooray for orgasms.
What #14 said
@14,17 There is a lot of right in your argument, but as an old taken fart myself, it's nice to have a few points on the calendar to remind us to take stock and take time.

These days shouldn't be excuses to let slide the rest of the year, but rather celebrations of those little things we do for those we love that tend to fade into the background noise of everyday life.
@6, thank you :-)
Here's a variant for the marrieds with kids . . . spouse goes out and has a drink/light dinner with work friends while I put the kiddos to bed. Then she comes home horny and uninhibited and jumps my bones. Chocolately dessert in bed, after.
Unless of course you're a [member of a race/country with perceived widespread kinks based on digestive system side-effects]. Then feel free to ignore Dan's advice.
Took your advice Dan! Kiddo took her afternoon nap and allowed for some nice V-day Pre-dinner fun time!! YAY! Great advice.
I took your advice one step further, we had dinner in bed. I surprised my lover with a great spread on the dresser, and I explained the inspiration. It was great. We avoided all the crowds and got to eat exactly what we wanted. Hummus is really good on all kinds of things...

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