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I believe the existence of Americans is the largest source of greenhouse gas. Per capita...
CO2 emissions are an issue for the cut flower market but so are nasty pesticides, egregious human rights violation, and on.

The Ugly Truth About Flowers and Valentine’s Day…
And by comparison a single car produces about 5 metric tons per year, so you could break even if you just took 1800 of the US's quarter million cars off the road (…).

So in other words, 9000 metric tons is not a big number. It's also not a surprising number, an interesting number, or a worrying number. Charles, stop trolling us.
Good thing fair-trade organic chocolate, as we manufacture in Seattle, is green.

No, seriously, it is.
This is the most depressing post so far this year.
Well, if you can't love, you can't love capitalism. So I guess that follows logically. :D
We will always love capitalism more than it is capable of loving us.
Let's do some context here.

That's about as much CO2 as 1,700 cars driven for a year. In other words, each year the US can produce 100 million roses for about the same climate impact as a year of driving by 1/3 of the people who live in tiny Selah, WA population. That's pretty sweet.
Flowers rot (and apparently destroy the earth or something), but a piece of chocolate can stay with you for years. (She says, affectionately patting her belly.)

And now I want chocolate.
But, by my calculations, raising so many roses in a greenhouse setting with 12 hours of sunlight and, given that most long stem roses are grown from cuttings which produce a 5 leaflet leaf every week which produces an average of a quarter meter of leaf surface area and that most long stem rose cuttings are ready for harvest after 54 days of photosynthesis, then those plants have taken up 2,100 metric tons of carbon dioxide just during that brief period and NOT including the parent plants which will continue to photosynthesize for the rest of the year!

it's not ALL bad!

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